Friday, November 28, 2008

Walking With God

I often meet brothers and sisters of a certain age while traveling throughout the churches of America who seem to be quite nostalgic of a time a few decades ago. A time when morality still had a say in the lives of average folk, when virtue was still something to aspire to and not look down upon, and when “Leave It To Beaver” was considered the raciest thing on television.
The times have changed, simplicity having become a memory of times past, and more often then ever I am asked whether or not I believe a man can still walk with God in times such as these. There is a difference between difficult and impossible, and although for some it might have become more difficult to stay focused on the destination, to walk the narrow path of faith without being distracted by all that goes on around them, it is by no means impossible. When a man truly desires to walk with God, he is able to do so even when the world around him is evil and corrupt.
Enoch lived in a time when passing on at the age of eighty was considered dying young. The air was cleaner, the world less populated, yet even though he lived toward the genesis of creation, those of his generation were by no means righteous men.
Enoch was sixty-five before he decided to walk with God, not a spring chicken by any stretch of the imagination. The Bible doesn’t speak much about this man, but small as his appearance might have been in comparison to others, he left behind a lesson that all of us could learn from. Having decided to walk with God at the age of sixty-five, Enoch then walked with Him for three hundred more years.
Enoch didn’t have luxury of going down to the corner parish, or the newest mega church in town, he didn’t have the luxury of getting on the internett and downloading teachings on how to walk with God, and if anyone thinks that those of his generation helped him in his quest for a relationship with God, then they are sorely mistaken.
The Word tells us in Genesis, that the earth was corrupt before God, the wickedness of man was great in the earth, the earth was filled with violence, and the intent of the thoughts of men’s hearts were only evil continually. It goes on to say that God looked upon the earth and indeed all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth. This was the time in which Enoch lived; by no means a time conducive to spiritual growth, or a deeper understanding of God, yet somehow he managed not only to find God but also walk with Him for three hundred years. Keep in mind Enoch did not have the benefit of the Word, he did not have a handful of churches on every block of his town, he didn’t have televangelists, or sermons on tape, he was a man amidst evil men, corrupt men, and men prone to violence, who decided to walk with God. If it was possible for Enoch to walk with God, having had all the same setbacks, difficulties and stumbling blocks as we in the modern age, yet without any of the benefits, such as the Word or abundant teaching, then it is possible for anyone who truly desires to walk with God to do just that.
So what made Enoch special? What did Enoch do that made it possible for him to walk with God?
The first thing that we can glean from the short story of Enoch, is the fact that he desired to walk with God, therefore he became the person God desired him to be. Every one of us is careful when choosing our company. Although I’ve met people who make friends quite readily, the general rule is that only after some time of getting to know a person can you call them your friend. Only after seeing if you are compatible, by way of likes and dislikes, values, morals, even hobbies, can one become more than a passing acquaintance and graduate to the position of friend. God is ever more cautious whom He acquaints Himself with, and walks with, making certain the person is pure of heart and of a right spirit before He walks with them and calls them friend.
Unlike many today who seem to make up doctrine as they go along, following the path they have drawn out for themselves, like some makeshift amateur explorer absent of a compass or bearings, Enoch only desired to follow the path on which God walked. He didn’t care to talk God into walking his path; he readily and gladly gave up his own path in order to walk the path God laid out for him. One of the most common causes of backsliding in one’s spiritual walk is that after following a certain distance, after gladly walking with God a considerable way, we remove our hand from the hand of God, and choose our own path thinking or believing that we know better.
Enoch was content to let God lead, and follow after him. He was content with simply walking with God, not desiring title or position, fame or fortune. When our desire is nothing more than to walk with God, when we surrender ourselves and stand before Him with pure hearts, and clean intentions God will take us by the hand and walk with us.
Another aspect of Enoch’s walk with God we cannot overlook is the length of it. For three hundred years, Enoch walked with God, all day every day, without rest or respite. There was no giant kangaroo leap into the presence of God, but rather the steady natural progression of a relationship and a friendship. Enoch did not run, he did not fly into the presence of God, he did what any of us could do; he walked with God. Enoch never grew tired of walking with God, of being intimate with Him.
By all accounts Enoch was a simple man, not a duke or a count, not a king or a prince, just Enoch. He did not have the benefit of the Word; those around him were as evil as this present generation, yet Enoch managed to walk with God. If he did it, surely we can too.
God dos not look at what we are, He does not check our pedigree before He reveals Himself to us, all He desires is a pure heart willing to receive Him. Just put your hand in his, and walk. You can do it.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

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