Sunday, January 10, 2021


 If you believed for a second that the people who risked federal prison for rigging a national election would just let bygones be bygones and continue with the status quo if they succeeded in their endeavor, you are inarguably one of the useful idiots Lenin so fondly referenced. Not that anyone paid any mind, but there have been some who for years pointed out that those who want to coexist will only want to do so until they have the power. Once power is attained, the whole notion goes out the window, to be replaced by submit or die, your choice.

History repeats itself because, contrary to the highbrow opinion we have of ourselves, man is woefully unoriginal. We fall into the same pattern generation after generation, and because it is such a consistent metric, we can get an idea of what’s in store for this nation in short order.

Granted, there are small but relevant differences from generation to generation, but the human condition’s overarching reality is the same. Intellectually inferior people with an aversion to hard work and personal responsibility will always try to game the system, attain power, then live off others’ labors using force and intimidation to keep them in line.

They often succeed because there are no rules they won’t break, there are no lines they won’t cross, and the thought of integrity or principle are as foreign and anathema to them as biblical theology is to Joel Osteen. Yeah, I know, punching down, but let me have that one. There isn’t much to smile about going on in the world today, so I have to take my merriment where I can.

But back to the serious, dangerous, and outright Orwellian actions we’ve been seeing of late, and keep in mind; there hasn’t even been an inauguration yet. Before you can use violence to do away with your opposition, you must first silence your opposition and render them irrelevant. How do you think guys like Hugo Chaves, Stalin, Lenin, or Nicolai Ceausescu got 100% of the vote every election while their citizens were starving? Because they allowed for free and fair elections or an honest policy debate?

The silencing has begun, but as always, I think they’ve underestimated just how much opposition there really is to becoming the next Venezuela, and, for now, at least, the average citizen can still defend himself, his family, and his home.

What is undeniable at this juncture is that eventually, they will set their sights on the Church because even if it begins in a roundabout manner, the target is always the household of faith. The enemy only has one enemy, and as believers, we tend to forget this more often than not.

I was having a phone conversation with a friend yesterday, and he asked what can be done at this juncture. I’ve thought about this on and off for some time, and here is the best advice I can give: Live every day as though you’ve just gotten a terminal diagnosis. You’ve always known something was off, that lump growing on the side of your neck wasn’t quite normal, but now you’ve been to the doctor, they’ve done the biopsy, and the bad news has been given.

You can waste your time going through the five stages of grief, hopscotching from denial to anger to bargaining to depression, or you can leapfrog to acceptance and live every day to its fullest. No, I’m not telling you to like it or embrace it, but to understand that this is now the reality we live in, and it will only worsen. We’ve always known this was coming, and like most, hoped we would get another four-year reprieve, but here we are, and save for a miracle, in the words of one Robinette Biden himself, dark days are ahead.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 


Watchman48 said...

We rest with the knowledge that God is in control, nothing said nor done is hidden from God...
If God wants Pres. Trump in the Oval Office on the 20th, Pres. Trump will be in the Oval Office on Jan. 20th...
And He (God) changeth the times and the seasons: He removeth kings, and setteth up kings: He giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding (Daniel 2:21).

If Biden enters the Oval Office then judgment is coming for United States, in God's timing and not before.

Karen said...

I'm still praying for a miracle. After all, God can do anything. However, even if He does perform a miracle and 'we' have a reprieve, the Left will not give up, as destruction of Christians and people of faith is their ultimate goal. So either way, persecution is here to stay.