Sunday, September 11, 2016

All The Worse and None The Better

Every time a nation suffers a catastrophic event it cannot, by definition, remain the same as it was before. Whether the event is an unprecedented storm that devastates an entire region, or eleven men who decided it was a good day to fly some planes into buildings, kill thousands of people, and confirm how dark and wicked the human heart can be, change is inevitable. Something must change. Something will change. There is no going forward the same as it was before because whatever happened marked you, changed, you transformed you, and so you must choose to go either left or right.

Whether it wakes you up or just opens your eyes, when something happens that so marks us that we remember where we were and what we were doing the moment it happened, it is transformative.

I remember plenty of events that happened to me throughout my life, but there are only two things I remember as having happened outside my sphere of influence, and what I was doing at that moment. The first is what I was doing on 9-11-2001 when the first plane hit the twin towers, the second is what I was doing when I got the call from overseas that my mother had passed.

Both events marked me in different ways, and I will remember exactly what I was doing on both of these occasions for as long as I live.

When something so overwhelming occurs, especially on a national level, there are certain choices you must make that up until that time you may have skirted or avoided. You must choose to either seek a closer walk with God and in repentance and humility return to the path of righteousness, or rebel against Him, shake your fist at Him, denounce Him, and scream from the top of your lungs to whoever will listen how your god would never allow such a thing to happen, and how your god would never allow something like that to occur.

Granted, your god may not allow it, but the God of the Bible does, because He is a righteous God and a just God, and He knows that without true repentance and a turning from darkness He will have to judge, and in judgment there will be no mercy.

A question has been posed to me recently, and although the answer seems glaringly obvious, I will attempt to also give you the reasons why I believe what I believe.

The question is this: Do you believe the church has gotten better or worse since 9-11-2001?

Even the blind aren’t that blind, and the answer to this question is an obvious one, but since it was asked, and I believe it was asked sincerely, I will answer.

I believe the church is far worse off today than it was pre September 11, 2001, and these are the reasons why:

1    The godless realized that if they threw enough of a hissy fit, they could cause the children of God to reverse course, apologize for their comments, retract, and otherwise make excuses for the truth.

We no longer pray for boldness as the apostles of old did, because we have come to believe giving the devil what he wants and being altogether silent on matters of eternal import is just easier on our jangled nerves.

We had the opportunity to speak the truth in a time when the world was hungry to hear it, and instead of saying that God judges sin, we gave into the screams of the peanut gallery who insisted that God just doesn’t do that, and if He does, He’s not a God they want to serve anyway.

On and on it went, trying to explain away the righteousness of God, and when the devil saw how easy it was to silence the church, he’s been on a never ending quest to pervert, destroy, and otherwise bring shame to God’s creation.

2    In talking themselves into believing that God had nothing to do with anything that occurred – that it was not God having removed His protection from this nation that allowed the frightful events of 911 – the church lost the fear of God, which is an integral part of true worship.

The Book tells us the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It is not something cumbersome, it is not something heavy on the soul, it is wisdom. Granted, it seems like more and more people seem to have an aversion to wisdom and run from it as though their hair was on fire, but as children of God wisdom ought to be a goal. It ought to be something we desire and aspire toward.

3    The wolves realized there was far more wool for the taking if you bent the Word of God the right way than there is in preaching the truth.

We’ve always had these weasely, mealy mouthed, outright lying mongrels roaming about Christendom, but they have multiplied exponentially in the last dozen years or so. Not only that, the old school con men are now revered as the forefathers of a movement, looked up to, and treated as demi-gods rather than the loathsome bottom dwellers they are. They are applauded and lauded, they are revered by the new class of wolves as visionaries, and no one seems to be pointing these individuals out. No one seems to be calling a flag on the play.

We’re all just turning a blind eye as two multi-millionaires sit there talking about how God wants them to have private jets, and how it would be unimaginable to fly with all those demons in economy class on a commercial airline.

It would be downright hellish! Can you imagine flying commercial? My oh my, my heart goes pitter patter just thinking about it. And no one says a thing. It seems perfectly reasonable and logical.
“Yep, yep, brother Jesse does needs him a private jet to fly his decaying carcass around from place to place to beg for more money to buy a bigger jet.” Yes, sir, he does indeed.

Every day I just want to throw my hands up in anger, in frustration, perhaps both, and just walk away from ministry altogether. It’s getting lumped in with these con men that gets my goad. It’s being lumped in with these kind of lying thieves that makes me want to disassociate myself from ministry.

4     We started chasing more after prophecy than we did after Jesus.

That’s right, I said it, and no, you won’t hear an apology from me tomorrow. Yes, I am the chairman of what is considered a prophetic ministry. I traveled with a man I considered, and still consider a true prophet. Yes, I operate in prophetic gifting, and I’m telling you it is a dangerous, dangerous thing to chase after prophecy rather than after Christ.

      We got into the habit of holding our breaths from one event to the next rather than redeeming the time and living our lives wholly sold out for Christ.

The only way to still be effective for Jesus is to live for Him with abandon! Seize every opportunity to do all that you can for the kingdom of God, not because you think the world might end tomorrow, or because you believe the dollar is going to collapse, but because you know it is the right thing to do, the noble thing to do, the godly thing to do.

We need to stop holding our breaths for the next big thing just to be let down when nothing happens and focus on living every day for Christ.

6     We have replaced absolute truth with relative opinions.

"Because I don’t feel something is a sin, then it isn’t. If I feel the notion of sin is not in tune with my personal understanding of God, then God must bend to my will and do away with His notion of sin as well."

We’ve allowed Joel Osteen to talk us into believing we’re so special we can make God dance on a dime, and do what we say whenever we so desire. We have allowed fools and liars, heretics and deceivers, demons in fancy suits and Jezebels in fancy dresses to twist our hearts and cause us to doubt the very Word of God, and even God Himself.

We will go to war with anyone who disagrees with our idol, but will do nothing to defend Jesus.

As far as the nation is concerned, I think it goes without saying that we lost the moral high ground if ever we had it because let’s face it, when you start parting out babies like they were chicken at KFC and selling the pieces, you don’t have a moral foot to stand on.

Those are my reasons. They are why I believe we are markedly worse, spiritually speaking than we were fifteen years ago, and the next thing to befall this nation will not be a warning, it will be judgment. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

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