Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Precarious Perches

 It used to be that in more literal times, the actions of current day politicians aspiring to the highest office in the land would get them tried for treason or worse. When everyone you've ever met peddles your name like currency, getting jobs they never qualified for and money they never earned, and by the look of it, you get a taste of everything their grubby little hands can hold, we've got a serious problem. It's a problem because you hold public office, and rather than represent the people of your city, state, or nation, you are enriching yourself, your family, and your friends to the detriment of the average citizen.

It is a demonstrable fact that our politicians have sold us out, and while doing so, have made themselves exceedingly wealthy. People who would otherwise be hard-pressed to qualify for a janitor at the local greasy spoon live in mansions, ride in chauffeured limos, and spend the average mortgage on a dinner for two. If anyone dares to point out these things, the attack dogs in the media are quick to demand who you think you are in questioning public servants in such a manner.

Nothing will get fixed because everyone's on the take. The one guy who wasn't, the one guy who even donated his salary while in office, seems to be suffering the death of a thousand cuts, and even those once thought loyal are quick to unsheathe their long knives and take a swipe or two. They have political careers to protect, and in their minds, that's the only way to do it. They're not as yet understanding that the 80 odd million people who voted for this president are watching their actions and taking notes. They'll have a better chance to be the first astronaut on Mars than for them to be reelected by those they now condescend to and belittle.

The world is also watching, and those adversaries who've been sharpening their teeth on stones and biding their time are seeing an opportunity they wouldn't have dared to dream of manifesting itself. While we've been busy pandering to the mentally ill and going back and forth on which bathrooms to use, enemies great and small stayed hungry. None dared imagine that as a citizenry, we were self-destructive to the point of suicidal. None dared to dream that within the halls of power, this nation harbored individuals who hated both the nation and its founding to the point that they would rather see their children subjugated to Communism's shackles than continue as a Constitutional Republic.

Perhaps it's the hubris that's blinding people to the reality of what around the bend. We're like that aging boxer who's won a few bouts, stayed out of the game for a decade or so, and now want to mount a comeback to show the world we still have it only to get our clocks cleaned by the younger generation. You think you've got it well in hand until the first punch shatters your orbital bone. By the time the reality of the predicament you've placed yourself in takes hold, it's too late, and all you can do is wait for someone to ring the bell. In our case, however, there are no referees, there are no bell ringers, and even those who now pretend at friendship and alliances will be quick to take a swipe if they perceive weakness. With corrupt, dementia addled individuals bumbling about the levers of power, how could they not?

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

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zanity7 said...

So well said, once again you’ve “nailed it” Michael.