Thursday, October 22, 2015

Take Heart!

Having just returned from a weeklong tour of the East Coast wherein I visited Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, I wanted to sit down and write a few thoughts, fleeting and unedited, because I discovered something on this trip that gave me hope and a reason to take heart.

Throughout our journey we met believers of like mind who opened their homes and shared their food with us having never met us in person until the moment we drove up their driveway.

We met men and women hungry for the Word of God, and we met those who are as committed to standing for truth as anyone I’ve ever met in my almost thirty years of ministry. We met true believers both in the farthest reaches of this nation, as well as the bastions of lawlessness one would rarely expect to find one, never mind an entire congregation.

The biggest takeaway from this trip – and since it was the first of many trips I’m scheduled to take over the next few months it was encouraging – is that God has His people everywhere, and scattered as they might be, the number might surprise you just as it did Elijah.

Take heart! You are not alone. Take heart! There are many others throughout who desire the pure meat of God’s Word, and who will accept no compromise in their lives.

It’s easy to think we alone are left. It’s easy to look upon the world as it is and feel isolated, with no one to fellowship with, no one to break bread with, and no one who will understand the deeper truths you are trying to flesh out.

Though they might not live next door or in the next town over, know that God has men and women whom He has set aside, who have not defiled themselves, and who strive for righteousness and purity before God.

I also noticed a newfound hunger, a willingness to accept truth more readily, and at least on this trip, doors began to open quickly, one after the other, after the other. It was a fruitful time with the people of God, and for someone who thought such days were long passed, it was reviving and rejuvenating.

I realize many of you are weary. I realize many of you are growing discouraged. I realize many of you believe you are alone, but you are not. There are men and women of God even in the most spiritually desolate places. They are the individuals who will rise and take their place as bearers of truth in the coming days, men and women of whom the world has never heard, of whom the world is not worthy, and who I am honored to call my brothers and sisters in Christ.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the encouraging word, Brother Mike. It's very good news!

Unknown said...

Thank you my brother! You don't know how badly I needed to hear this! Praise the Lord!! \O/

Lori T.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

Your post was bitter-sweet. On the bitter side, if my wife and I had only known that you would be visiting our state, we would have loved to have met you and prayed with you. On the sweet side, we were thrilled to hear that you found people in this part of the northeast to meet with. We have been longing for fellowship with true believers who are seriously interested in living a life centered in Christ, but we have yet to find such people. We do, from time to time, find people who feel like brothers and sisters in Christ, but there always seems to be something that prevents the deepening of relationships. Sometimes it is the clinging to denominationalism. Sometimes it is the clinging to false (non-biblical) teaching. Sometimes we are accused of many things, such as false motives, which can’t be resolved. Sometimes we just can’t tolerate being in conventional church organizations, because of the apostasy and the blessing of sin. During our 13 year walk with Jesus, we have spent more time being taught directly by the Holy Spirit, than we have spent in church organizations. We long for fellowship, but not at the expense of truth and compromise.

Would you please contact us privately so that we could learn about your travels in New England? Perhaps you could get us in contact with some of the people you met on your trip. We would love to see if fellowship with any of these people is possible. New England is a very lonely place for Christians.

Thank you for traveling to our part of the country. Almost no one bothers to come here unless they are part of a mega ministry that teaches heresy.

We are currently reading your book on prayer. It has been very helpful. We learned about your work when my wife was looking for a Christian orphanage to support. Giving for kingdom purposes is very difficult these days, because of the false teaching that missionary ministries provide along with material aid. We are praying that God will continue to bless your ministry and the orphanage in Romania.

John and Kathleen Thomas

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord our God, Holy, Righteous and True!!! What an encouraging word indeed!! Thank you brother Mike!
Nancy J

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, Michael. I have been praying for a long time to be able to find such a group as you describe, while visiting numerous disappointing "churches." There's nothing like having actual fellowship with true believers, but it's heartening to know they're out there, at least.

In Christ,


Barbara said...

I don't see more people hungry for Christ but hungry to play the hypocrite and phony and deceive anyone capable of truly believing. I think the times are arriving for the two witnesses, who will condemn the world and its inhabitants' self righteous ways and drive them all mad until they murder the witnesses and leave their bodies to rot in the street. That is the spirit I see around me, of contempt for everyone and everything of God.

I think they have many Christians held captive by their deceptions, and are destroying them and their walk, and when these Christians realize the traps that have been set for them, they will react like Samson and sooner see everyone around in flames rather than have to suffer their abuses another minute. Do you think Samson is in hell? Then why would God give him the strength to commit suicide? Just like the two witnesses know it is suicide to taunt the phonies, they will do it anyway.

After the season of fall, of the harvest comes winter, desolation and destruction. So if we are in the end times, it is the end of planting and reaping and sowing, isn't it?