Monday, February 9, 2015

Almost Funny

‘I will not eat you,’ said the wolf to the lamb. ‘Just climb into my mouth for warmth.’

I have been relishing peace of late. I have been watching my daughter grow, enjoying the calmness of the world, at least calm compared to what is about to descend like a thunderclap, and spending quiet time with God. Simplicity is good for me. Simplicity works.

It’s not that I’ve willed myself not to write anything the last few weeks, it just hasn’t happened. Between feedings, naps, diaper changes, walks, and other mundane things that bring me great joy for some inexplicable reason, I go to bed exhausted each night, only to get up and do it all over again. This morning I finally gave in and checked to see what’s happening in this world of ours, and although it came as no surprise, I found it sad that things are continuing to escalate.

I am still fascinated by some men’s willingness to believe their sworn enemies at their word. I am still unable to process how some actually believe that advice given by another who intends to do them harm is in their own best interest.

Some world leaders are not amateurs, and they know exactly what they are doing. Some of them have big plans, big dreams, big aspirations, and what’s more they are ruthless enough to succeed given the right opportunity and set of global circumstances.

One of the first things any form of combat teaches you – whether it be boxing, judo, karate, or the dozens upon dozens of martial arts disciplines – is to never telegraph your next move. Telegraphing your next punch, means that your enemy will be able to defend himself against it, then retaliate to such an extent as his abilities will allow.

If your opponent is truly skilled, then if he feigns left, usually the next blow will come from the right, and if he telegraphs his next move, knowing his skill level, you dismiss it outright because you know it’s a feign.

Another golden rule of battlefield strategy is to know your enemy. Only once you have come to know your enemy can you understand what motivates him, what drives him, and what his endgame is.

The moment someone with an undeniably strategic mind moves the first piece on the chess board, your question must be, ‘what is his endgame?’

Once you’ve identified what the endgame is, you can rightly predict your opponent’s next move, even if he tells you his intent is the complete opposite.

If not for the outright incompetence on display regarding Russia and their strategy, this entire situation would be almost funny. If not for the imminent danger the world is in, one might just shrug their shoulders and go on to the next story.

Contrary to their recent statement, Russia has big plans, and annexing what they perceive to be prodigal children of the old Soviet empire is just the beginning.

Some are breathing a sigh of relief thinking that the entire drama in the region has reached its apex, and is ready to die down, not realizing that the unpleasantness with Ukraine was the first calculated move, soon to be followed by many others, and with each move that goes unopposed they grow all the more emboldened in their pursuits.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Barbara said...

I know your family has bad feelings towards Russia and the media has the story skewed to favor the new regime in Ukraine. However if you look deeper from first hand sources, you find out that Ukraine has been taken over by Nazis and that they are exterminating the ethnic Russians who live in Ukraine. You can check out if you want to research it.

Deidretg said...

What is missing in today's hectic mad world is the lost art of 'conversation'. The world is too busy madly going to and fro to sit down and have any type of 'thoughtful' and worthwhile conversation among one another. a few days ago, a Christian friend's family sent to them a video link to Dumitru Duduman's 'Prophesy 2' message and, after watching it, they then sent it to me. That was truly an astonishing message and it is as relevant today as when it was given. By the time Dumitru gets to San Francisco in the message and asks the 'Angel' "Why?" and the Angel's response to him was "Dumitru, be quiet", I knew that this must have been a true heavenly conversation between the two of them. That was an example of a 'family' conversation taking place, right there that night. I was sold on the testimony at that moment, my spirit identifying with their spirit.

Since then, I have read some negative comments on the Internet about you and Dumitru, but again, my spirit identifies with your spirit and having read many posts on this Blog, I find this Blog to be a true 'family conversation' in the Body of Christ. These Blogs are like 'Devotionals' and, as such, are more necessary for the Body of Christ than the flashy 'prophetic light show' that some insist on having for a sign. Your 'conversations' are very good and show much deep thought. Continue, Brother, in this important work. Thank you. David Francis - North Carolina

Anonymous said...

I agree with Barbara and I would like to add brother, that I hope you are praising God for liberating Russia from the clutches of the satanic soviet regime since '91. And don't forget the U.S. and the EU has their own endgame plans too regarding Ukraine and it is not good. Let's keep praying.