Tuesday, August 4, 2015


There are no actions without consequence. There are no choices without repercussions. One of the fundamental laws of the universe states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Although attributed to Newton as his third law, the reality of this law existed far, far before Newton put it into words.

I do not live in a vacuum and neither do you.  Consequently, teachers don’t teach in a vacuum, preachers don’t preach in a vacuum, and as such there are repercussions to the teachings and the sermons men utter. Real lives are being shipwrecked, real faith is being shattered, and real hearts are being made weary by the onslaught of falsehood being passed as gospel nowadays.

The real heartbreak is that it takes some time for the repercussions of certain things to be made evident to the naked eye. One indulgent meal replete with cookies, cakes, and milk shakes will not make you obese, but keep eating it for a few months and you will see the pounds gradually tick upwards.

We are beginning to see the repercussions of our choices in many areas nowadays, from overly stimulated children whose youth was spent in front of the internet, to adults who no longer know what it is to have a meaningful, loving relationship because of all the pornography they’ve ingested, to Christians who honestly believe the only expectation God ever had of them was to raise a hand in church on any given Sunday even if they didn’t really mean it, or because they felt pressured by their parents to do it.

When seeds are sown the harvest does not come in overnight. It takes a season of germinating and growing before they take root, break through the soil, and grow into what they were intended to be.

The seeds of our Christless gospel, the seeds of our powerless gospel, the seeds of our fraudulent gospel, and the seeds of our heretical gospel have broken through the ground and now we are seeing the gnarled, misshapen dead shrubs it has produced.

Like most anything, false doctrine has a cumulative, compounded effect, to the extent that there are certain brash, arrogant individuals who will vociferously argue against the sovereignty of Christ, the infallibility of the Gospel, and God Himself all the while calling themselves Christians, due to all the falsehood they’ve absorbed and accepted into themselves over the years.

We are just now beginning to see the repercussions of the Me Gospel, the Social Gospel, the Prosperity Gospel and the Fire Insurance Gospel. Worse is on the way, and those who still dare to stand on the walls of the citadel and cry aloud are bone weary, and down to their last ebbing strength.

Pray for those who still preach truth. Pray for those who still walk in light. Pray for those who still insist upon righteousness, because they are growing fewer by the day, and the darkness is set against them and their loved ones.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Marcel Cousineau said...

Truth has been cast aside for things more popular and profitable by the apostate church.
The strong delusion is upon this earth because the rebels love lies more than thr truth.
Reality of God's wrath will be the heart stopper for those who chose ti reject truth and
embrace perverse, wicked lies.
Truth triumphs!!!
Jesus is the way, the TRUTH and the
Life, the one which this cursed, doomed world and worldly church has rejected.

meema said...

Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; He will neither fail you nor abandon you. (Deuteronomy 31:8 NLT)

"If we are seeking to go on with God to any degree beyond that which is commonly accepted as a true Christian life; if we are called to pioneer the way for any further advance in spiritual life or Divine service; if we are given a vision of God's will and purpose not seen by the general mass of God's people – or even the larger number of the servants of God – ours will be a lonely way. There are many other ways in which we may feel aloneness. It may be for geographical reasons; or it may be because of an inward experience through which we are passing; an experience or phase which cannot be shared by another, even the one closest to us. All these and other reasons may respectively become our "wilderness" in which Satan comes, and, while there is a basic occasion, his business is to push things into the extra realm of untruth and tell us that we are actually and utterly alone. It is not a rare thing for him to tell a child of God that God has left him or her.

Elijah verily believed that he was the only one left in faithfulness to God, and he repeated his plaint several times, "I only am left." He had lost sight of the possibility that the prophets reported by Obadiah to have been hidden might still be in that underground faithfulness, or some of them at least. But the Lord knew better and told him of seven thousand unsurrendering saints who would not capitulate to Jezebel or Baal. The fact is that what Elijah believed was positively not true. If we look at things horizontally we shall only see so far, but if we look from heaven we shall see much more."
-T. Austin-Sparks

Thea said...

Thank you brother Michael and the other voices in the wilderness who stand outside the gates with Jesus. I have been intercepting for The Body of Christ for some 30 years now. 30 years ago the Lord gave me a prophetic word to speak and then to pray that word over the compromised church. It was Amos 7:7,8,9. The Plumb line has been set in the Hand of the Lord in the midst of His people. It is now in the natural that we are seeing this come to pass but it was in the spirit 30 years ago. The church did not humble herself and repent but has gotten more defiant against her beloved groom Jesus.

By not weary in well doing my brother, for in due season you and others shall reap a harvest
In Him,

Mrs. Karen Moldthan said...

Thank you, Brother Mike.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much for your faithfulness and steadfast resolve to speak the Father's truth in these times. I have been experiencing an amazing outpouring of His presence in my mind, my heart, my spirit at a level I have never experienced in 48 yrs of walking with Him. This occurring after nearly ten years of losing most of what I used to think was valuable - a home, a steady income, a home church, a loving and strong husband now devastated by dementia... All that I once held so dear and thought so necessary. But through all the losses, humiliations, and painful trials He has enriched me beyond anything I could have hoped for or imagined - most especially with His constant presence, His wisdom, an inner peace that seems to grow more unshakeable with each passing day! I have written to you in the past of how as a young child I began to be aware that in my lifetime I would see the United States of America changed forever, dramatic changes that will test each of us to the very core. But with that has come an increasingly certain awareness, and peace, and joy, that WE WHO FOLLOW HIM FAITHFULLY HAVE BEEN CHOSEN FOR THESE TIMES. It is an honor to be here in His kingdom, walking with Him, as these times unfold! I pray that He blesses you and your family in amazing ways in the days to come, and am eternally grateful that men of God such as yourself are here be His light in these dark times. What we will soon be seeing and experiencing will be more powerful than it is draining, more amazing than it is intimidating, more illuminating than it is over-shadowing! His kingdom comes for all to see, and what will be devastating and terrifying for those poor souls who refuse Him will be glorious beyond measure for His children! Praise and honor and glory to Him!!! Rleigh

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael, please keep crying atop the wall of the citadel for as long as the Lord allows! There are those of us who really are listening and thankful for the light shining through you and those few others who persevere in Spirit and in truth..