Monday, June 9, 2008

The Way Into The Kingdom Part 1

I have been praying about this study for some time. Taking into account the times we live in, and the multitudes of doctrines and teaching that are as far removed from the Word of truth as the earth is from the sky, I thought it appropriate to sit down and write it now rather than later. We are living in a season of spiritual upheaval, one that has amassed a troubling number of casualties along the way, leaving in its wake sincere men and women whose spirits were utterly crushed, and faith violently shaken.
Whether due to pride, ignorance or a combination of both, too few are willing to return to the simplicity of the gospel, and immerse themselves in the words of the Christ, following His teachings and His example rather than the teachings and examples of mere men.
As children of God we must have a stable, steadfast, unshakable foundation in His Word, know His will for our lives, learn to hear His voice with greater clarity than ever before, or we run the risk of being trampled underfoot and dragged away into the mire of half truths and outright deception.
I must forewarn you, some along the way, as we get deeper into this teaching will begin to cry out ‘legalism’ with the requisite pause between syllables for emphasis and effect, but keep in mind these are not my words, but rather the words of Christ.
I have been criticized in the past, often vociferously so for my stance on works and grace not being mutually exclusive, but rather being symbiotic and working together toward a common goal. This stance is not because I am stubborn, it is not because I have made up my mind on my own, but rather because it is plainly written the Word of God, and even if some may choose to disregard scripture, I will uphold it until my dying breath. I will not bend, twist or otherwise render the scripture void for the sake of men’s acceptance, approval, or in order to placate critics.
Our journey begins in the book of Luke, as Jesus encountered a man during His travels that posed a question for the ages.
Luke 13:22, “And He went through the cities and villages, teaching and journeying toward Jerusalem.”
At first glance this would seem like a simple and straightforward enough verse. Jesus went through the cities and villages! However what is not said, is more telling than what was said, for Jesus went through the cities and villages, not to become a citizen of these townships, not to establish Himself where he found the most acceptance and start a church hoping to get his own syndicated show, but to teach, and to do good. Jesus journeyed not for Himself, but rather for the hurting, the poor, the hungry, His one desire being to enlighten those who would hear with His teaching, and show those who had eyes to see the way into the Kingdom. He did this as he journeyed toward Jerusalem.
Throughout His ministry Christ’s goal and purpose were the same. To open the eyes of those walking in darkness, and cause them to see the truth of whom He was, and what He had come to earth to do.
Wherever he went, Jesus taught, healed the sick, and gave hope to the downtrodden, being a blessing for all who received. If we are to be as Christ was, then our desire should be to radiate His goodness and love wherever we go, journeying not for our own agenda, not for some vested interest, but merely to be a blessing, to teach the Word, and be used of God in the manner He sees fit.
Luke 13:23-24, “Then one said to Him, ‘Lord are there few who are saved?’ And He said to them, ‘strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I say to you, will seek to enter and will not be able.”
It is by far less important to know how few, or how many are saved, than to know that I personally am saved. There is an old saying in my country, that when you are too busy looking in your neighbor’s soup bowl, you have the tendency not to see the flies buzzing around in yours. We must be first and foremost concerned with where we as individuals are as pertains to the will of God, if we walk in righteousness and obedience to Him, rather than be concerned how few are saved.
I have seen good men get sidetracked from working out their own salvation with fear and trembling, focusing all of their time and energies on the faults and shortcomings of others, that they eventually strayed from truth not having been guarding their hearts, building themselves up in prayer, and making certain that their armor was on at all times.
Jesus Christ is the Savior of mankind, because He paid the price for our redemption, but if an individual refuses to make Him Lord of his or her heart, if an individual rejects repentance and faith in Him, they die in their sins.
It is one of the great snares of the enemy, in which many a soul have become entangled, namely the studying of the letter of the Bible only, being studious in mind alone, accumulating Biblical knowledge, without allowing this knowledge to penetrate down into their hearts, and having it be evident in their every day lives. Yes, knowing the letter of Scripture is necessary, but if we advance no further and remain only within the letter, it is certain to lead to death. We must traverse into the realm of the Spirit, that we may know the Christ, receive Him and thereby obtain salvation.
2 Corinthians 3:5-6, “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being form ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God, who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”
Only by entering into the Spirit of God’s word will we discover the fullness of what He has for us, only then will we taste of the unveiled mysteries of truth. It is not enough to know truth in theory alone, but I must have the truth reside in me, it must be evident by all in my daily life, and birth in me a new heart, a new mind, and a new desire for Christ and Christ alone.
For fear of getting sidetracked, since this is an easy topic to wander on about, we return our focus to a man and his query, a man who wanted to know if there were few who were saved. Rather than answer his question outright, a question birthed out of human curiosity, Christ endeavors to open the eyes of those who were listening to the truth of His message, and show them the way into the Kingdom. Even Christ’s refusal to answer a question based solely in human thinking can be a lesson to those hungering for truth. We cannot allow ourselves to be overcome by the curiosity of the old self, the old nature, when it comes to the mysteries of God, but rather deny ourselves and receive His will as the final authority in our lives. Only then will we receive what is necessary for our spiritual growth from the hand of God, knowing that it is pure, and sovereign.
It is not my duty to chase after signs or wonders, it is not my duty to pursue men, and sit at their feet, my duty is to be a ready and willing vessel for the Master, one who has been purged and cleansed, and is ready to be of service. If God would have me see miracles, so be it! If God would have me hear prophecy, so be it! If God would have me preach a sermon, so be it! He will tell me in His time what He requires of me. Yes, desire spiritual gifts, but do not demand them of God, as though we know better than He what office we are best suited for. Again, off topic, I know, but necessary given the current spiritual upheaval going on in this country.
Rather than give percentages of how few are saved, Jesus spoke directly to the crowd that was assembled and said, “strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I say to you, will seek to enter and will not be able.”
There is a segment within the Christian community that believes nothing more than a wave of a hand in an overly crowed stadium during the altar call of a superstar preacher is required for us as individuals to enter the kingdom of heaven.
‘Every head bowed, and every eye closed, just raise your hand wherever you are, Jesus sees you! That’s it, Hallelujah, thank you all for coming, and please fill out a commitment card and mail it to our ministry, so we can have a record of you.’
In most cases, there is no brokenness, no repentance, no inward searching, just the wave of a hand amongst a sea of people, an experience almost forgotten two or three weeks down the line, as the individual returns to his former life, former lusts, former vices, and former sins.
The Son of God however, said the way into the Kingdom was not as easy as raising one’s hand in a public venue, but rather that we must strive to enter through the narrow gate.
Before we get deeper into this verse, I would like to answer the question of what it means to strive. The dictionary defines striving, as exerting much effort or energy, attempting by employing effort, endeavoring, struggling, taking pains, agonizing, overexerting oneself, straining, toiling, making every effort, or doing your utmost. I can go on, but I think you get the picture.
God has already prepared everything having to do with salvation, and a sanctified life in Christ for us. He prepared the material; He built the house, yet there is one thing left for us to do, and that is to walk through the gate, to enter into this glorious and eternal home. The door by which we enter in however is so narrow, that nothing other than the individual can pass through. No baggage, no apparel, no trinkets, no keepsakes, nothing can pass through this narrow gate but you. This is what God requires of us, to strip off all that is of the flesh, to lay down every burden, to lay aside every weight, and enter in.
The hard part is not the act of entering through the narrow gate, but the striving, the agonizing, the endeavoring required to unburden ourselves to the point that we can fit through the gate. God will allow nothing of the world to enter into His Kingdom, one cannot pass through the narrow gate, lest he deny everything including him or herself.
The old nature does not die quietly, and it opposes one’s passage through the narrow gate with every fiber of its being and with all the resistance it can muster. Even Jesus said that many will seek to enter but will not be able to, because they attempted to drag their old natures, their old lusts, vices and desires along with them through the gate, realizing perhaps belatedly so that one can only pass through when they have abandoned all these things. No matter how much one reads the Bible, no matter how often they go to church, if they do not daily crucify their flesh with all that it entails, they cannot enter into the Kingdom of eternity by the narrow gate.
Yes, God has done His part and abundantly so, as pertains to our salvation and sanctification. May we also do our part, and then we will prove to all that the grace of God is not in vain.
It is said that some fishermen were caught in a storm far from shore. The waves kept hammering their small boat, the winds were roaring, and terrified as they were, they laid down their oars, and began to pray for God to save them. The second they stopped rowing the winds began to drag the small boat further and further away from the shore. Only then did the oldest and wisest among them speak up and say, “Why did you stop rowing? Yes, pray, by all means pray, but row as well.”
God is always there, He always hears our prayers, but we must open the hand of faith, that we may receive His blessing and His help. Opening our hand is up to us; entering through the narrow gate is up to us; rowing upon the sea that is this world is up to us. If we do not do our part, we will surely perish, just as a man standing before a spring but who is unwilling to lean forward and drink the water will surely die of thirst.
Narrow is the gate of truth, yet those who strive will surely enter through it. Oh, what glorious light is to be found in this eternal Kingdom. Narrow is the gate of godliness, yet those who endeavor to live godly will rest under the shadow of His wing. God is not a miser, He gives abundantly to His children, for it is His good pleasure, but we must daily open the treasuries of our hearts, that the may be filled and replenished with His grace, light and love.
Yes, we have a duty to perform, we have part to play, yet when you mention one’s accountability and duty in the light of the Gospel, too readily, and unjustly so one is labeled a legalist. It is not legalism it is the Gospel!
It is no merit of ours, nor are we deserving of anything for seeking the Lord, but without seeking Him we have no hope of finding Him. Our prayers are not entitled to answers, yet we must pray without ceasing, for we cannot hope to receive if we never ask. A vessel must be held beneath the running spring in order to be filled otherwise it will remain empty, yet it is not the vessel that makes the water. No matter how much effort a man might exert fighting the fight of faith, it will never be enough to purchase eternal life, or make him entitled, but it would not be just for a man to simply sit by the shade of a palm tree and wait hoping that he will have eternal life.
We must strive to enter through the narrow gate, and we must learn to see the symbiosis between receiving salvation by faith, and the need to walk the path soberly, reverently and obediently.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Post Script: Thank you all for your prayers for my brother Daniel. Please keep the people of Wisconsin in your prayers as the Lord leads, we have lived through some interesting few days, watching for tornadoes, seeing day turn into night as the storms moved in, and seeing the aftermath of the flooding.


Anonymous said...

Yes! This is going to be an awesome series! Luke 13:23-24 throws cheap grace out the front porch. By reading your post bro Michael I have a feeling that you like dying to self, so do I. Its fantastic, it pleases God. Thank you Michael for this study.
You and your family are in my prayers.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

The weather has been trying in Michigan also. A tornado hit within 5 miles of us with loose of a barn only and damage to trees in 2 fields and downed lines. Numerous power outages, lakes formed in fields and lawns, roads washed out in places including major highways being closed in spots. 5 deaths reported in Michigan due to the storms. We and a Brother 2 1/2 hours to our north faired well, but we haven't heard yet from a Brother in Indiana. The news today showed scenes of the storms affects in Wisconsin. Keeping everyone in prayer.

Your sister in our Lord

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Michael, for only speaking and teaching the truth of the Word. This is a timely message for me as it is blending with I have been studying with a different perspective. It never ceases to amaze me the way some can rationalize His Word. If His commandment is something they like and do they consider themselves obedient. If they don't like it and do not want to change in that area, then they consider those who point it out as being legalistic. Blessings on you and your family as you continue teaching the truth and living out His perfect will for your lives.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael, that was very enlightening and very well said. Glenn Fountain

Marcel said...

The way is narrow indeed ,but that does not sell well withing the business called church today.
We see the collosal arena church's filled to the brim with those seeking good and blessing but they're only hearing half the gospel,a gospel twisted to keep the flesh reigning supreme when it should have received it's death sentence.But then that does not fill the empty narrow seats.
I'm reminded of how Jesus scared away a number of eager followers after they saw his miracles which filled their bellies.
When He told them that they must eat His flesh and drink His blood many ran away because they were only interested in keeping this corrupt,decaying,sinful flesh alive and looking pretty,nothing deeper.
The church in general is shallow and seeks nothing narrow or deep from God being content to traverse between this world and a form of religion.Compromise offers little to no pain to this flesh and it's the center of Christiandom today, not Jesus.
Man truly sits on the throne in God's house today.
To change this back to Jesus being Lord in His house would be to give up too many prized idols accumulated over the years that our flesh tels us is rightfull ours.
Early on in my Christian walk while in the Air Force ,many of my fellow Christian's were getting married and it seemd God had forgotten about me. I prayed and prayed and sought the Lord and His message to me was no.
I reasoned ,every Christian man deserves a good wife and so the flesh decided this word could not be from God and I wasted so much of my life and time and walk with the Lord assuming to make happen what He was not building with this clay vessel.
It took many decades of stumbling and falling down to learn God is always right and we are not no matter how much we demand or stubbornly refuse to hear or let go of our self (selfish) will.
Looking back ,I am amazed at His longsuffering and paitence and great love He has for us.but in the end we must give up our rights ,our will ,our desire no matter how much we feel that they are rightfully ours.
The lie of rights has crept into the church when we should be reminding ourselves that we are just servants and slaves of the Master and His will be done not ours.
As you wrote, getting thru the narrow gate means surrendering things ,leaving what we hold dear and in high esteem above God behind.
It took me 28 years.
This was the biggest and hardest Idol in my heart I had to FINALLY lay down and I thank God for His longsuffering patience and love.

Anonymous said...

dear brother,
america is clearly under judgement,and the next president may aid in its downfall completely.
reacieved a word in the bible and i hope it is from the Lord,nevertheless pray about it..
proverbs 21
24:21 My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with
them that are given to change: 24:22 For their calamity shall rise
suddenly; and who knoweth the ruin of them both?

i hope the people repent and turn back from their sins and pride...

Bonny said...

It seems that whenever Jesus journeyed to Jerusalem, it was always with great pain in His heart, the final time being for His crucifixion. Yes, the road is narrow and the gate, too and it truly seems to be getting narrower in these times (or maybe we are getting fatter....) Like Paul, we must pummel ourselves into submission, because it is worth every hardship and test of endurance, to be found worthy. But, there are truly times where we probably feel like giving up the struggle, I know I do, and I question the Lord, and can't always see where He is leading. It is easier to remain passive, that's for sure. Easier to stay in bed, easier to 'go with the flow', easier not to voice an opinion for fear of offending...all these daily situations and choices are constant....I heard many a prosperity teacher telling us to 'claim God's promises' but His promises depend on our obedience. Thank you Michael for the encouragement to endure, and the reminder that He alone is worthy and sovereign.

A Seed Sower said...

This is why I love you so young man, you speak the truth. You point me to The Lord, and His Word, you sake me into focus. Currently my heart is in a broken state, but I know I am not to look at what I see with my eyes, I am to know that the Lord reigns in the hearts of men and women, and He is soverign, no matter what a situation looks like, I am to pray, pray, pray, for I do not serve an unjust judge, I serve one who hears the earnest prayers of His saints, I am to pray without ceasing, believing that He shall bring His will to pass in the lives of men and women.
It is so easy in this day and hour to be distracted to what is important, and that is our own eternal walk with the Lord. We are to keep "our" hearts right and repentant before a Holy God ...God bless you and prosper you with blessings in the heavinlies young Brother...We are trusting that young Daniel has been hearing from the Lord also, and is on the road to recovery..."All" things work together for good to them that love God and to them that are the called according to "His" purpose Amen

Anonymous said...

May God open our eyes and our hearts to His Truth. May we humbly accept it and take it in, that we may have His life in these last days. May He cleanse us from all unrighteousness and lift us up into the shelter of His wings. May we share His truth with all those around us, with boldness and humility, with love and mercy, that they would not be lost in the Day of His Coming. May we enter in by the narrow way, casting aside anything that would hinder. May we fulfill His purposes and discern the specific work He has for each of us in these closing days. May we lift our eyes to heaven with confidence and joy, knowing that our redemption is drawing near! God be with you and with your family in these times. Thank-you so much for your faithfulness in sharing His words!

Anonymous said...

Ever Learning but not knowing Who is Christ. “But ye have not so Learnt Christ. ..” Eph 4:20.
Ever learning but not knowing Who is Christ because of the Veil. 2 Corinth 3:13-15. See Attachment “THE MINSTERING OF THE BIBLE”
Ever Learning the Veiling visible Jesus Christ Carnally but not knowing Who is Christ who is known by the teaching and interpretation of the Bible by the Holy Spirit to Reveal the invisible Christ Jesus in the scriptures. Eph Chapters 1 to 4.
Ever learning the Bible Word carnally but not knowing WHO is Christ because of the earthly visible veiling Copy of jesus christ shadowing the true invisible Heavenly Christ revealed by the New Covenant Bible Word to be Christ Who is come in a Volume of a book, the New Covenant Bible Word Book taught by the Holy Spirit. Heb 10:1-9.
Ever learning but not reaching the knowledge of truth of who is Christ! 1 Corinth 1:17-31. Gal 1:17-18. Eph. Chapter 1 to Chapter 4:20
The carnal people are ever learning the Bible Word but not knowing WHO is Christ because of denying, refusing, shying away from or are ignorant of the sole teacher and revealer of the Bible TRUTH called the Holy Spirit. If God (Holy Spirit) is not in you to enable you read, interpret and explain the Bible in a New way in His wisdom and knowledge, you will continue reading, interpreting the handwritten Bible, the letter in your carnal understanding which teaches visible things of the Bible which are contrary to Bible taught in the wisdom and knowledge of God called the New Covenant Bible. 2 Corinth 3: 5-6. Rom 6, 7, 8, 9. Your carnal soul (understanding) cannot be transformed (changed) into the knowledge and wisdom of God of heaven unless you obey God to indwell you. The knowledge and wisdom of God in you enables you to read the entire Bible in a new way revealing the heavenly mysteries of God veiled by visible earthly shadows in Bible. When God indwells your soul and you begin to read, interpret and explain the Bible by the enabling of God in His knowledge and wisdom is the only everlasting seal of God that gives you the assurance that you are the son of God born of His Spirit. Heb 10:1-9. Other gifts or signs and wonders in the camps of the followers of the Bible Word of God can edify or be a stumbling block on their journey to reaching the Truth of knowledge and wisdom of God in the Bible. Total Obedience to God is the only key that opens the door to attract God into your soul and thereafter to have undefiled fellowship with God.
We have two ways of learning Christ but using the same Bible.
These two ways are found in 2 Corinth.3: 13-15. and explained as follows:
1) The CARNAL and Broad way of bondage and death by carnally reading, learning and understanding the handwritten scriptures called the way of flesh of Reading Moses in 2008 on wards. This is the broad way of darkness, bondage and death. When the souls walk on this broad way of the Bible written in black and white in the LETTER carnally, they die because the letter kills souls. 2 Corinth 3: 5-6. While in this “desert area of the handwritten Bible in the letter” where ones soul is bitten by “carnal scorpions and serpents interpreting the scriptures.” Moses, the old handwritten bible Word is pursuing the command of God to lead and deliver the children of Israel (all the bible followers irrespective of nationality and race in our day 2008) into the promised land which is the very Old Covenant Bible Word but transforming into the New Covenant Bible by the interpretation of the Bible using the knowledge and wisdom of God by His Spirit. THIS IS THE LAND of the CANANITES OCCUPIED BY CANANITES WHO ARE READING THE BIBLE CARNALLY AND ARE TO BE DRIVEN OUT BY THE NEW PRIESTHOOD OF JOSHUA / CHRIST. And John (the prophetic Bible Word of the Holy Spirit in the handwritten Bible) being inspired by the wisdom of God is calling those who are listening to the scriptures to repent in our day 2008. He is addressing the now Bible followers: “You children of vipers or serpents repent!”
2) The HOLY SPIRIT and narrow way is a new way of reading, learning and understanding the OLD Bible handwritten scriptures by the ENABLING of God’s Spirit if HE in us. This New way of reading the Bible reveals the Holy Spirit New Covenant Bible Word, which teaches and reveals the invisible things of heaven and gives eternal life to the souls that see it.
This New way of reading the Bible is reading Christ, which enables us to remove the veil; that is Moses the Bible Word in the letter who is imposing on the church the carnal ordinances to this day 2008 onwards. 2 Corinth. 3:13-15. The old way of reading the handwritten Bible word in carnal knowledge to this day is the broad and veiling way of reading Moses. In the old way we learn Christ by veiling visible copies of heavenly things are figures of heavenly things that are promised to “come” while reading the handwritten Bible Word and indeed come in the promised time by God in the scriptures by revelation in the New Covenant Bible Word of promise.
The Spirit of God in you teaches the New Covenant Bible Word in His wisdom and knowledge enabling you to learn Christ in a NEW WAY which gives us a New King and a new Kingdom of the rule of God by revelation in our understanding. This new KING does away with the veiling visible jesus christ known and worshipped in carnal knowledge and wisdom by manifesting ONE Godhead through the scriptures. The old way of learning the handwritten Bible, the letter, imposes on us the visible veiling angel by the handwritten ordinances. Gal 4: 14-15. The manifestation of Holy Spirit New Covenant Word erases or abolishes the old Covenant Bible Word of bondage and death which is still read up to this day only in that individual who has received New teaching and learning of Christ by the revelation by the ENABLING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT to be the BIBLE that is read and explain by Holy Spirit when HE indwells that particular soul. soul.. Col 2:13-15. Eph 4:20.
When the Holy Spirit is in us, He erases the carnal handwritten ordinances from our understanding each one at his or her own time by teaching His New Way of interpreting the Bible but the handwritten ordinances will NEVER be erased from the Bible forever and ever! This new way of understanding the scriptures by the power of His Spirit is HIS rule in us. Col 2:12-15
There is therefore a change of the law from the carnal handwritten Old Covenant Bible law/ ordinances explained, learnt or interpreted by carnal minds to the new law of liberty of the New Covenant Bible word explained and interpreted by the Holy Spirit in the sons of God. There is also change of the King. Heb 7:12-15. The Old covenant word and her sons teach and learn a visible Christ Jesus in carnal knowledge who came 2000 years as their king contrary to the teaching of the New Covenant Bible word by the Holy Spirit that reveal or manifest a New king, CHRIST the Word of God of the New Covenant, the Bible. This New Bible Word is the Son who makes those who receive Him sons of God. Heb 9:12-29. These two kings are contrary one to the other. One is by the handwritten Bible word of darkness and the New king is by the Holy Spirit New Covenant Bible Word. Heb 7:12-29. Isaiah 45:7-8, 1 John 2: 7-8.
By sight, the carnal minds read and learn the Bible and are lured to learn, teach and believe blindly the earthly visible things that happened in and around earthly Jerusalem of the Middle East. They serve and worship an earthly king imposed on the carnal church by the carnal veiling ordinances of the Old covenant Bible Word. Heb 7 12-29.
But the new Covenant Bible word followers no long look for Christ from an old covenant bible word but from the New one which enables us to learn heavenly things of the Bible by revelation.
The carnal ordinances are read with carnal natural eyes of understanding, which therefore leads to teaching the Bible using the VISIBLE BIBLE VEILING COPIES OF HEAVENLY THINGS. The Holy Spirit ordinances are read by the ability of Holy Spirit “eyes” given to one’s understanding by ONLY God. Gal 4:1-14, 15-16. God gives you the ability to use your eyes of understanding of the soul to "see" invisible things taught by Holy Spirit through the Bible scriptures. Heb Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10.
If you oppose this:
Can you explain what it means to look for Christ in heaven? Phil 3:20. It is to seek to understand Him by a New Covenant Bible word of the Heavenly Jerusalem COVENANT. Gal 4: 21-28.
Can you explain the mystery, which is in Christ Jesus or Jesus Christ? 2 Corinth 5:16. What does it mean to know Jesus Christ carnally/ in flesh by visibles and knowing Him by revelation of the Holy Spirit? Eph chapters 1 to 4. What does it mean we have not so learnt Christ? Eph 4:20. What does it mean to know Christ by visibles and veiling shadows of the Law and also by revelation? Heb 10 :1-9. Heb 9; 2 Corinth 4: 1- 18.
Why should there be a revelation if there is no mask or veil. Why should we be put to task to know the mystery, which is in Christ, if the Christ who came 2000 years explained the mystery and was that mystery? And yet Paul coming later after Jesus’ earthly ministry in Israel of the Middle East says there is a mystery in Christ. A mystery is not something known or easily known or understood. Paul under inspiration also uttered that Christ Jesus is the WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. 1 Corinth 1:21-31
The ministry of the Holy Spirit in us is to change or transform us from blindly believing and serving Earthly Visible things imposed on us by the Old covenant Bible word taught by the carnal minds to understand, believe and serve the sealed invisible heavenly things. The New Covenant Bible taught by the Holy Spirit reveals the Invisible heavenly things. Col 2:13-15.
Why does the Holy Spirit blot out the handwritten Bible ordinances with the ruling principalities and powers of darkness thereof? He is doing so to topple the principalities, and powers veiling Him by those ordinances? He Himself commanded the handwritten ordinances and ordained the principalities thereof to rule by these ordinances but when a New Covenant is birthed by the teaching of the same Bible Word by Holy Spirit (His wisdom and knowledge) the old one of the letter (Handwritten old Covenant Bible Word) is abolished! It is abolished with her ordained principalities and rulers by God but only in that one who has received the New Covenant rule. Heb chapters 3 & 4.
While the kingdom of the earthly tent (Carnal tabernacle) that teach visible things is still standing (still being preached) by the handwritten Bible Word, we can not be clothed with the heavenly tabernacle of the kingdom of God (established by the Holy Spirit New Covenant Bible Word)! By the Holy Spirit doing this transformation change in us, He enables us to explain or interpret the handwritten Bible, the Law/ the letter in the new wisdom and knowledge of God so that we can accept, serve and worship the New King who is God Himself. If we teach the Word of God in carnal knowledge without the help of the Holy Spirit, we teach error and serve an earthly kingdom because we teach the Bible in the human knowledge and wisdom. 2 Corinth 5, Heb 9. 1 Corinth 2.
The carnal teaching of the Bible builds a carnal earthly government of the devil contrary to that built by the Spirit of God. The teaching of the Bible in carnal knowledge teaches shadowing copies of heavenly things therefore propping up a carnal earthly government of principalities and powers and dominions by the handwritten Old Bible word ordinances. These ordinances must be erased out of your understanding by the Spirit of God to graft in the Holy Spirit ordinances. But with the ability of the Holy Spirit we teach an inspired NEW Bible Word of the Holy Spirit called the New Covenant that teaches ONLY INVISIBLE THINGS. Col 2:13-15, 2 Corinth 4, Heb 9.
If you still go after the visibles that are plainly seen by human eye, you are still carnally minded. This is because you cannot see heavenly sealed things with human eye and human mind. You can be enabled to see them when God gives you His Spirit. Only the Holy God can make you see them by transforming your mind or your understanding "eyes" to see them through the READING of the engrafted New Covenant Bible Word by the help of His Spirit in you. Without the help of the Holy Spirit in you, you read the handwritten Bible by your carnal mind (flesh) that opposes the Holy Spirit teaching because it is written in the scriptures that to be carnally minded is contrary to the Spirit of God and such a soul does not have faith in God. Although you serve God you are not born of Him and you are none of His. Rom. Chapters 7 & 8.
If you take heed to obey God and renounce all those things of the flesh (carnal behavior) written in Gal 5: 18-21, you will enter the kingdom God taught by the Holy Spirit through the New Covenant Bible Word. 2 Peter 1:10-11. God resists the proud and for that reason He will not teach you the entrance into His kingdom; (the entrance into the New Covenant Bible Word that reveal His kingdom) if you are still unrighteous before Him! He resists you!
The Law teaches shadows. Heb 10. It means that the entire Bible, Old handwritten Bible Word (LAW) is not teaching real heavenly things to this day 2007 onwards but veils. She (Old Covenant) and her sons (followers) are teaching copies of heavenly things to raise children who do not see heavenly things! Are you teaching the real invisible heavenly things by the help of the Holy Spirit or are you teaching the earthly veiling visible copies of the heavenly things using the old broad way of the old covenant Bible Word, called the letter? The letter law taught in human knowledge kills your soul but the New Covenant Bible word taught by God Himself gives eternal life. 2 Corinth 3:5-6. The grafted Holy Spirit Covenant Bible Word Saves souls and is only taught by God and His enabling in His sons.
Both the Old Covenant Bible Word of darkness and promised New Covenant Bible Word of light are in the same Bible and were commanded by God right from the beginning to be the carnal sword and Holy Spirit sword and everytime time clashing; fighting their battles in human soul. Old Covenant Bible Word, the letter seals (veils) the promised new covenant Bible Word of the Holy Spirit until the last days. The Old Covenant Word, the letter of darkness depicts or projects the savior as an angel veiling the real savior understood by revelation when God Himself teaches the new covenant bible Word by His Spirit. Gal 4:17-18, Gal 4:1-16; Isaiah 45:7-8, 1 John 2:7-8. Rev.5
If the New Covenant word is not revealed in you and is not in you, it means you are still enjoying and abiding in an old Covenant Bible word of darkness and your soul is dead because the old covenant Bible Word does not have the blessing of eternal life offered by the New Covenant Bible Word! 2 Corinth3:5-6.
The real and true savior comes by revelation in Bible Word of the Spirit taught by God and HE is the ENGRAFTED BIBLE WORD who is come in a VOLUME OF THE BOOK sneaking into world unnoticed like a thief in the night amongst the cloud (thousands and thousands) of carnal witnesses of the Bible. James 1: 18-21; Heb 10:1-9, Heb 12:1-2. Please Note verse 9. He is come in a volume of a book to abolish the first Covenant because the first covenant does not make perfect the people reading it! Heb 10:1-2.
John 14:26 But the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. (In this text, the author is God but we are hearing these words through the prophet! These words therefore are NOT of prophet Jesus who came in the nation of Israel of the Middle East but of God through the prophet Jesus Christ. Gal 4:17-18.
If you believe the Words are of the prophet, you teach error of Old Covenant Bible Word of darkness. When the Holy Spirit or God removes the prophet (VEIL) out of the way, we hear God doing the speaking. This direct hearing of God speaking Himself is God speaking through New Covenant Bible Word of light, ordained to come in a Volume of a book as the promised High Priest and refers to Him (New Covenant Bible Word) as Son, from or through which God is speaking in the last days to His church that Hear this Voice! Heb.1:1-2. He refers to Him (Bible) as God, also in the same chapter). God wages war using Him (WORD) to topple Satan’s government. He is the Word of God. Rev, 19.
I am praying for you to be transformed by Him and be a New Covenant believer and be a learner of the sealed things of the Holy Spirit.
By Pastor Patrick Bwayo Box 1255, Mbale, Uganda.
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