Friday, August 15, 2008

Labors Untold

I have not been sitting idle. I realize I've not posted something of substance in some time, but there are things that must take precedent, and being a hand of help to those in need is one of those things.
While on summer vacation visiting relatives two of the children in the orphanage were involved in a car accident, and we've been trying to get them as good a medical care as possible. Please keep them in your prayers, since one of them is in intensive care.
In between long drives during record breaking heat, I have been working on an article that I would have liked to entitle, 'bear poking and other ill advised and dangerous passtimes', but since this is a mouthful and a few words too long to be a title, I will simply call it 'Bear Prodding', having to do with the recent tensions between mother Russia and her offspring Georgia, as well as our self destructive need to meddle. It is in the finishing stages, and barring any unforseen circumstances, as well as having an internet connection, I will post it sometime tomorrow.
God bless you all for your patience, I know at least my friend Jim is frustrated at the lack of posts. Yes, Jim, I read your e-mails.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,
I too was very anxious when there were no posts from you since August 4th. I am so relieved that you're again writing.
Love to you in Christ dear dear Michael.

Anonymous said...

I like the longer title. It's funnier.

Anonymous said...

"mother Russia and her offspring Georgia, as well as our self destructive need to meddle."

When I first heard of this tension, I immediately thought of the word of the Lord, A New War Is Coming. I have been wondering if this might be it, we'll see.

Praying for the children,
You sister in our Lord

deannaslater said...

Hi Michael, I have to say, to those that are frustrated for lack of posting from Michael, please, have some understanding and compassion, check your feelings, they are not from God, if your looking for comfort in your walk, open up the word, if you need a friend to talk to, write me,, I'll be glad to listen and respond, lets put all selfishness aside, I myself, am a very busy woman, and Michael, all that he takes on,I am always amazed that You Michael, have been taking the time to post all that you have on this blog, where do you even find the time I don't know. Be at Peace Michael, its wonderful, to receive the wisdom God has given you to share in the time that is allowed, it is well taken on my end. Many Blessings, and I will continue to pray...

Anonymous said...

Heard an interesting conversation between 2 other nurses and 1 of the deputies at the jail Fri. 8/15, while I sat quietly at the nurses station without my saying a word (if you can believe that to be possible.)

They were discussing the attack on the Twin Towers, when the deputy suddenly said, "that was a wake up call to America... but America went back to sleep and has become complacent."

Then they added in the events happening in Georgia at this time, when the deputy said, "Look at what the Russians are doing right now," in reference to America's involvement and threat in this war and he then make reference to Russia's possibly turning on America and attacking us, even to the point of doing so on American soil.

These 3 people do not know our Lord, which made this conversation even more interesting to listen to. To me it sounds like the world knows more of what is going on, than most of the church does.

Your sister in our Lord

Anonymous said...

'bear poking and other ill advised and dangerous passtimes'is a very apt title. I would suggest that you keep it.

The meddling of the West in this issue is mind blowing in the hypocrisy, double standards, and blatant ignorance that has been displayed. But I guess, prophecies has to be fulfilled and sometime God blinds the minds of leaders to make them commit fatal mistakes.

Anonymous said...

hi michael boldea, ann schmidt, geno, mike sr., happy labor day, Jesus said, "now hear the word of the LOrd, this is elijah",,,,,,,,,mike, I saw in dream? you and me praying together, ?????? but, wish-youins luck, be fun to seeya, if you come to indianapolis, let me know, tell gene to call if he will, saw last call on caller i.d., was not allowed to return,,,,,,,,