Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fervent Love Part 4

This idea of a compromising god, this idea of a god which is, at the drop of a hat, more than eager to make any concession we deem necessary, is a god fashioned by compromised men, for compromised men, and has no resemblance or similarity to the one true God, the God of the Bible.

No matter whom we think ourselves to be, no matter the pedigree we boast of and hold in high esteem, no matter the works we have worked, no matter the sermons we have preached, no matter the accolades we’ve received, God will not compromise for our sake.

The thought that God makes concessions, or that He will acquiesce to our whining and complaining is utter folly. Stories told by immature children to other immature children.

Within the framework of such discussions, many are quick to point to David as the go to, although, oddly enough, no one ever seems to point to Uzzah. If we do our due diligence we soon discover that God made no compromises with David, and that He dealt with him justly, but all many seem to remember is that he got away with the whole Bathsheba debacle, even though he really didn’t.

What’s more, you’re not David, and neither am I, and while he was under law, we are under grace, the blood that was spilled on our behalf far more precious than that of goats, lambs, and oxen.

Many a soul have cherry picked their way out of the presence of God, into the deepest of darkness, because rather than submit to the authority of He who was, and is, and is to come, they tried to find loopholes and excuses for their pet sins and vices. Enamored with ourselves as we might be, God doesn’t play favorites, nor does He believe, as many of us tend to do sometimes, that we are indispensable, essential, and necessary to the Kingdom, and as such God will have no choice but to turn a blind eye, swallow bitterly at the lawlessness we practice, but in the end do nothing concerning the matter because He needs us so.

I’ve heard enough people say they were integral to the plan of God, then turned out not to be so integral after all, that I’ve come to realize, each man, to the last is expendable, and as soon as they remove themselves from beneath the covering and the authority of God, as soon as they cease to walk in obedience and humility, God will find another way of bringing His plan to fulfillment.

The thought that we are somehow more special than our fellow man, more special than those we sit next to in church on Sunday, or more special than those we come in contact with on a daily basis, is oddly comforting to some folks. Never once does it cross their minds however, that the person sitting next to them in church is having the exact same thoughts about themselves, thinking themselves somehow special, and preferred in some way or fashion of God.

How we can gloss over the written Word wherein we are told that there is no partiality with God is a mystery I have yet to solve, but just because we think ourselves a certain thing, it does not mean God is beholden to share the selfsame thoughts.

Oddly enough, it is God who likewise says His thoughts are not as our thoughts, but He must have been talking about something else, not about how special we are, because let’s face it, how couldn’t God think that we’re special?

Seriously though, if we put as much effort into seeking after humility as we do thinking we are somehow superior to others, many of us would be much further along in regards to our spiritual maturity than we are at present.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


FionaB said...

I believe the root of the problem is that many no longer see mankind as the sinners we are, unworthy of heaven apart from Jesus' ultimate sacrifice on the Cross. All we hear about now is how God is so loving.

I do not believe that those who think He looks the other way or winks at their sin ever had a true grasp of who our Holy God is or they would not be able to live as they are and downplay sin.

It is impossible for God to ignore sin because it goes against His very nature. He WILL NOT allow any form of sin into heaven, no matter how small, and those that believe otherwise have truly lost the concept of the sinfulness that is within each of our hearts, if they ever had it to begin with.

Anonymous said...

I’ve wrestled with your words for several days and nights and I can’t get away from the fact that there are those who are “picked” by God. That doesn’t mean a person picked is special, but God’s intentions using that person are special. Job is a perfect example. He had nothing to do with God deciding to mention him to Satan. Job had nothing to do with God allowing Satan to cause great loss or God causing great gain after that.

When I think of Through The Fire Without Burning it is impossible to believe that Dumitru Duduman chose to have a message for America or to lead his family to America. Can we choose to become a worldwide evangelist? Can we pick to have a special message for another country? Can we choose to have dreams and visions from God? Can we choose to ascend to heaven in a chariot of fire?

I can’t help but think you are way off in saying the point is whether or not people are special. The Bible clearly shows people had special messages, purposes or instructions to obey that differed from anyone around them. I agree with a brother who commented a few posts back about people having different missions. Brother, not to be unkind at all...if your grandfather had not been picked for a mission in America you would likely have not had a Hand of Help website or blog in English. Please know that there are those whom God picks personally and it’s their choice if it goes to their head rather than their heart.