Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fervent Love Part 2

So what is obedience? Yes, I know, basic. Evidently, given the spiritual climate of this present generation basic is what we need to get back to, reiterate, reinforce, and reacquaint ourselves with.

At first glance it seems we’ve all become some sort of pseudo-mystics and faux-prophets who are a step away from reading tea leaves and cat entrails, making pronouncements about the future of mankind willy-nilly, because a black-footed ferret only blew mucus out of one of its nostrils and not both on the third day of December, which coincides with some other day that was celebrated by a Inuit tribe six hundred years ago.

We have abandoned simplicity, we have abandoned basic Christianity, and as such we are become a mockery and a reason for derision.

Speak of obedience and men will either yawn, or attempt to stifle a yawn depending on their upbringing, but speak of planetary alignments and pole shifts, and magnetic discombobulations, and they’re all ears.

I’ve been rebuked by people I know for not incessantly trumpeting what our ministry has been given regarding these last days, and how what is happening now mirrors it quite literally, because ‘people should know you said it first’, and my only response is, ‘so what?’

Do I get a cookie? Does our ministry get a gold star? Do we get to jump the line at the local buffet because we were first to speak of the things that are currently happening in America and throughout the world?

The children of God ought to have enough discernment to know the authentic from the counterfeit, the newly minted prophets who merely regurgitate what they saw on the evening news from the ones to whom God truly spoke long ago, far enough in advance wherein when the words were uttered, men laughed and mocked.

God speaks so His children have the blessed assurance that He is in control, He knows the end from the beginning, and He will by no means leave His beloved to wallow in ignorance. What was spoken was spoken, we are seeing it come to pass, but the overshadowing message, the one that we must continue to trumpet and hammer home, is that of living out one’s salvation, walking in obedience, and pursuing closeness with God, that we might be sheltered and kept during the coming days, and more importantly be welcomed into His eternal kingdom. 

If you don’t have the basics down, if you are not pursuing obedience of truth in the Spirit, then all this other tertiary knowledge is utterly useless. For some it is even dangerous, because they come to believe that by retaining this mystical knowledge they have somehow found a way of bypassing the need for repentance, obedience, and fervent love.

So, back to basics we go. What is obedience?

Simply put, obedience is the quality or state of being obedient. To be obedient, is to comply, conform, submit, or subordinate oneself to another’s authority, in this case, the authority in question being truth. Since Christ identified Himself as truth, it is not a stretch to then therefore put forth the notion, that by submitting ourselves to Christ through the Spirit, are souls are purified and we have been born again of incorruptible seed.

For the life of me I could not find anywhere in the Bible where God would rather we dialogue, or negotiate, than obey Him.

Yet, here we are being told time and again that what God really wants is a dialogue with us. Here we are being told time and again, that God is willing to meet us somewhere in the blurry middle, where we don’t exactly do as He commands, but we don’t get our way the whole way either.

‘Neither party gets 100% of what they want, but they can both live with the compromise.’

I fear God cannot live with the compromise, He will not live with the compromise, nor is He beholden to live with the compromise. God is God, but we think so little of His wondrous person nowadays, that saying He is evokes no emotion, no fear, no trembling of the soul as it ought.

And so, rather than the simplicity of obedience throughout our sojourning here on earth, we have grown comfortable with what amounts to joint custody of our eternal souls, where in God gets them on Sundays, Christmas, Easter, and a few other days here and there, and the devil has them the rest of the time.

Sadly, even in these instances, wherein we think joint custody is accepted practice, the devil seems to have possession an inordinately more amount of time than does God, but that’s a different matter altogether.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

To me obedience is born out of Christ formed in us, Heb5.8. It is through our ongoing love relationship with Him.

Dear bro in Christ, just for accuracy sake, both Abraham and Moses had countered, negotiated,INTERCEDED,etc. with God over commands God gave them.

Anonymous said...

I will remain anonymous, because apparently you think it entirely unimportant as to WHO said something with your "Do I get a cookie?" comment. I wonder, would the New Testament be so accepted if no one knew any of the authors? What if the author of ALL of the New Testament epistles were anonymous? What if ALL of the Gospel accounts were anonymous? There are people today who would not hesitate to be in your position of receiving genuine visitations through dreams and otherwise, not to stand in their own name but to proclaim what they were given to proclaim. But you? You have the audacity to proclaim to all who hear, "Me? I am no one, and the messages given to me supernaturally are a burden and really not special."

Anonymous said...

Brother, it's hard to grasp your statement that ends with 'so what?'. What about the angel's admonishment last year in the dream where you saw blood dripping from the US flag?

He said "for a vessel to fulfill its task, substance must be poured into it, then that SAME substance must be poured out. If it is never poured out, it will overflow being of use to no one...When a vessel is chosen it is an faithful in completing your task and share WHAT IS GIVEN YOU without delay."

How can your blog remain honorable with such disrespect to God's plans and purposes for YOU? I can't take your place, because God didn't give me what He gave you. It should be simple: If God only wanted you to speak in general terms you would have NEVER had one dream or vision with an angel personally telling and showing you anything that pertains to a mass of people you don't know.