Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Into The Fray Part 2

A couple days ago I posted a few thoughts on an upcoming conference I will be attending in March. To those of you who seem to have no issue with not only judging but passing sentence on the matter, I’m hoping you could help me out a smidge. I’m having a hard time finding the memo wherein this upcoming conference changed over from a call to repentance and a time of worship, revival, and restoration to what I am assuming by the tonality of your vitriol a black mass séance held on the night of the full moon, wherein many a chicken and not a few sheep will needlessly lose their lives.

I am finding it very difficult to reconcile what I know of this upcoming event and some of the speakers that will be attending it with words like Luciferian, works of darkness, demonic, from the pit, and other such pabulum.

Did the Nicene council reconvene without my knowledge and decide that though the declared purpose of this gathering is worship, revival, restoration, repentance, and a return to righteousness in Christ it is in fact a nefarious plot to brainwash those in attendance and make them all diehard followers of Harold Camping?

A couple of you have quoted the passage in Corinthians, and if this were still an issue presently, then there would be a need to sit down and discuss it, but to the best of my knowledge I do not know of any ‘wicked man’ who will be speaking at this conference.

While I’m at it, D. Pearcy, if you happen to be reading these words, not only did I have the courage to post your comment, I’m actually going to take a few minutes and address it.

What can I say? When you got me, you got me. You are absolutely correct. I already spent the money I was paid for this conference buying an island one over from Mel Gibson’s island and upgrading my private jet, so now I have to go along just so I don’t lose out on my ‘financial gains’. The fact that I rent an apartment in a dinky town in Wisconsin, drive a Dodge with over 100K miles on it, and sell stuff on eBay to support my family, that’s just for the optics. It’s just window dressing. I am secretly a millionaire, and I hobnob with other millionaires in secret hideaways in the mountains.

I realized that by the tone of your comment you neither know me nor know the ministry I am part of. It is also likely that you do not get my sense of humor, so just to make it clear, yes I was kidding about the jet, the island, and the secret hideaways. What I do not kid about is the reverence I have for the work of God, and my willingness to sacrifice everything for it.

It offends me that though you do not know me, you assume that after 30 years of ministry I would throw away my integrity, the reputation of this work, the memory of my grandfather and my mother, but must of all that I would betray Jesus for money. For this assumption sir, may the Lord rebuke you!

To those of you who encouraged me through your comments, I thank you. To those who had sincere questions and concerns, I hope I’ve been able to alleviate them. And, to those for whom no explanation will ever be good enough, who are convinced of a thing even though all evidence points to the contrary, may God open your eyes, and when He does may you have the humility to repent to those you have wounded and besmirched.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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