Monday, May 25, 2020

Paradigm Shift

Realizing that we went from wondering how certain things the Bible talks about in regards to the last days could possibly take place to actually seeing them taking place has a chilling, sobering, and altogether discombobulating effect. It’s not so much that we didn’t believe it. Even if I can’t see something in the physical, if the Word says it will occur, then I believe it even though my mind cannot as yet put the pieces of the puzzle together. We walk the walk by faith and not by sight, and even when we can’t see over the rise, we trust that He can. Even so, seeing it materialize so quickly, seemingly out of nowhere, and taking root even in countries where up until this point freedom was non-negotiable, is significant.

It was while witnessing a twenty-something pothead berate an elderly woman for not wearing a mask in a grocery store that I had the cold realization that everything Jesus said regarding the last days, even if it seemed hyperbolic as little as six months ago, was more accurate than any of us would have liked to believe.

We have created an alluring illusion for ourselves. It is warm and comforting to think that your neighbor has your back, that the bond of community is strong and unyielding, but all it took was a bit of pressure, and for the most part, the illusion was shattered into a million pieces.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would take for people to be offended, to hate one another, and betray one another, you got your answer, and apparently, it’s not much. The mechanism is in place, and now they know that all it takes for most people to turn their neighbor in, is a nudge, a suggestion, an insistence that by not bowing down and being a sheeple, they are being selfish. Consequently, dropping the dime on a toddler’s birthday party makes you a hero, a protector of virtue, a good citizen who is socially conscious.

They used the same propaganda in the ’40s, the 70’s the 80’s, and even though we look back on those times in horror, we no longer wonder how people could do what they did. I know, I know, we’re not talking about box cars and gas chambers, but the principle is identical.

There is an undergirding principle that if things get really bad, and we know they will, then the only surefire way to survive it is to belong to a self-sustaining community where everyone contributes their specific skill to get by. If suspicion, division, and hatred can be sown throughout, then the one bulwark against full reliance on the system is removed.

Why do you think certain individuals are so deadest against church meetings resuming? Fellowship fosters a sense of community, it bonds people together, and that is something they are actively trying to undo. The more isolated, alone, and marooned you feel, the more dependent you will be on the system. Alone together? No, just alone!

This has now become the play, and it’s terrifying how quickly most people have fallen in line. This is no longer about a virus if it ever was unless you call individualism, independence, and freedom viruses. These are the things being systematically dismantled before our eyes because if you’re spending all your time being suspicious of your neighbor, you likely won’t notice what government is doing right under your nose.

Today is Memorial Day. It is a yearly reminder that the price of freedom was paid for in blood, and lives, and unspeakable heartache. Wives have lost their husbands, fathers have lost their sons, sons have lost their fathers, all for the sake of freedom. That we would surrender due to fear what others gave their lives defending ought to shame us to no end. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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Anonymous said...

Please check out, Rev Art Wilson podcast. That is the name of his youtube channel. Watch the video titled. "Pastor Art Wilson & Pastor Mike Brown talk endtime scenarios"

Art Wilson is a Goodwill Ambassador to the U.N. His facts from the U.N. meetings are chilling.

I tried typing the link but it doesn't work.