Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Foolishness of Foolish Fools

When was the last time your God asked you to behead someone with a knife? How about to simply kidnap someone and declare them your betrothed, your one and only, the half that completes you ‘til death does you part? Perhaps it wasn’t an act, but rather a declaration such as vowing to drown everyone else on the planet except for your little clique in their own infidel blood. When was the last time God asked you to make such a declaration? Not recently? Perhaps never?

Yet here we are, being told by our spiritual betters that all religions are religions of peace, and the god of each is so similar that it would not be untoward in the least to broad brush the entire matter and say we all serve the same god just under different pseudonyms.

Remember that time, in the not so distant past when religious leaders of every stripe were falling all over themselves trying to be the first to lick the boot of power and echo the ramblings of other fools who said that we had nothing to concern ourselves over in regards to the religion of peace? Remember how we were told time and again that all they do is bake muffins for the cripple, make paper-mache dolls for pyromaniac adolescents, and knit booties for three legged kittens? We just thought they were different because they had beards…never mind the meat cleaver in the grizzled gentleman’s hand, go give him a hug.

There is politically driven rhetoric, there is religiously driven rhetoric, but what stinks worse than a rotting carcass in the midday sun is politically driven religious rhetoric. For the sake of a seat at the table that never materialized, your spiritual leaders betrayed you, sold you out, pimped you out, deceived you, and lied right to your face.

They were almost sycophantic in their demeanor, slavish in their devotion, ever eager to parrot the nonsense they were fed, about us just not understanding traditional quirks and so finding such things as dismemberment, mutilation, decapitation, torture, murder, rape, and slave owning off-putting was done so out of ignorance rather than out of a justified sense of moral outrage.

We were purpose driven right into heresy, and anyone who tried to warn that these people neither walked like a duck, quacked like a duck, nor wanted to hug you, were branded haters and closed minded.

What I want to know now is if such esteemed luminaries as Rick Warren will own their words, or backpedal as though their life depended on it, insisting that they didn’t say what we thought they said, and if they did say it then we heard it wrong, and even if we heard it right, we’re only talking about a small, minute, infinitesimal number of individuals, a few hundred thousand at most, who want to see us drown in our own blood, so what’s the big deal anyway?

Sometimes the foolishness of fools is breathtaking to behold, and what’s even more astounding is that no one calls them out on it. Will anyone ever point to that Hillsong fellow and call him a deceiver and a heretic? Likely not because they have good music, and he’s more of a positive motivator than one of those stuffy preachers who insist on sanctification and the such. He never claimed to know the Bible, or teach the Bible, but rather to inspire people to be better versions of themselves, to be positive, to believe in prosperity, or whatever else rehashed drivel is popular nowadays.

If the sheep didn’t love it, such shepherds would cease to exist. Because the sheep love to be deceived, because they are willing to believe even the most aberrant of lies if it means that they can hang on to their sin, then it’s alright by them, and when they are told that murderers, rapists, and other such fellows who revel in the taking of life and shedding of blood worship the selfsame god that they do, they nod their heads, and smile, and go on about their day.


Anonymous said...

Amen!! Thank you for preaching the truth, rather than being concerned about "offending" someone.

FionaB said...

If Jesus was concerned about offending others, there would have been very few of his words passed on to us in the Scriptures. What is offensive to one person is truth and correction to the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Double Amen!!

Very good and very much need to be said. Bravo and God Bless!