Friday, August 25, 2023


 Timing is of the utmost importance, and not just when you’re trying to bake a soufflé. More often than not, the timing of something will reveal the intentionality and purpose behind an action more readily than any interpretation or narrative.

If a girl who wouldn’t give you the time of day suddenly begins professing her love upon discovering that you won the lottery, the timing of her change of heart casts doubt on her declarations of finally seeing what was in front of her eyes all this time. At best, the timing is suspicious. At worst, you’re about to be taken to the cleaners. Because the benefit of the doubt is proffered when such situations arise, many a soul gets put through the paces, and what’s left over after the pain and sorrow looks like a lump of minced meat someone forgot to form into a patty.

All of it could have been avoided, from the pain to the loss to the heartache to that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, if you’d just stopped, taken a step back, and analyzed the timing of the event that seemed too good to be true.

Suppose you’re not suspicious about the timing of certain narratives resurfacing like stinkhorns after a spring rain. In that case, you’re likely still hiding in your basement, believing what the talking heads on television are regurgitating every night and fearful about the unseen assassins ready to do their worst with every breath you take. Knowledge is power, and we know that they know we know they’re lying.

By the looks of it, and you don’t have to be prophetic to see this coming, every few years, there will be either a resurgence of the old deadly contagion or a new variant that will require you to muzzle up, lock yourself in your house, and whatever you do, make sure you vote from home. That’s where the germs lurk. The voting booth is like a magnet, all the variants and diseases drawn to it like a moth to a flame, and if you want to die horribly, then, by all means, ignore the people trying to save your life and go vote next year. I get that it’s more than a year away, but time has a way of passing stealthily, and before you know it, you’ve got daughters a hair’s breadth from the angst of adolescence, and you haven’t stocked up on nearly enough Pepto Bismol.

Because they’re not intelligent enough to come up with something new, and because if it’s not broken, you shouldn’t try to fix it, it’s likely that by July or August of next year, it won’t just be Canada on fire, but major US cities as well. They have plenty of time to make a new martyr that they can use as the reason for the angst, and if not, they’ll just recycle an old one because the reason behind the violence doesn’t really matter as long as there is violence.

Before the angry birds start chirping, I’m not advocating for any particular political party because, as I’ve warned repeatedly for the past decade, it’s no longer about left or right in this country; it’s about globalism and populism. That’s where the battle is and where the fight will be had. That said, full disclosure because that’s how I like it: I’m a single-issue voter, and that issue is life. I will stand with whoever is on the side of life because if the children of God can’t bring themselves to protect the innocent and defend the unborn, then we’re good for nothing, and we’ve proven it.

No, I’m not going off on the tangent of social commentary, but I felt you needed to be aware of what is being planned and that it needed to be said clearly and without ambiguity. They’re counting on your inability to see the pattern and the timing or be utterly disoriented by fear that you will comply anew.

Once you see the fear being ratcheted up, and specialists of all sorts of disciplines come out and tell you with a straight face that this is Ebola, the black death, and the Spanish flu all wrapped up in one, you’ll remember having read this, and start to piece their plan together based on the timing.

One would hope most people won’t be taken in by the same con twice, but then again, when over half the population is said to suffer from TikTok brain, perhaps that hope is overly optimistic.

Nothing should surprise you over the next year, no matter how farfetched, out there, improbable, or strange. I’m not saying you should ignore it or pretend it’s not happening. On the contrary, acknowledge that it happened and was real, and move on. It’s tempting to be just another rubbernecker, looking at the wreck this nation has become, but this isn’t home, and we’re just passing through. Through it all, we must remain focused on Jesus and do our utmost to stand for truth in the face of lies and righteousness in the face of evil.

If you have not purposed in your heart what you will do when the avalanche of fearmongering resumes, you run the risk of being swept away with the crowd, reacting to lies and innuendo rather than being analytical regarding what you see and hear.

Just like Joshua of old, you must have already established the path you will take before the fork in the road. That you will stand for the truth must already be cemented in your heart before the pressure increases, before the threats start flying, and before those in power take off the velvet glove to reveal the iron fist.

Purpose in your heart today that you will serve the Lord come what may so that tomorrow, when others are faced with the decision, yours will already have been made, and you will stand, head held high, knowing the power of the One in whom you’ve placed your faith.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.  

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