Saturday, October 4, 2014


We make heroes of monsters, and monsters of good men. We idolize the perverted and depraved, while mocking innocence and making light of hard work. We are barreling headfirst toward destruction laughing raucously all the way, not realizing we are the joke. We are the punchline the world is laughing at, and we no longer even entertain the idea that they’re just laughing with us. We now know they are laughing at us.

Everyone squeaks and squawks about equality, but equality isn’t really what anybody’s after. The desired result, what is being sought and pursued with vigor, is for the majority to be culled, made to heel, and to be ruled by a minority. This is the only equality that they will accept, and most people are indolent enough, concerned only with instant gratification rather than the long term effects of what is being done, to be bothered.

Give them bread, and give them circus, and the vast majority will care not a whit about what is being done behind the scenes, or the perilous edge their nation is balancing upon.

We treat more harshly one who forgets to feed their pet breakfast, than one who willfully murders an unborn baby. We laugh at sin, and refuse to acknowledge the consequences of it, finally finding someone else to blame for the shambles our life has become once the cancer of depravity has run its course and all that remains is an empty shell with broken dreams and a dark and haunted future.

The church, the one place that ought to be safe haven for the broken, bruised, and hungry has become home to thieves and hucksters, two bit con artists and confidence men who come up with wilder and wilder stories, promising bigger and bigger returns on one’s investment, hoping to snare another gullible innocent in their web.

Indulgences are readily available for the right price, and if you’ve got enough cash, you will surely find someone to talk you right through the pearly gates, into Abraham’s bosom, using the VIP entrance.

Maintaining one’s integrity in a climate such as this is becoming more and more of a struggle, especially when you know you can come up with better shtick on your worst day, than most of the oily peacocks prancing about on stage.

From time to time you find yourself growing envious of the naïve and ignorant as well. You know the ones, those waiting at the bus stop for one way charter to heaven, because at least for now, it seems their ignorance affords them a blanket of bliss that knowledge stripped from you long ago.

I find myself becoming more cynical and I don’t like it. I find myself looking for the angle, even with those who identify themselves as Christians, and the sad reality is that most often the angle they’re playing at isn’t very well concealed.

Worst by far, at least as far as I’m concerned, is that by and large the enemy has deceived much of the church into believing the lie that though they serve a supernatural God, He no longer does supernatural works. We are a world upended, and sadly a church upended, and because we no longer believe in the manifest power of an engaged God, we mistake darkness for light far too often, and reject truth as though it were a lie with startling regularity.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

The churches need this message, and the previous ones you have written. Some will heed, and for those, it is a blessing and the path towards life, because it points the way to the real Jesus Christ. Those who hear, and do not repent, then these messages stand as a witness against them at the Judgement.

meema said...

Yes the world is a mess and it grieves me. But then I stop and praise Jesus for His amazing grace in the middle of it all. I want to share a good word.

My brother sent a link to a teaching that his brother-in-law presented to a men’s group he attends at a church in Houston, Texas. Apparently he doesn’t belong to the church but he was invited to speak to a men’s prayer group some time ago. They were about 10-12 attending at the time. They loved him so much he is a regular. The attendance has swelled to 100 or more. Anyway I am sharing this 50 minute audio because it is so powerful, so encouraging.

Hope this link works. You might have to copy/paste it into the browser.
For Him,

Carol H said...

Winnowing. The true Christian sees it.

The "pseudo Christian" is worldly and cares not for the One who redeemed them from eternal damnation. They are of this world.

The world sees "pseudo Christianity" as the true wonder they laugh at it. There is no true Light in it.

God sees....It is by His hand all this is happening....dividing the wheat from the chaff.

We are there brother. God bless you in your endeavors to shine Light into the darkness.

Sharon, The Thrifty Entreprenuer said...

So true Michel. Thank you for being at least one voice of truth in the wilderness! God bless brother.

Anonymous said...

Another outstanding post.

The deception is thick--especially in the Church.

Anonymous said...

A very sobering sad post. Lord Jesus may blinded eyes be open and come to your truths. Amen

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,
As always you are right on with your recent posts. Thank you for putting out the truth even with adversarial remarks from those who don't want to hear it. God is truly using you as a watchman.
Blessings, Vicki