Thursday, September 18, 2008

Watching And Waiting

It has been about a week since I arrived back on American soil, and since that time I've been trying to get over the jet lag, catch up on some correspondence that has piled up, be a good host to my little brother Daniel who flew in five days after I arrived, and absorb all the information that has been pouring in on the current climate of this nation.
The day I arrived Ike hit Texas, and awestruck as everyone else I watched the devastation unfold. A couple days later the news of bank failures started making headlines and it has been a rollercoaster ride of misery for most people ever since.
It's one thing to talk about these things coming, these events unfolding in the abstract, as merely passing on a message that was received from God and faithfully transmitting it, and another to see that which has been foretold coming to pass before your very eyes. It is surreal, and even I, who have been hearing this message of judgment for the better part of twenty years am taken aback by the suddenness of it all.
As I stated some months ago, whether on this blog, in a sermon or in our newsletter, we are no longer living the season of warning, we have entered into the season of fulfillment. Now all we can do is watch and wait for the other proverbial shoe to drop. If anyone thinks the worst is behind is, they are sorely mistaken. Something far worse is in the wings, and I suspect that by year's end we will see turmoil in this country as has not been seen in many a decade.
Those who have been faithfullly building up their relationship with the heavenly Father, those who have been growing and maturing drawing ever closer to Him, look upon these events from a position of peace and shelter, for they are in His embrace where nothing can harm them.
It is those who have believed a false gospel and embraced a false christ that are now scrambling to make sense of it all, for all the promises that less then reputable men made them over the years of riches and prosperity are slipping through their fingers like so much sand. If you happen to be reading this post, and are such a soul, who believed that if they couldn't buy the favor of God, perhaps they could rent it for a couple hours, there is still time to know the one true God, to surrender yourself to the Christ who waits patiently for you to lay down your life, to die to self, that you may have life.
The dark days will only grow darker, but the children of God will find shelter in the light of His Word and promises. I will post something more substantial as I am able. My prayers are with all of you, especially those that had to deal with, and are still dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane. Even when we cannot see far enough into the future to understand the plan of God, we must be ever certain that He does have a plan.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you for your prayers, our prayers are with you and your family also. We must never forget that He chose each of us for these very times, we have a part to play that He Himself set aside for each of us. It goes way beyond surviving, way beyond avoiding pain or distress, way beyond what our understanding of events may or may not be. The King of the universe comes to complete the plan He set into motion so long ago! No matter how the forces of evil may resist, no matter how much misery they attempt to inflict on His chosen ones, STILL HE COMES!! What an amazing blessing to be chosen for these times!! He chose us, and He will make us able as long as we are clinging to Him! He will complete that which He has begun! No matter what comes, may we all unceasingly look up, for our Redemption is drawing near!! All will be made right once again, for the King of Glory comes and NOTHING can stand in His way!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That is all I have been able to say for he past week. I live in the Dallas area, and my inlaws live in Houston. They are still without power as are many on the smaller towns inland as far as my hometown in Normangee some 140 miles from the coast. No school, boiling their water, no gasoline at the stations. I am just waiting for riots, or at least fights over water and gas.
I keep remembering all the Dudaman prophecies, when I see these images and hear what Russia, Venezueala, Cuba, and Iran, are saying and doing as I watch the Fox News Channel.

I keep watching for the SF Quake to be on the news next.


Cathy P.

Anonymous said...

Praise Yeshua!!! Lion of Judah!!!!

Michael wrote: " we are no longer living the season of warning, we have entered into the season of fulfillment "

So true! i pray the Lords strength for all of us. For it is only by HIM and HIS strength that we might endure.

These times will try men and many hearts will fail because of fear, as the things of man and his government crumble. i say rejoice! For this will also be a time when many a man will repent and return to HIM. We must be prepared to give witness to the lost and hurting. And even more so as we watch these events unfold we know our redemption draws near.

Welcome back Michael you have been missed!!
Hisservant bro rich

Anonymous said...

Why, Why Oh Father in Heaven do you let the chains on the horsemen shatter away worse than how Tyre became dust in the wind...Why oh God must we foolish men of a nation be so horrible to you that you must nearly destroy us just as Rome it's self was sacked and its empire. dead... why must we have the charcteristics of the Weimar Republic and the Roman Empire at the same time?... are we past those birth pains? are we in labor as we speak?... Have the seals opened? must the days be shortened for the elected now? Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, For ever and ever. In Christ Jesus name I pray, Amen
Just answer this for me are we past the birth pains and are The Horsemen riding In Christ Jesus name I pray, Amen

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother, who I love.
We are without doubt in the time of judgment. This is a time to pray for the lost. they will take no notice until this day come and take them like a thief. Our Lord, precious and holy, gave us the signs, and bade us to watch. Your grandfather, who lives with God, gave us a view of these times. We must make ourselves pure by the blood of Christ. He said the harvest is many , but the workers are few. How will we harvest? Not by the hundreds or millions, but one at a time. Get busy. The time is very very short. In the name of Jesus, is great power, use it. War , hunger, sorrow, death come tomorrow. Live today for the Christ, And for the one he called my Father, My God. In the body of Christ lives the spirit of God. I am called a servant of God. Save who you can, and Prepare for war. He who endures till the end will be saved.

ryanfromDetroit said...

Hey Michael,

The urgency of knowing what is to come upon this nation is quite alarming. Although we should not be surprised, all who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying know that God has spoken saying that He will not delay any longer. The time that He has warned us of for years is quickly upon us. Every vision, word, dream will not tarry but will quickly come to pass.

We must be filled with the Spirit. We must be living our lives everyday in obedience to the voice of God. We must love the chastening of the Lord for in being corrected, we know God loves us and desires for us to be perfected in Him (if He does not correct us, we are none of His).

Have faith My people. Walk in strength knowing that I am with you always and that I will give you all that you need. Do not delay for the time comes quickly when all that I have spoken, even the destruction of this nation, will come to pass. I say come while there is yet time, casting down everything that exalts itself against Me and My word. Have I not warned you that there would be storms in the east, and a great shaking in the west? Have I not said watch, for these are only the beginning of sorrows? I will not hold back but I will punish her (this nation) for all of her sins. I will hold her accountable for all of the evil she has done. For though I gave her time to repent, she loved disobedience more than truth. She loved the wisdom of man more than the wisdom of God. I will judge a righteous judgment and only those who have the love of the truth will I protect in the days to come. It will be done even as I have spoken it. (END)

God is calling us to His side, sending His servants saying to go into the highways and the byways, and bid whosoever will to come. What the Lord saying resounds in our ears, but please don't take Michael's word for it, my word for it, any man's word for it. Ask God and let His Spirit lead you into all truth while there is yet time.

Love in Him,

Marianna said...

Only Jesus can give us all the peace we need in these end time events. John 14, 15. Keep your eyes upon Jesus, look full in his wonderful face, and the things on earth will go strangely dim, in the light of his glory and grace.

Anonymous said...

I.. recently have been wondering and checking on HOW exactly America is Babylon as your father described as told by his spirit of prophecy and Ive been wondering how others think of such an idea which so far is a somewhat resounding
wrong apparently mentioning Babylon on Google = Anti-Roman "Catholic" "Church" spam when I came across a series of videos by a most likely 7th day Adventist(once again, "church" to an extent, not entirely) by his claims of the sabbath being Saturday not Sunday and Constantine and what not anyway I heard this on the first part of a series of videos of explaining how being a conspiracy theorist (Google it) = fulfillment of prophecy in Revelation
"this princepal is found within Ecclesiastes 3:15 it says there "That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past."In other words the things that have taken place in the past are now taking place in current day society and the things that are going to take place in the future have already taken place in the past. therefore God requires us to have a accurate knowledge of historical events so that we can accurately be able to discern the happenings in present day society and also be able to make a accurate projection and I said ACCURATE PROJECTION of the things that are going to transpire in the very near future"
if this seems to be the case (most likely is ) then there is a possibility that we have ( we being people who have correctly interpreted the Mystery Babylon prophecy have MISinterpreted the prophecy in its context of the time period I'm going to have to gather and organize this into... something
just wanted to tell you

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

Praying for you & your loved ones.

Kay Arthur has recently broadcast a sobering 10 part Bible study called "America at the Crossroads".
You can listen online at the archives at
I think you will be nodding your head in agreement as you listen, and as she calls for believers to join in prayer for our nation.
Believers must stand firm and continue to live holy, righteous lives as we serve the Lord in whatever activity He calls us to and equips us for! We must not sleep or allow ourselves to be deceived.
God's continued blessings to you & your precious wife.

Anonymous said...

Has God given you the okay to move back to Romania permanently yet? Just wondering with all that is going if you are making preparations to leave.

A Seed Sower said...

How wonderful it is to know that we do have a Heavenly Father who watches over His own, that we can trust Him no matter what we observe around us. He is with us in the storms of our lives, and He shall bring deliverance we have hope in Jesus Christ, for we look for a new Heaven and a new earth where in dwelleth ighteousness...Amen