Thursday, October 24, 2019


If we did to our pets what we do to our children, we would be brought up on charges, summarily tried, sentenced, and sent to prison for a very long time. If you told a stranger that you wanted to take your male puppy, pump him full of drugs, then take him to a butcher to remove pieces, cut pieces, sew pieces, and reshape pieces onto him, all because you wanted validation, or to be called brave, they’d pick up the phone and call the nearest police station to report a case of animal cruelty.

Recently I read an article that almost pushed me over the edge. The reason it affected me on multiple levels, is because there are multiple layers of madness to it, all flowing into a crescendo of lunacy that left me questioning the mental sanity of most folks we would call normal.

A divorced mother of twin boys sued the father of said boys because she didn’t want him spending so much time with one of them in particular. The reason? Well, a couple years back she decided she already had a spare, and that she really wanted a girl, so she started dressing the boy in dresses, insisting that he was now a girl, and even had a coming-out party for him at the age of five.

Yes, you read that right. The age of five! Now the boy is seven, and this lunatic wants to start pumping the child full of hormone blockers and other drugs which have been scientifically proven to have killed at least sixty thousand people who took them. You can’t make this stuff up. Even the cruelest, most psychotic of writers with a Machiavellian bend to their worldview couldn’t engineer a story so disturbing.

So why did this so-called mother sue the father? Well, because the boy in question acted like a boy whenever his father took him for the days allotted him, and she just couldn’t have that. It’s not that the father was absentee, or that he abandoned his kids. It’s that the boy was acting too much like a boy whenever he was around a male role model, and this ghoul would have none of it.

She couldn’t risk not being called brave anymore if her son refused to wear girl’s clothing anymore. She couldn’t risk not being special anymore, or unique, or courageous, because she put her baby boy in a dress, pressured him, and emotionally manipulated him until he went along with it.

This entire lunacy of transitioning children, or preteens, is relatively new, and the little aggregate data we have as to what happens to these children in their later years is heartbreaking and disturbing. Suicide rates are through the roof, as are early deaths due to the drugs they inject into them to stop nature from taking its rightful course.

Playing god never works out well. Destroying your child’s life, future, and any chance at normalcy just because it makes you feel special when other sad, pathetic, lonely women think you’re brave, is no reason to put your child’s life in danger.

Oh, and the caveat, the cherry on the crazy cake, is that a jury of twelve people, voted 11 to 1 against the father, allowing for the mother to commence transitioning the boy into a girl, even though the boy has never said he felt like a girl, was a girl, or wanted to be a girl; he just doesn’t want to upset mommy. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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KatAmonte said...

Heart Breaking!! So sick, sick, sick, sinful world!!