Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Scary Crazy

In this great big world of ours, there’s crazy then there’s scary crazy. There’s the lady on the park bench feeding invisible pigeons and talking to a stray cat as though it were her husband, Hubert. That is someone who you sort of feel sorry for but who isn’t hurting anyone by throwing bread crumbs on the ground. Sure, she rolled on through eccentric to the land of mental instability some time ago, but her actions aren’t bringing harm to her fellow man, the stray cat, or the invisible pigeons.

Then there are the scary crazy kind of folks, and these are the ones you should be concerned about. The scary crazies want to transform the world or their nation at your expense. It’s not harmless, and it’s not a victimless pursuit. They have a dream, a purpose, an agenda, and it doesn’t matter to them one tittle if you end up broke and destitute, living under a bridge and grilling rats over an open flame, as long as they can make their dream a reality.

I have a high tolerance for pain. I’ve been living with gout since my early twenties, and not even I could make it through the entire democrat debates last night. After hearing Bernard Sanders praising the Canadian healthcare system, which has a 20 week wait time to see a doctor for the umpteenth time, I started missing Cory Booker trying to speak Spanish.

If anyone dared attempt to be the voice of reason and point out that all these wonderful plans of open borders, healthcare for all, and cancellation of student debt would bankrupt the country, they’d just get booed by the audience. How dare they attempt to shatter the fantasy? How dare they attempt to inject a dose of reality into a debate that was nothing short of a circus?

Tell people lies, and they will love you; tell them the truth, and they will despise you for it.

Tragically, there is a growing number in this country who care not a whit that the national debt is more than 20 trillion dollars, or that most government programs are unsustainable in the long term, they just want to know what they’ll get for free if they vote for you. That is a recipe not only for disaster but for the utter decimation of the nation itself.

The scary crazies don’t care about any of that. Don’t just throw out the baby with the bathwater, burn down the house, then bulldoze the remains. We need to start fresh, they insist, but not one moderator had the honesty to ask why. Why tear down a system that is working for an overwhelming majority to replace it with one that has been a proven failure time and again?

Why punish hard-working, responsible people who ate baked beans and week-old bread for years on end so they could pay their college loan debt by taxing them anew to pay off the debt of some dunce who majored in the feminist history of the Congo region? It’s not my fault you got a worthless degree from a pretentious college and are beside yourself because your plumber is making more money than you. Choices have consequences.

It’s difficult to fathom that we’re still a year and change out from the next elections. Can you imagine how unhinged the scary crazies will get by then? According to famed scientist Beto ‘, I can skateboard’ O’Rourke, we now only have ten years before the planet will self-destruct, contradicting famed scientist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s claim that we have 12. 

The godfather of global warming fearmongering, Al Gore, said we had until 2008 and the polar ice caps would be gone. I guess they didn’t get the memo since they’re still here. But that’s the thing about the scary crazies; they have to use the unproven existential crisis to fuel men’s fear in the hope that the fear will make it more difficult to see just how crazy they are. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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