Sunday, June 8, 2008


I just spoke to my brother Daniel. He has had two surgeries thus far, and is scheduled for two more. He is out of danger, although his foot is pretty mangled, and he needs re constructive surgery. By his recount of the accident, he said it was only due to the hand of God that he was still alive, and knowing that my brother is not one given to exaggeration, I believe him at his word.
Thank you all for your prayers thus far, and please continue to pray for him as the Lord leads.
Tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest we will be beginning a new study entitled "The Way Into The Kingdom" it promises to be challenging and hopefully aid in the spiritual growth of those seeking a deeper walk with Christ.
Thank you again for your encouraging words, they mean more than you will ever know.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much o Lord for saving Daniel's life. O LORD continue your healing in Daniel's body. Profoundly bless and protect Michael's entire family.

Satan may have more rope today, but he is NOT in ultimate control!

Psalm 91

Pastor CJ

A Seed Sower said...

We Praise you God for keeping Daniel, and God bless Daniel, and be with him in his surgeries, use this time Lord to bring him up even higher in You Lord, minister to him Lord and my He feel you ever present with him in his time of trial. Give him strength, and comfort Lord..we love you Jesus, and we trust you to give young Daniel a full and recovery. Let his life Lord be a great testimony of your grace, mercy, love and faithfulness...Amen ...and Lord be with our Brother MICHAEL as he longs to be home oh Lord..give him comfort and encouragement and strength Oh Lord...Amen...Lord as much as we love him and love having him in America, we love him enough to let him be where his heart desires to be Lord...bless him Lord...Amen

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear good news. Will continue to pray!!! GOD IS GREAT!!!!

Bonny said...

Glad to hear the news, Michael. I pray that Daniel will continue to recover well, and thank the Lord that He has His hand upon him. Looking forward to your new series. Thank you again for your faithfulness in teaching and sharing with us who are hungry!