Tuesday, October 18, 2016

On the Elections (Radio Show Transcript)

Welcome to the program and thank you for joining us. Yes, indeed, this is the light of truth radio broadcast, I am your host Michael Boldea, we are live, and boy has this been an interesting week.

If you happen to own stock in the company that manufactures Milk of Magnesia, Maalox, Mylanta, or Rolaids, well, congratulations, this week likely made sales spike and you just made a nice chunk of change. For everyone else, it was just heart burn and uncertainty and vitriol, and everything else that this election cycle has wrought.

As I’ve said from the beginning, and will continue to insist upon until this drama is over, man cannot save what only God can, and God will only save it if repentance is evident and forthcoming. That said, I disagree with the premise that the difference between these two candidates is like choosing whether you want to be butchered by a box cutter or a scalpel. A more apropos comparison is whether you would like to hit a wall going 150 miles per hour, or 45 miles per hour.

At 150 miles per hour death is certain, it is a foregone conclusion, and all that’s left to decide is the color of the casket and whether or not you will have bagpipes at your funeral.

At 45 miles per hour there is still a chance of survival, although you may break a few bones, not look as pretty, and hurt for some time.

Now, I realize bombastic pontification is fun for some, but I find it useless. I also realize that it is human nature to try and cloak cowardice in nobility and make it out to seem something it’s not, but as a former candidate for president pointed out not so long ago, this is a binary election. What does this mean? Well, it means that this is a two horse race, and one of the horses is going to win, like it or not.

These are your two choices kids, and make no mistake, one of these two bastions of virtue will be president of these United States come January. That’s it, no other options on the table, nothing more to say about it, no what if scenarios, that’s it. Yes, I’ve heard the rumors of Marshall Law being declared and the current crop of politicians remaining in the white house indefinitely, but I don’t give it much credence. It will ignite a civil war almost instantly, and I don’t believe the armed forces would go along with it to be quite honest with you.

Those who wear the uniform, those who serve in the armed forces, they are by and large noble individuals who adhere to the constitution of the United States, and who have sworn to protect the nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic. The news is already leaking that there is much unease and dismay among those in the FBI and the Department of Justice for not prosecuting Hillary Clinton on her crimes, so it’s not as though the entire populace working in government at this moment in time are heartless, soulless zombies.

The higher ups, the top tier, the echelons who have seized the reins of power? Oh yes, to be sure they are, but that’s a handful of people who only have bluster and words to keep them in power.

It’s like ancient Rome all over again, wherein the slaves didn’t realize the outnumbered the Romans 3 to 1 until the moment they did. The reason it took them so long to realize they outnumbered their masters is because there was no uniform for them to wear. They dressed in regular garb, and so they could never identify each other as being slaves, or deduce just how many there were.

This is where the Clinton campaign made its first tactical, and quite frankly, unforced error. They gave the slaves uniforms. They labeled the common folk, and allowed them to identify each other and realize that they outnumber the masters. You’ve all heard it, it’s been out there for some time: Deplorables. Just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? But see, people started looking at who exactly was included in this basket of deplorables, and realized that they too had been included and a lot of their family and friends and acquaintances, their mechanics and their doctors and their garbage man and their manicurist and their pastor and their professor.

Let’s face it, contrary to what Bill Clinton said, it’s not just southern rednecks with no teeth and overalls that will be voting for Donald Trump in less than thirty days. The people started to look around after having ascertained what defined a deplorable, and came to the conclusion that there were far more deplorables out there than the system would have thought possible. You know, the people who keep getting told that they are in the minority because they oppose abortion, or are told they are bigots because they like to feel safe in their own towns and homes, or are told they are intolerant, unchristian, and hateful because they insist on some sort of vetting for immigrants from Middle Eastern countries. Once they were defined, those people started looking around, and lo and behold, more and more deplorables came out of the woodwork, and they realized this may well be the last and final opportunity to overthrow the empire, and upend the power structure.

I know Christians have this tendency of comparing Trump to Biblical figures, from Cyrus, to Samson, to everyone in between it seems, but I’ve never gone there, will not go there, but what I can do is say that Trump, at least to me, seems more of a Spartacus than any Biblical figure in particular.

As I’ve told you before, I am a student of history, and once upon a time, before babies, and writing books and radio programs and such, I used to devour the biographies of historical figures. If you don’t know, Spartacus started out as a man of the system, a soldier who served as an auxiliary in the Roman army in Macedonia. He then deserted the army, left the system behind, was captured, sold into slavery, and became a gladiator of great renown.

Spartacus started out with 70 odd men, and built up an army of slaves that estimates put at 120,000. He was a man of the people, and the people followed him, and with everything the Roman empire threw at him he always grew in notoriety. So, again, you can make comparisons to a lot of people regarding a lot of things, but this is 2016, and this is a game for all the marbles. No one is pulling any punches, and cornered sewer rats are quite the violent little things. 

Again, all this from an objective bird’s eye view of the situation, because as I’ve stated before, I’m not about to go politicking on behalf of anyone. This program is about truth, about Jesus, about pointing out things that the feckless and spineless either refuse to point out, or do not see because of their biases.

As far as the eleven-year-old audio tape of Donald Trump saying unsavory things, yes I heard about it, it is, as many in his own campaign have said, indefensible, but what I find most alarming is that the perverts, pederasts and pedophiles seem to have all of a sudden discovered morality and are incensed by Donald Trump’s words. They even insist that it disqualifies him from being president.

Come on, seriously? If you put out absolute filth every single day of your life, if you’ve pushed for the removal of God from society and an embracing of every aberrant, reprobate, immoral, abominable, filthy, dirty, animalistic, hedonistic practice under the sun for all of your adult life but find what Donald Trump said beyond the pale, irredeemable, and unforgivable, you are a hypocrite, a liar, a fool, and a buffoon.

I know the pampered ears of those who couldn’t bear to hear such language are all aflutter, but I’ve heard worse talk from teenagers in the park where I take my daughter to play. Do you know the stuff kids are saying nowadays? Do you know the kind of language children are using? And yet, we are to believe that the Hollywood elites, and the higher-ups of the Democratic party are all innocent little lambs who only come out of their respective churches to have lunch before they run right back in to sing hymns and meditate upon Scripture.

Said the Fox to the chicken,
Said the fox to the chicken,
Come away from that mangy old dog,
‘Cause he barks and he gruffs and he’s loud and robust,
Get away from that mangy old dog.

Said the wolf to the lamb,
Said the wolf to the lamb,
Get away from that barking old mutt,
All I want’s to play, and he’s in the way,
Get away from that barking old mutt.

For those of you who understand what that meant, congratulations. If you think that the godless have your best interest at heart when they’re trying to fan the flames of anger because of something a man said eleven years ago, you’re fooling yourself. The wolf will never want what’s best for the lamb. The fox will never want what’s best for the chicken. Keep that in mind.

The only people that have a right to be incensed about what they heard on that audio are the Amish, and the Amish have no electricity, so that’s that. What boggles the mind is the double standard in today’s politics. Apparently a private conversation 11 years ago trumps actual rape nowadays. Apparently the words men speak trump their actions nowadays. Apparently selling out your country and your countrymen, using a political office to practice pay for play politics, and making every political decision you’ve ever made via the prism of personal gain is not nearly as bad as something someone said eleven years ago.

I’m not getting into this any further, and for those of you who keep writing in asking what about what so and so said, you are big boys and girls, and you can make up your mind for yourself regarding this election. My position has always been for you not to put your faith in a man rather than in God, or hope that things will change drastically in this nation without the dawning of repentance in the land.

Oh, and one more thing, because I really, really hate it when people try to use the Word of God to make a political point, when Paul is laying out the qualifications of a leader, it is the qualifications of a spiritual leader, and not a political one. Paul lays out the qualifications of a Bishop! So for someone to write a ten-page tome on how Donald Trump is not qualified to be president because he doesn’t meet the qualifications Paul set forth in first Timothy, sorry kids, 80% of pastors practicing today don’t meet the qualifications Paul set forth in first Timothy.

Sanctimony is disingenuous, and falling off a high horse may be dangerous to your overall health.
I realize full well that something someone said eleven years ago is of extreme import, but I don’t know if it is quite as important as the following:

1. Having no borders therefore having no country.

2. Going to war with Russia because once the American domino falls the only ones opposing globalism will be the Russians.

3. Allowing for Christian persecution on a grand scale, and the marginalization of all that is decent and good and just.

4. Having your right to protect yourself and your family legislated away by a Supreme Court that will be beholden to unscrupulous politicians and their agendas.

So, you weigh it out in your head and your heart, and you conclude for yourself what you’re going to do on November 8. What I’ve laid out is not partisan, it is not subjective, it is fact, proven, and confirmed.
If you want to get deeper into it, we can, from the undeniable disdain for God and anything having to do with Christianity, to the cult of baby murder, to a desire to do away with the second Amendment, all of it is there for you to see, documented and self-evident.

Another thing that is evident and self-evident is that they did this exact same thing to a man by the name of Herman Caine back in the 2008 elections. Remember him? Nice, grandfatherly type, soft spoken, with his nine, nine, nine plan? He got accused of rape by a handful of women who amazingly dropped their accusations right after Mister Caine dropped out of presidential contention. Who’d have thunk it? The problem is that they’ve been using the same playbook for so long the people have gotten wise to it. The people, yes, the common folk, those deplorables who are only good for whipping and paying taxes and being told they are ignorant and stupid for believing in God, and that they are worthless to society if they do not embrace every evil under the sun, the people have gotten wise to their tactics. They have cried wolf one too many times, and now no one believes them anymore.

Enough of politics though, because I’m about to get angry, and I don’t want to get angry because when I get angry I tend to run off at the mouth and I may say something that might offend the sensibilities of the modern day two faced hypocrites in the church.

As an aside, there was even talk by a high level staffer in one of the two parties to actually infiltrate the Catholic church and start veering it away from its positions on abortion, homosexual marriage and the such, (all this thanks to Wikileaks by the way, and if you want to know what your elected officials think of you, your faith, your country, and your beliefs, I don’t know, maybe read a few of those e-mail exchanges), but the point I was trying to make is that although they are in the beginning stages of infiltrating the Catholic church, I think they’ve already infiltrated the evangelical church.

If you marched in a gay pride parade waving a rainbow flag but can’t possibly bring yourself to vote for Trump because of something he said eleven years ago, well, let’s just say you are disingenuous at best and leave it at that.

Did you know they just came out with a study that an unborn baby’s heartbeat can be heard sixteen days after conception? Sixteen Days! Let that sink in. 

For the love of all that’s just and noble and human, let that sink in. Sixteen days! Sixteen days after conception you can hear the beating heart of the baby you and your significant other conceived.

But yeah, I’ll vote for the murder mills to keep churning out baby parts because a man said something horrid to another man in a camper eleven years ago.

Trump has a potty mouth; yep, all the reason I needed to vote for the other side!

Sit on the sidelines if you must; your choice, your call. Just do it for the right reasons, and not because some bloated has been on some mountain somewhere is telling you to do it. He’s got round the clock security, and lives in a fortress on a mountain. He will be unaffected by the tide of jihadi warriors coming to exact vengeance on the Great Satan.

We all live with the consequences of our actions, don’t we? Sure, we can repeat the ‘God’s in control’ adage to ourselves to make ourselves feel better about our indecision, but God uses people, He always has, and if the ‘God’s in control’ excuse were a viable one, then Peter, Paul, and the rest of those who died for the gospel’s sake were fools for not simply shutting up, doing nothing, and letting the storm pass over their heads.

God was in control then too, wasn’t He? Why did they have to stand? Why did they have to fight? Why did they have to defend the truth? Why didn’t they just shrug their shoulders, and comfort themselves with the ‘God’s in control’ mantra?

Why even do this show? God’s in Control! Why even preach the gospel? God’s in control! Why did you swerve when that drunk driver veered into your lane? God is in control! Why do anything other than gaze at our navels, pick our noses, and decide on which buffet we will congregate at after we sing a couple hymns and hear a message on the benefits of positive self-esteem? God’s in Control!

I’ve been dealing with this all week, and it’s getting to me. I despise disingenuous arguments. I despise copout mantras that make no sense if they are taken to their logical conclusion. Most of all I despise the weakness and instability of the modern day church, and their inability to incorporate the wisdom of Solomon into their decision making process.

The truth is this: We have a choice between two very flawed candidates. One plans on destroying the very country you and your children reside in and sacrifice on the altar of globalism, while the other has personal moral failings going back eleven years, and chances are a lot more recent than that. One of these two is going to be president. There’s no way around that now.

One of them by all evident data loves this country, surrounds himself with capable, even tempered, and yes, oftentimes Christian individuals, and could just have easily stayed in his penthouse suite, watched soap operas and played with his grand kids the rest of his life, ‘cause let’s face it he doesn’t need the money, while the other has been sucking at the teat of the taxpayer for most of her adult life, and public service has made her a very wealthy woman. The only way you can become wealthy in public service is to use the power and position of your office to peddle the influence thereof for cash. It’s how Romanian politicians are filthy rich while the people are living hand to mouth.

While all this political theater is going on, you have this current administration playing checkers with a chess grandmaster, and trying to pick a fight that they will ultimately lose. The latest, and this is the kind of diplomacy we’ve been getting for the past few years, is that we are planning to allow 9,000 ISIS fighters to escape, so they can attack Russian troops. Simultaneously, Vladimir Putin just ordered Russian Government officials to immediately bring back any of their children or family members who happen to be studying abroad.

This has the potential of turning very ugly, very quickly, and this time the American citizenry will suffer the consequences of our government’s actions in ways as yet not quantified or calculated.

I will make a prediction, again, prediction not prophecy, but the slimmer the chances of the Democrats winning the presidency get, the more this current administration will try to goad the Russians into a skirmish. If they see that their agenda of globalism will be hampered, they will try to take out the Russian threat to it before the inauguration of the next president of these United States.

For these people, the agenda is supreme. It is singular. It is all. There is no family, no love, no friends, no patriotism, no fidelity to one’s constituency, just the agenda. Globalism in all its deformed, decrepit wonder.

So that’s it. That’s the truth. Do with it what you will. Unlike many others I will not tell you what to do because I believe you are intelligent enough to make up your own mind, and follow your heart.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

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