Monday, June 8, 2020

Having Eyes

If you still can’t see the truth of what is happening, then you may require a cane and a seeing-eye dog because chances are you are certifiably blind. I’m no talking having to read a cereal box at arm’s length blind; I’m talking pitch black, can’t see anything, stumbling around and running into furniture blind. I’m sorry, that is the nicest way I could put it because I’m still the genteel soul you’ve grown to love over the years, even though with each passing day, my ability to suffer fools grows thinner still.

Some things we already knew, or at least suspected, and recent events have just confirmed them; others were a depressing revelation, not because they are occurring, but the level at which they are occurring. It’s not all bad though, at least now we know that for the most part, the overreaction to Coronavirus was wholly unjustified, and the same people attempting to shame the nation into becoming basement dwellers for the rest of their lives have shown their hand.

When you think about it, a lot of people are showing their true colors during this time, and in the long run, that will be a good thing as long as we don’t forget. If we forget the names and faces of those that despise us, those who would surrender to chaos just to hold on to tenuous, illusory power, those who would see you burned out of your home just to appease the mob, then we will have gone through all this for naught.

For some, this is about peaceful protest, and I have no issues with that. It is a constitutional right granted to every citizen of this country, and as long as peaceful is the adverb preceding the noun, godspeed. It’s the other two groups that I take umbrage with because they are using the peaceful protesters as cover for their illicit schemes, whether those schemes are individual, like looting, or a collective nature like shoving Communism down the throats of the masses while they are distracted.

While we’re on the topic, and I know this will go over like a lead balloon, what’s with the kneeling and prostrating and pledging fealty? Are we witnessing the birth of a new religion whose priests are limp wristed, syphilitic, effeminate twenty-somethings with bullhorns?

I’ve gotten e-mails from people who up until a week ago were screaming death before vaccine, that are now shrugging their shoulders asking what’s so bad about taking a knee if it will make this go away quicker.

Ever wonder why the only thing the devil wanted in exchange for all the kingdoms of the world and their glory was for Jesus to kneel down and worship him? Maybe not so petty a thing, after all, is it?

We are at a fork in the road as a nation, and if ever there was a defining moment, this is it. I’ve said it for as long as I can remember. If you think this is about an elephant and a donkey, you do not see the whole picture. This is not about two political parties. This is about two fundamentally different ideologies.

They have done their best to do away with this nation’s history, thereby ensuring we have no firm anchor as to a national identity, and now they are attempting to remake it into something that has never succeeded every time it has been tried.

It’s easy for people with round the clock private security, living in gated communities where riff-raff like you and I would be summarily turned away to talk about defunding police. It’s easy for multi-millionaires to pontificate and sanctimoniously declare that lives are worth more than property, and the burning down of businesses is a necessary evil. It’s easy because they are not the ones affected. It’s easy because they are not the ones left sifting through the rubble and wondering how they’re going to feed their kids. Oh, and for those itching to pick a fight, most of the businesses that were burned down were black-owned, so there’s that. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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Bonnie said...

I guess I must like lead balloons, because I say, "Preach it brother!"
Too many people don't realize that bending the knee is a form of worship.
Come, let us worship and bow down, Let us kneel before the LORD our Maker.(Psa 95:6)
This is exactly what they want: we are to bow down and worship at the feet of the black brotherhood as if they were gods. I for one will not do it!
I'm sick and tired of all of this racial crap. I'm tired of being told that I'm racist simply because I'm white. My husband grew up in the inner city; in his school HE was the minority. So, where is our privilege? We've lived beneath the poverty line for most of our adult lives.
Injustice is injustice regardless of what form it takes, and as Christians we are to stand against injustice.
By the way, I'm not seeing a lot of justice - just a lot of anger.