Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Key to Victory

2 Corinthians 2:14, “Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.”
We all want to live victorious lives. I don’t believe there has ever been a man or woman in this world who began their journey thinking to themselves that they would be vanquished by the fiery arrows of the enemy, that they would succumb to the snares, or that they would end up being conquered rather than conquerors.
However optimistic the genesis of their journey, one need only look at the current condition of the church to realize that although none started out planning to succumb, untold numbers have done, and are doing just that.
History teaches us that having the benefit of numbers on your side, or being in the majority is in no way a guarantee of victory. One need only be reminded of Gideon’s small band of warriors utterly decimating the overwhelming numbers of the Midianites, or Elijah executing some four hundred and fifty men by the brook Kishon, to realize that when it comes to spiritual matters numbers are irrelevant. The enemy could outnumber you, they might possess the high ground, their stratagems of attack might be impeccable, yet if God is on your side, the battle will be yours, and victory within your grasp.
The reason so few are living truly victorious lives, and so many struggle day in and day out seeing little progress for all their efforts, is that very few today, even in the church understand the paradox of victory.
First we must surrender, and then we will overcome. First we must submit, and then we will have victory. In order to become victorious over sin, and over our own hearts, we must begin by allowing ourselves to be vanquished by our Lord and Savior. True victory begins with defeat, a vanquishing of the flesh, of our preconceived notions, of our selfish desires, for only in Christ will we perpetually be led to victory and triumph.
Once we have been conquered, once the flesh has been vanquished we no longer approach battle thinking of trusting in our own strength, we are no longer boastful of our own prowess, but limp like Jacob after his defeat at Peniel, having to trust in the sovereignty and power of our God and Father. Often we fight with God, not realizing our impotence until He merely touches the socket of our hip and it pops out of joint. In order to obtain victory our ego must not only be bruised but rather shattered and our own will not merely bent but broken, replaced by His will, and His power.
It is when all seems lost that victory is closest. When only darkness and distress surround us, the certainty of victory is surer, for the power of God is revealed in us and through us in our weakness.
Today God is looking down from the vastness of heaven, seeking out those whose hearts are wholly His, those who have discovered the key to victory, and no longer trust in themselves, but in Him, who have surrendered the illusion of control, and opened their hearts giving God His rightful place there.
If only we would realize that in and of ourselves we are nothing, and can do nothing. If only the true measure of our impotence were revealed to us as it was to Jacob, if only we would submit to Christ, who has the power to destroy every sin, break every chain, and give us a victorious life in Him.
When the power of God is made manifest through us in our weakness, in our trials, and in our suffering, when in spite of our circumstances we continue to have joy and peace, to trust and obey God, the fragrance of God is diffused in every place.
True and lasting victory, consistent overcoming of both temptation and trials, is only possible when we surrender our all, when we allow ourselves to be vanquished by the love and grace of Christ Jesus our Savior.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

I like this quote:

"In order to become victorious over sin, and over our own hearts, we must begin by allowing ourselves to be vanquished by our Lord and Savior."

The truth will set you free.

Thank you Michael for taking time out of your busy schedule to post these lessons.

Peace of Christ,

-Kevin P


In my opinion, Mircea, is not that hard to pronounce ^_^

A Seed Sower said...

He is worth it all, He is worth it all,... every single trial, every single defeated moment, every sense of frustration, every moment of despair, every lonely mile walked, every misplaced rebuke, every moment of chastisement fairly placed...He is worth it all...Amen

Anonymous said...

Christ in us, the hope of glory!
Song of Songs (3:6) says "Who is this that cometh out of the Wilderness like pillars of smoke, perfumed with myrrh and frankincense, with all powders of the merchant?"

As we travel through our Wilderness we can be assured that He is our pillar of fire by night and cloud to shield us from the heat of the day. As we stay in Him we have the fragrance of Christ to the Father; a sweet smelling aroma that brings glory and praise to His Name.

Thank you Brother Michael for your words of encouragement through this journey to the Promised Land. HAPPY PASSOVER. We are overcomers by the Blood of the Lamb of God that was slain, yet lives forever to interceed on our behalf. jrpeacher

A Seed Sower said...

I just have to take the time to thank you young brother for listening to the Holy Spirit's prompting to begin this blog.

I have met some wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord, (because of your obedience to God), with whom i keep in touch, who encourage me, exhort me, and help me, along with yourself, to keep focused on my goal...seeing Jesus/Yeshua, face to face...and being pleasing to Him.

The only fellowship I have for the most part is through your blog and those of others.
I live in the seat of child sacarifice, and amidst church's that are fast asleep and sorely poluted.
I can't afford to put myself amongst them, for fear that I also become weakened and a luke warm outcast to God. Not that I think anything of myself, but I know from past experience the effect of being surrounded by the luke warm can have on a child of God, if they are not dilligent.
So I thank you and all who comment on this blog for your steadfastness in the Lord...may we all seek His face, and exhort and encourage one another as we see the Day approaching. Amen..Helen B.

Anonymous said...

Michael, You have truely spoken the oracles of God. Oh to attain complete surrender to Jesus. May God bless you.

Sarah Beveridge said...

Hi Michael,
Beautiful post! An amazing thing happened today! This morning as I returned to my house and opened the front door my beloved dog Kayla met me and also the most beautiful fragrance. It was very unusual because I don't have anything in the house that could have created that scent. As a matter of fact I expected the smell of doggy when I opened the door. I walked in and inhaled it and tried to figure out where it was coming from. It was a mystery. Then when I read the last paragraph of your post for today I started to cry. The fragrance of God is indeed in my place!
Thank you so much for your inspiring words. It is as if God knows what each of us needs to hear and He has you write in and pass it on. Amazing!
In Christ! Sara B.

Bonny said...

We truly need to hear these words over and over, Brother. The surrendering of our wills and the crucifying of the can never be preached enough, because it is the essence of our dear Lord's life, and we are to be like Him. I know that I need to hear it many times, even though many of those times my own flesh squirms at the thought of enduring hard trials longer, or being tried, tested or pruned. My flesh would rather have the easy gospel, there is no doubt. But that would be worthless. Keep preaching it, dear brother Michael, as the Lord leads.

Anonymous said...

For years I have battled with sin, until recently when I discovered that only through allowing Christ to do battle on my behalf do I have victory.

We obtain forgivness of sins through Christ AND have the power to conquer sin through Christ - such that the ONLY way toward God is via our Lord and Saviour.

Your validation of this makes me very happy.