Friday, November 1, 2019

Practical Warfare (Part 1)

For the most part nowadays Christians of all stripes and denominations have become so heavenly minded they are of no earthly good. No matter how ghastly the latest bit of news, whether it’s post-birth abortions or transgender storytime to pre-pubescent children in church auditoriums, they shrug their shoulders, arch their eyebrows, and go back to whatever they were doing mumbling something about getting to heaven someday.

That’s their numbing agent and justification for inaction and apathy all in one. Jesus is coming, and we’re going, so what’s the point? The point is that until Jesus comes, we have to live in the rot and filth we’ve allowed to get out of control. The point is that if this keeps up, by the time our children are adults, this world will be unrecognizable even from this point in time.

You don’t allow trash and waste to pile up in your living room just because you plan on moving in a few years. You don’t allow yourself to go unwashed and filthy, because, well, you’re going to die someday anyway, so why bother. Why is it that we use this tired excuse only when it comes to pushing back against darkness? Yes, Jesus is coming, but we must occupy until He comes. We are not to surrender, or give up ground or retreat; we are to occupy!

What the apathetic and the indifferent fail to grasp, is that if darkness is not resisted, if darkness is not fought back, if darkness is not countered by light, it just continues to evolve and metastasize into something darker and more grotesque. Darkness is never satisfied with a part; it always desires the whole, and if a flicker of light exists anywhere, it’s singular purpose is to extinguish it.

While darkness marches undeterred, much of today’s church seems to care not a whit, and even celebrate it to a certain extent, believing that if they acquiesce to the demands of evil, evil will spare them. It will not. It may delay their destruction, but they will not be spared. Once their usefulness is exhausted, once evil has achieved all that it purposed to achieve, then the useful pawns will be dispensed with. Evil doesn’t carry dead weight. Evil does not allow for dissent. Evil is single-minded in its goal, and our apparent lethargy is making it that much easier for evil to achieve it.

The only option we have as believers, as sons and daughters of the Most High God, as ambassadors, soldiers, warriors, and representatives of the Kingdom, is to fight. Yes, I’ve seen some of your comments, I’ve read and responded to some of your e-mails, and those of you who have not checked out, those who have decided not to spend the rest of your time here on earth staring at your navel and encouraging others to do likewise, want to know what to do.

You see it just as clearly as I, you understand that if undeterred evil only grows more concentrated, but you are at a loss for what you can do about it all. I call it practical warfare. Something every believer can engage in, something every believer must be proficient in, because if you are of Christ, living in this world, you are on enemy territory, and battle is a foregone conclusion. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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