Saturday, January 14, 2023


 For some, it is an unequaled comfort. For others, it’s a cause for concern, consternation, and incongruent behavior akin to a schizophrenic inside a funhouse. Because they know they ought not to be doing what they are presently doing, some people even have panic attacks, hyperventilate, or outright snap at the thought that God is ever-present. Either that or they find an ear tickler somewhere to tell them that though God is with them, there to prosper them, clear their acne, and straighten their teeth, He is blind and deaf to their sin and depravity.

It’s the best of both worlds. You can walk around like Foghorn Leghorn, telling everyone within earshot how special, unique, and princely you are, then drink in the pollution of this world until you vomit without ever once considering the consequences or taking personal responsibility for your actions.

We try to navigate this minefield of what is sin and what isn’t sin when the answer is so simple, even the simpleminded can glean it: Since God is always with you, don’t take Him where He doesn’t want to go and don’t do the things that would displease Him. Simple enough statement, but the implications are vast.

It’s telling how few walk as though God is walking beside them. Do they not believe the Word, or do they not care? Is God Lord of their lives, or nothing more than fire insurance? Good to have just in case that whole thing about hell turns out to be real, but not worth more than the commitment and sacrifice it took to walk down the aisle to the front of the church one day.

Why speak of these things? Why point them out? Because sooner rather than later, there will be a sifting. Sooner rather than later, there will be a separation, and I do not want you to be shocked by how few remain.

If you think walking with God is boring or that the world is more exciting than the presence of God, then you’ve never walked with God. Enoch walked with God for three hundred years and didn’t get bored.

Jesus said He would always be with us, a constant companion on this journey called life. Those whose singular desire is to glorify Him and live according to His precepts and commandments rejoice in the knowledge of this truth. He’ll never be too busy; He’ll never be out of town; He’ll never be in a meeting with someone of higher stature or more important. He is always there, walking alongside you on the road of life, closer than a brother.

Sometimes He’ll even tug on your sleeve, not because He doesn’t want you to live your best life, have fun, fulfill your destiny, or whatever cliché the Beth Moores and Paula Whites of the world try to sell you as a word from the throne room. He tugs on your sleeve because He sees around the corners, He sees over the hills, and He knows what dangers lay beyond. He knows what snares await, He knows what enemies lurk in the shadows, and He can only protect you if you walk beside Him.

He’s not keeping you from reaching your goal; He’s ensuring you do. It takes will and humility to shift your perspective so radically as to see the truth of that statement. Most people will just double their efforts and try harder, not realizing God is slowing them down for a reason.

If God is sending you, it is with a purpose. If God is sidelining you for a season, that is also with a purpose. It’s not like He lost track of where you are or what you need to be doing, nor did He underestimate your potential and give you less responsibility than you thought you could handle.

You may be strong enough to withstand today’s battle, but God knows the strength you will need to be victorious in tomorrow’s battle as well. If He will not allow you to rush headlong into the unknown, trust that it is not unknown to Him.

The perpetuity of His presence gives comfort to the obedient. Whether the road is easy or the road is hard, He is there, ever-present, desiring closeness, intimacy, and relationship. He has no vested interest or hidden agenda. His love for you was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt through the sending of Jesus, His beloved Son.

Knowing these things, knowing what God has done, is He not deserving of our all? Does He not deserve our affection, obedience, faithfulness, and steadfastness?

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.  

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L.Leslie said...

Oh YES He does.
Thank you for this post.