Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bear Prodding

I have been unable to get a connection for some time. It seems everyone's discovered it is better to put a lock on your wireless network than let tourists use their internet connection. Finally got one that works a little and here is the article I promised. God bless.
There are few activities that are more dangerous than bear prodding, or as it is known in our part of the world, poking bears with a stick. Jumping out of an airplane without a parachute springs to mind, as does playing chicken with a bridge or a concrete wall.
In recent das there have been a rash of bear attacks in Romania, all but one involving overly eager and less than brilliant tourists who decided to get just a little too close, and try just a little too hard to get a reaction for that perfect, once in a lifetime photo opportunity reminiscent of a National Geographic cover. It was not enough to snap a shot as the bear was minding its business, going about its daily activities, no, they needed to see it reared up on two hind legs, to see the fangs bared, and hear the rumbling roar.
Needless to say, the got more than they bargained for when they discovered that bears, cuddly and furry as they might seem, really don’t like being pocked with sticks, heckled, pelted with rocks, or disrupted from going about their business.
In recent days, it seems we got bored with a failing economy, a housing crisis with no end in sight, a banking system on the verge of collapse, inner tensions and turmoil of an unprecedented nature, and decided it would be a distraction if not outright fun to start poking the bear with a stick.
What we’ve failed to understand yet again, is that the bear is smarter than we give it credit for, and although its movements might seem like random lumbering, cumbersome, ungraceful, reactionary and even accidental, it is in fact an agile highly intelligent killing machine that plans and executes its attacks with cunning brilliance and a violent finesse.
What is currently happening in Georgia is no fluke, it is no coincidence or happenstance; it is in fact quite deliberate and purposeful.
Soon we will discover the might of what we might have once believed to be a vanquished foe, and inconsequential enemy, and realize they are not the subservient obedient lemmings we’ve fashioned them to be. This bear has been neither caged nor domesticated, it does not fear the stick, or the electric prod, and no amount of idle threats will deter it from its purpose.
The tensions have only just begun, and in due season they will escalate exponentially because it has been written, we have been warned, and now it must come to pass. All we can do is wait patiently prayerfully upon the Lord and watch as the next chapter unfolds.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

*The Bear-

I couldn’t sleep this morning at 4:00 a.m., so I spent some of the time as I lay there praying for various ones that crossed my mind.

All of a sudden, I saw a bear walking freely in the shadows of the woods in the night, while concealing himself.

As soon as I saw him, I was immediately afraid, though I knew my fear was unjustified, as I knew that I was safe within my home with my husband sleeping next to me. Even when I awakened later, I was still fearful of that which I had seen.

The bear walked upright and with ease, as if he were a man.

Heaven help us, though I know in His word He says He will, but only if we abide in Him and His word abides in us. 10/20/05

Your sister in our Lord

Anne Marie Schmidt said...

Hi Mikeeee,

Maybe we should all be practicing up on Russian huh??? Unbelievable.
It's not like we're hated enough already. There really is a buzz in the air. Geno shared on the radio program about this and read the inserts from Dumitru's D&V's Book.
Say hi to Monica for me, when is she flying in??? Anne

randy said...

Great hearing from you Brother Michael. I enjoyed your article regarding the bear. It is as if we have nothing better to do as a nation than to add to our already insurmountable problems! What is sad about the situation is that our nation has promised Georgia that we would be there for them and we have left them out to dry; hopeless to offer any help of any measure. There may be some small covert actions by our forces but that is the limit of the support we are offering. What effect will this have on Ukraine, Romania, Poland and other nations once under the orbit of the former USSR?

As you have said, the next chapter is upon us and only the One who sits in the heavens knows the next action by all world leaders; He is never taken by surprise. What a wonderful Father we have!!

Enjoy your stay in Europe. Our prayers are with you.

Mary Ellen said...

Amazing!!! I just listened to David Letterman (rarely do) last night. He had Kevin Costner on as a guest. Kevin was telling of his bear experiences. They both ended up joking about being careful about poking a bear with a stick!... And then this today! Interesting, aye?

Anonymous said...

I undnerstand the connection between bear prodding and Russia, but can anyone tell me what they think this means in our personal lives? What would be the bears in our personal lives that would be best to leave alone?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how all of this relates to your dreams of the "eagle and 3 serpents" and the massive earthquake to come.

Do you see the strike of the 2nd serpent as being this massive earthquake then the strike of the 3rd serpent being the sneak attack by "the bear" on the US, in that order? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I live in Anchorage, Alaska and we have had three serious bear attacks in the last couple of months, two within the city limits. Such incidents are not unheard of here but I have never seen this many before in such a short time span.
Maybe God is amplifying His message.

Anonymous said...

hi mike boldea, Holy Ghost baptizm feels like Body your perfect size coming in, God speaks thru, I saw in maybe dream long ago we prayed together and you put your hand or hands on me,