Tuesday, September 14, 2021



If the only thing remembering what was serves to do is make us disgusted with what is and troubled by what is to come, we will fall into the same snares time and again until we are spent and are no more.

Heeding one’s own advice is necessary, especially if not becoming a hypocrite is paramount in every action you undertake. I’ve never been a big fan of hypocrisy. I tend to think it tastes like a mouthful of pennies, even though I’ve never actively caught myself willingly being a hypocrite.

I’ve seen enough of it in Christian circles throughout the years to make me wary of it, and know without equivocation, it is not something I wanted to court, invite, or embrace.

I have not posted anything for some time, not because I’ve had nothing to say or because I haven’t written anything, but everything I’ve written seems to have been birthed from anger, and I don’t want that.

Yes, there are countless things to be angry about, and the list is growing longer every day, but having taken my own advice, I pulled back for a while because angry rants just for the sake of releasing some pressure is counterproductive. Typing out ‘I told you so’ a hundred times and posting it is likewise counterproductive, so I’ve been taking my advice and living as though I am terminal. I’ve been enjoying my daughters, my wife, the weather, and long walks that start before dawn.

The nation has chosen its path, its trajectory is clear, and all that’s left is to prepare individually, steel ourselves spiritually, and root ourselves in the Word and promises of God.

I’ve butted heads with the rising phoenix wing of the Christian church one too many times, and our verbal jousts leave me hollow. It’s like throat punching a toddler; there is no glory in it. Wishing it, hoping for it, manifesting it - which isn’t a Biblical thing but more a New Age flavor of pseudo-spirituality – will do nothing to change the reality that an unrepentant nation is deserving of the judgment soon to befall it.

I would have stayed gone save for an e-mail forwarded to me by my staff, and it struck a chord. Yes, Krista, your e-mail. So, moving forward, I need those of you that read my ruminations to understand that if I post something, it will be the truth as it always has been. It is not intended to stir fear in your heart; it is not intended to make you panic or flee to the hills. However, I will not sugarcoat the truth or water it down for fear of making you uneasy.

There is no point in me lying to you today to put you temporarily at ease, only for you to realize I’ve lied to your face come tomorrow. I would rather tell you the truth, have you bristle at it, but see the veracity of it down the line.

As I said, I don’t want to write angry, but I’m sure anger will seep through from time to time. Yes, I know, most spiritual authorities currently in the limelight are saintly to the point that they need not contend with anger, but I am not one of them. Nor am I a spiritual authority for that matter.

We are in a pickle, kids, and it’s not going to get any better, rising phoenix notwithstanding. Anyone who tells you we’re turning a corner is lying to your face, and the best you can hope for is that they are not doing it knowingly or with malicious intent. Nations either pivot toward repentance or toward more rebellion when they see the writing on the wall, and I’m not seeing sackcloth and ash being out of stock anywhere.

Although some of you may kick yourself for asking for it, I plan to get back to a regular writing schedule and share my thoughts with you, that is, until I get branded some sort of undesirable or another and get de-platformed.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.

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Nina Stone said...

Very glad you are writing again. And it looks like I have some reading to catch up on.

I don't know about anyone else, but I for one appreciate the truth you share, even if anger seeps through at times. :) It's hard to keep that anger out of sight when you see what is happening...and what is not happening. A lot of people I know are putting their hopes on the return of an unrepentant man who refuses to humble himself. It's frustrating, to say the least.

But our hope is in God alone. I just wish they could see that truth for themselves.

Please keep writing and sharing your thoughts. It's much appreciated.