Monday, September 7, 2015

Choose Ye a Champion

For some time now everyone’s been wondering who it would be. Who would be the one to take a stand? Who would be the one to draw the proverbial line in the sand? Who would waive the banner of truth unashamedly for all to see?

Would it be the theological homunculus with the capped teeth who’s always going on about abomination not being God’s best? Would it be the man who would win the world for Christ but for his lack of a multimillion dollar jet to do it in? Or, perhaps, the man whose arm was forcibly twisted until he finally saw the light, and halfheartedly made some sort of retraction about endorsing that which God abhors?

The field was wide ranging, hearts were aflutter, everyone was anxious, and to everyone’s surprise save those who actually bother to read the Word of God, the person who would stand was some no name city clerk, in a little known town, in Kentucky of all places.

In case this is the first you are hearing of this, the backstory in its most basic form is that a city clerk is currently in jail because she refused to sign a marriage license for two homosexuals, citing that it would conflict with God’s definition of marriage.

As a sidebar, to all the dullard faux-Christians who were excitedly waving rainbow flags in front of their churches and insisting that they were the tolerant sort of Christian and very different from the curmudgeonly Bible believing ones, you have cast your lot. That whole spiel you swallowed and regurgitated about homosexuals having no agenda and simply being good at coordinating their wardrobe, knowing good wine, and keeping the stinky cheese industry afloat, has proven itself the lie it always was, and now all you can do is sit there and stew in your tolerance and pray God have mercy on your soul. You wretched things! You betrayers of truth!

What was it you were calling those who were warning of what would be unleashed against the church? Delusional fear mongers, bigots, knuckle draggers, and worse? All in the hope that some pervert or another would point out how fiercely you defend their perversion.  Are you still as orgasmic in your unfettered support of abomination now that you see it’s not so harmless after all? You slavish fools! You useful idiots! You have made the heart of the righteous sad. For this, and all your other atrocities, may God judge you rightly and speedily.

What surprised me is the surprise which much of the church exhibited at who it was that finally took a stand for righteousness. Why haven’t we as yet grasped the simple truth that the true men and women of God aren’t being wined and dined by Oprah, flown around in private jets, and adored by the world? Why haven’t we as yet grasped that all these prophets of Baal passing themselves off as true believers are already bought and paid for, pipers for their overseers who in turn shower them with baubles and material excesses?

These men will continue to remain silent because they do not want to risk having their baubles taken away. The only time any of them seem to raise a stink is when there is a senate inquiry into their finances and lavish lifestyles, but that’s a different matter for a different time.

Those who will astound in the coming days will not be the famous or well known, but men and women as yet unheard of who are living out their faith daily, and manifesting that faith in their lives. Before David picked five stones out of a brook and stood to face Goliath, he was a mere sheep herder. Before Gideon stood to face the Midianites he was a scared young man hiding in a cave.

We must stop expecting our champions to be named men among Christendom and simply pray that God raise up faithful men and women whose lives have already become forfeit, who are already buried with Christ in God, and as such have nothing to lose when the enemy attempts to force them into subservience.

A storm is coming in which the true men and women of God will shine bright as the sun. As for the chaff it will blow away in the coming storm, leaving behind only that which is true, and pure, and godly.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Amen Mike!! I was just studying SOS 3.6 and Rev 19. The Bride is being revealed, praise God, alleluia!! Sound the trumpet, the 10 days are about to begin to bring us into at-one-ment with Whom we have to do, and the Shekinah, the Ancient of Days is going to dwell with His Bride, and manifest Himself through His hidden arrows, those in the Wilderness, preparing to be sent forth, crying from the Wilderness, Prepare The Way of The LORD!!

Anonymous said...

I talked with an old couple, nice Christian farmers selling their produce at the flea market. I was the bearer of bad news as I told them it's too late, America has crossed the line. They told me I was wrong to give up hope and theirs was in 'the donald', the latest idol and false messiah for many deluded Americans as is Dr. Carson.
I told them the reason their hope would fail was because they are looking to a man and not God. They didn't want to hear that simple truth and so we parted ways. Just like the world, most Christians want everything but God. Self willed, stubborn religion is the American way.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how Satan focuses on her past sins in the media calling her a hypicrite. Satan is the accuser of the brothern. Thanks to a most loving and forgiving God, He does not remember her past sins, as she has been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

I am excited and honored that I can call her Sister.

The Lord help us all to be able to stand true to Him in that day of the trying of our faith.

Michael Kane said...

Great word, Michael. It is the truth and thanks for saying it!

Anonymous said...

I cannot help but wonder if we are truly prepared to stand for something, even if it means prison or death? In the US most Christians are lulled under the delusion that this country and Christian culture can never be overturned.

The Hebrew children in Babylon did not sound a trumpet or put on a show to declare their nonconformity. They simply remained standing when everybody else knelt before Nebuchadnezzar’s image. That made them conspicuous enough! All you have to do is be faithful to God, and when everybody else is on his knees before the gods that be, just do as you’ve been doing and you will stand out without even trying. Daniel didn’t make a speech or call a news conference or write a statement defying the decree of Darius. He simply went about his devotions “as aforetime.” - Vance Havner

Anonymous said...

There is more to the story. The clerk is certainly well-intentioned but she is, like millions of others, ignorant of law.
Whenever government issues a license it is GRANTING PERMISSION. A marriage license if government permission to create a civil marriage. A civil marriage is a state-created entity, totally subject to state control. If the state doesn't like how you raise your children it can take them away. By law, the children are PROPERTY of the state and the parents are just trustees. In a divorce, the state decides who gets the children, who gets the house, etc.
A Biblical marriage is founded on God's law. There was a time in America when Christians knew this. Back then they didn't ask the state for permission because they knew that their marriage was none of the state's business.
The clerk is a government employee. Her duty as a public servant is to follow and enforce the laws of the state. She has NO AUTHORITY to act contrary to state law. If she doesn't like state policy she should find other employment.
It is the oldest question: "WHO IS LORD?" We can have marriage under God's law or under state law but not both.

Unknown said...

Praise the Lord for speaking the truth in the name of the Lord Jesus

Anonymous said...

1 Corthians 15:56
The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.

Barbara said...

People call her a hero but also the Bible says pay to Caesar what is Caesar's. I am not judging what she did, but I don't know if that was the only solution either. Can't she have signed it or allowed the other clerks to sign it, not as her will, but that of the state? All a marriage license is is an instrument of the state after all. You can be married in the eyes of God without one I believe. Even with one I don't think two people of the same sex can ever be married in God's eyes either. I think in the end it is all just grandstanding, this taking a stand that really in the end, doesn't prove much but that you refuse to say tomato instead of tomahto.

She is there judging marriages of others, meanwhile she is on her third. Does she honor marriage? She is technically an adulteress with a license but she refuses to grant them to the homosexual. Both are sins. I find her to be a shady example of a martyr. She is not inspiring to greater purity but to greater anger on the part of those she offends. They think she is a joke.