Monday, November 9, 2020


 There’s a video that’s been making its way around the internet for the longest time of a woman getting caught shoplifting in a store. The funny thing about it is that once the security guard started making her take out what she’d secreted in her intimates and other places, the volume of what she managed to steal was unfathomable.

Everything from ham steak to sausage, to turkey legs, to chicken thighs, to what looked like two-pound porterhouses appeared as if out of nowhere. By the time she was done, she’d likely removed a good twenty pounds of meat from her clothing.

I’m sure this was not her first time doing this. She seemed too calm and collected, plus the layered clothing, extra pockets on the inside, and other such details would lead one to conclude that she was a professional crook. So how did she get caught this time? Well, there were two factors involved as to why she got caught. First, she was just too brazen about it, and second, someone was actually watching and noticed the anomaly.

If someone takes a pencil out of a Walmart, chances are they’ll get away with it. It’s a pencil, small enough to go unnoticed, and not the high-value item security is on the lookout for. If, however, someone tries to walk out with an entire aisle, well, let’s just say it would be hard for someone not to notice.

Because they did not account for the increased voter turnout, they were forced to be brazen about the attempted pilfering. This wasn’t just a pencil or just a paperclip, it was the whole aisle, in multiple states, and it was so in your face, so massive, that even those who were only watching out of boredom saw what was happening.

For the longest time, we’ve heard that fraud, cheating, and invalid ballots are baked into the cake, can’t be helped, will happen no matter what, and we’d just have to deal with it. This is why there are dueling narratives, where one side wants all votes counted, while the other wants all legal ballots counted. It may be a small distinction, but it has massive implications, and if the election process is ever to be trusted again in this country, transparency is paramount.

As it sits, we are currently in the intermission. Lawsuits are flying, demonstrable sidestepping, and breaking of the law has occurred in various places, and we’re just starting to see what all will be unpacked as the days march on.

As it sits, the dead have spoken, and evidently, they outnumber the living, but the living have yet to reply. What is beyond debate is that it’s never a good idea to stop on the two-yard line and do a celebratory dance before you’ve locked in your win. From what I’m seeing, this is far from over, and the man currently occupying the white house is not known for throwing in the towel, no matter how much they’d like him to.

Al Gore thought he was president too until he wasn’t. I’m not saying this is the way it will go down, but if it does, anything we’ve seen thus far as, far as outbursts of mindless violence, will pale in comparison. Be wise, be watchful, and pray!

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

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Sharon Jones said...

Dear Michael,

I recently have been studying the prophecies your grandfather and you and your family have received plus a lot of scripture and was wondering if you could clarify something for me. Stan from The Prophecy Club says that your grandpa told him that from the center of the United States the Communist would start fighting against the government but in your transcripts it says “some people”. Do you remember if your Grandfather said communists? If so, it would suggest that after the results of the election are in that the Republicans win and the Democrats begin to riot big time.