Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I realize full well you can never have enough toilet paper and burning down an entire CVS Pharmacy is justifiable as long as you can get your hands on some, but the people setting Baltimore ablaze and looting like there’s no tomorrow aren’t starving, running out of water, or fighting over the last remaining vestiges of sustenance. They are doing this to get their hands on toilet paper!

Imagine if you will, a day wherein the gears of the great machine that is commerce grind to a halt. A day wherein the trucks stop delivering their foodstuffs, the trains no longer barrel down the tracks, and the shelves in every store are bare to the bone. Imagine that, and then imagine what some people would be willing to do in order to survive.

As a society we love beating our breast and trumpeting to one and all how civilized we are. We love to look down our noses on the rest of the world and insist upon how we are human beings of the highest caliber, how we would not resort to anything as unseemly as violence if indeed we were to go hungry, but all our bloviating is proven the fallacy it is by the very real fact that people are burning down their own city, and other than the primal joy of destroying something someone else worked hard and long to build, all they’re getting out of it is toilet paper.

One of the biggest lies perpetrated upon the world of men is that for the most part and by an overwhelming majority man is generally good and noble and kind.

Without God the heart of man is a savage thing, capable of atrocity and pointless violence at the drop of a hat. Without God the heart of man does not naturally lean towards kindness but brutality, it does not naturally lean towards friendliness but aggression; it does not naturally lean towards giving but taking.

What we are seeing, and what we will continue to see on a larger and larger scale is the byproduct of the decades old war on God, and the rabid like fervor some have shown in attempting to remove very last vestige of Him from this once God centered nation.

Make no mistake. This is the reality we’ve created, and we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg we’re about to crash into.

Godlessness begets contempt for human life. Tragically, it is not a static contempt but one that metastasizes and grows to the point that recently some a group of Oxford medical ethicists argued that newborn babies are morally irrelevant, and as such you should be able to kill them even after they are born. You think your newborn’s nose is too crooked? Just throw it out with the trash, and set about making another one. The medical ethicists are completely fine with that.

If this is progress, you can keep it. Thanks but no thanks.

Thinking ourselves wise we have become the fools that fools point to as a cautionary tale. Thinking ourselves wise we have discarded God as though He were nothing more than detritus and fashioned the world in our own image rather than His, only to discover that the world we’ve fashioned is one of savagery and slaughter, of brutality and mercilessness.

You can’t blame this on God anymore. You’ve taken your fate in your hands. You insisted, and even demanded that God remove Himself from the equation. Now all that’s left to do is to reap the whirlwind.

I don’t know, maybe preachers should start preaching on the consequence of action again, just so the drooling sheep still waiting on their mansions and private jets finally understand why the world is coming apart all around them.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Tim Shey said...

Excellent post.

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Eric E. Strait said...

I love you man of God and wish that we could just simply connect and pray together sometime. Can we connect Michael?

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is a heads up, a warning to the wise to flee the cities before the shelves are empty. Have you see the video of Christians in Nepal singing as the earthquake hit?
Isaiah 26:5-9
Jesus bless everyone here exceedingly, Marcel

Anonymous said...

I used to know what to pray and even if I wasn’t completely sure I could just get quiet and let the Holy Spirit speak in the heavenly language that I could not hear.

I’ve lived a long and full life. I’ve had equal shares of times of abundant blessings and strife and tribulations and I have given thanks for each season because I have understood the significance of all conditions, good and bad, that God bestows on His children.

I have spent the lion’s share of my life knowing that true tribulations, unlike the world has ever known, would likely commence in my lifetime so it’s not as though I am blindsided that Christians are dying for their faith, being beheaded for not denouncing Christ via a system that allows the world to witness in real time. It’s a sobering reminder that ancient Scripture is being fulfilled before our eyes and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

It’s that ‘nothing we can do’ part that shuts me down. I can emphatically state that I would never nor will ever lose my faith. I know the war is won. I know that pain of affliction from the world is but temporary. They can kill my body but they cannot have my soul.

But I wonder - is there something I ought to pray? Besides, thy will be done? I don’t know a single person, in my circle of friends and family who are not impacted by satan’s prowling quest to destroy us. The prayer request list gets longer every day.

Perhaps I am just overwhelmed by the grief watching it crumble. I fall back on Psalm 23 - yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death... and the Lord’s prayer - deliver us from evil.

Is this enough? No one seems to have the answer. Regardless who I ask all I get is silence. Sometimes silence is way worse than a generic reply. Silence says I am not worth replying to.

Maybe I’m not but regardless, He is worthy so I’ll serve Him even though He slay me. i just don't know how to serve Him right now.

Anonymous said...

Michael, your words cut to the heart of the matter like a super-sharp surgeon's scalpel. I totally agree, except for the first statement of your post, in which I hope you were just being facetious!

Very much looking forward to your new "book of martyrs."

In the love of Christ,


Anonymous said...


Very good!

"...their singular purpose in life is their gut and their groin."

Nice turn of a phrase!