Thursday, March 15, 2018

Scaring Monsters

It is impossible to scare monsters. Try as one might, one cannot debase themselves to the level a monster can, and although most individuals feel uncomfortable and even detest the notion of becoming monsters even temporarily, monsters feel comfortable in their own skin.
There is no self-loathing when it comes to a monster. There is no introspection, analysis, or desire to change, to become better, more noble, or more humane. A monster is happy being a monsters, and anyone who attempts at pretending to be one, or attempts to play chicken with one soon comes to see the folly of their ways.
As of late political opponents of Vladimir Putin have been dropping like flies. Just in the past week two such individuals have been found dead within the borders of England, and in an act of breathtaking ignorance as far as the nature of the man she was attempting to rattle, Theresa May set out to make demands and set ultimatums regarding untimely demise of the aforementioned Russian nationals. As is often the case words have turned to action, and some twenty-three Russian diplomats have been expelled from England.
I know not who the English Prime Minister consulted, but if she thought for a second that her actions would make the Russians back down, she really has no clue as to whom it is she was attempting to bring to heel.
At this juncture Putin won’t back down simply to save face. What the West fails to understand and has for decades is that showing weakness when it comes to nations such as Russia is not an option. If Putin blinks, he is done, and he knows it.
It is my hope that this entire drama ends here, that cooler heads prevail, and heated rhetoric will remain just that. The thing about hope, however, is that we often times hope something occurs which we know deep in our gut will not, and this is one of those moments.
I think this would be a perfect time for the Russians to flex their proverbial muscles, and reaffirm that they will not roll over for anyone, nor do they take being threatened by a head of state lightly. It will be interesting to watch this conflict play out to its rightful conclusion, because I believe depending on how it goes it will either confirm that in fact the Russians are ready to expand once more, or are still biding their time and oiling the war machine to lethal perfection.
Whatever the outcome, whatever path nations take, whether it be to peace or war, as children of God, what we must say as one voice in times such as these is “come quickly Lord Jesus.”

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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