Saturday, January 17, 2009

As Promised

Well, I made it back to America in one piece, still not over the jetlag, but I'm getting there. Yesterday I realized I have terrible penmanship as I wrote addresses on some envelopes. I used to have pretty writing, it seems the keyboard ruined that. Anyway, The folllowing is the dream I mentioned I would post as soon as I returned stateside.
2 Timothy 2:3-4, “You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.”
Shortly before I was scheduled to leave for a weeklong missions trip, a trip that had been planned months in advance with the pastors of many churches bringing their congregations together under one roof to hear the word of God, one of the staff members here in Wisconsin reminded me offhandedly that we would soon be celebrating twenty five years since Hand of Help’s inception.
A quarter of a century is a long time no matter how you slice it, or what angle it is viewed from. To be honest, I was not in what one might call a celebratory frame of mind. In these twenty five years I have laid to their final rest a grandmother, a grandfather, and a mother, I have known betrayal at the hands of men I considered brothers in Christ and friends fueled by something as unoriginal and despicable as greed, I have preached messages few wanted to hear, and have been despised for my stubborn unwillingness to compromise the word of God.
Throughout the entirety of the mission trip, one question kept nagging at me, always somewhere in the back of my mind. Even though the trip turned out to be an encouraging and reenergizing blessing, and I saw hunger in the hearts of the people for the truth of God’s word, feeling the presence of God in a deep and powerful way, I took no pleasure in the thousand plus crowds or their hearty applause. This one question kept echoing in my ears, and as yet I had received no answer. The question was simple: Is there still a need for a prophetic warning ministry once a nation has entered the season of fulfillment?
To me, a warning is a counsel or admonition to desist from a specified undesirable course of action. When someone is warned, that which they are warned against is avoidable. Take for instance the ‘reduce speed, winding road ahead’ signs. One is warned to reduce their speed, due to the fact that tight curves are just ahead, but if they refuse to heed the warning, then they will suffer the consequences of their actions. I believe God has stopped warning for some time now, due to this nation’s unwillingness to heed His warnings. His judgments are no longer avoidable, and the fulfillment of what has been spoken is visible even to those with no prophetic background.
I arrived back home after the weeklong tour, and still the initial thought would not leave. As I began to further ponder this question, I began thinking to myself that maybe this was God’s way of telling me I in fact could go back to my homeland, that I had done my duty, I had fulfilled my mission, I had preached, I had warned, I had shared the dreams and visions, and now I was free to have a normal life, to spend time with my wife, have some children, maybe even buy a dog.
One thing that those who know me have grown to understand is that I am not in ministry to get rich or famous, to build a kingdom on earth or have my own face staring back at me from a bookstore shelf. I am in ministry out of obedience to God, and will not be in it one day longer than God desires me to be. Obedience keeps me; it’s just that simple.
Two days after arriving home I had pretty much talked myself into believing that I had received my release to move back home. Since I was flying back for Christmas, to be with the family, I began thinking ‘why not just stay? Twenty five years is a long time, no one could blame you if you stayed.’
That same night I had a dream. I dreamt I was standing at the edge of a cliff, overlooking a valley that stretched out below me. Although it was night, the valley was not dark due to the dozens of fires that were burning all around the valley. Large white tents peppered the valley floor, and men dressed in white were hurriedly preparing. Some were sharpening swords, others were polishing shields, but the selfsame look of purpose and determination was evident in the countenance of every one.
As I continued watching I was startled when a hand touched my shoulder. I turned and stood face to face with the same man I had seen in my dreams on previous occasions.
“What do you think they are doing down there?” he asked pointing toward the valley and the men.
“It looks like they’re preparing for a war,” I said gazing back at the valley.
“And what do you call a soldier that flees the battlefield on the eve of battle?”
“A deserter,” I said.
“A deserter” he echoed. “Why would the Father train and equip you for the coming battle only to release you as the battle is about to begin? You think this is the end but it is not. The need for light is multiplied as the darkness grows, not diminished; the need for truth becomes more necessary as deception consumes the innocent, not less relevant. In these dark hours the children of light must shine, in these evil days the truth must be proclaimed with boldness. You can choose to flee, but it is not the Father’s will. You can stay and fight, and thus receive your just reward. The world has tainted many who ought to have stayed pure, and many have defiled themselves who ought to have remained undefiled. They have gorged themselves on Nebuchadnezzar’s delicacies, thereby disqualifying themselves from being used in these days. The hosts of heaven stand ready even now to do battle on behalf of the righteous. Do not fear the coming days for they have been foretold. Walk in the authority that has been given you, and do your duty as a faithful soldier ought to.”
As the man finished speaking, I opened my eyes and was surprised to discover I was in my bed.
Some may wonder why I share this dream, because well, it is not very flattering. In fact I got taken to the proverbial woodshed as the saying goes, but lest we forget the Lord chastens those He loves, and I am ever thankful that He loves me, and suffers my frailty.
I do not know how, but I know that God will make a way. The truth for need is evident. Not my truth, but God’s truth, not the truth of any particular denomination, but the truth of God’s Holy Word.
As human beings, men and women made of flesh and bone, we make plans, we have hopes and we envision a certain kind of future, but all our hopes and dreams, all our plans must be surrendered, in perfect harmony with the will of God for only in His will are peace, joy and comfort abundant and ever present.
We are on the precipice of volatile and troubling times, witnessing a rapidly changing world. There is a great upheaval coming in the spiritual, just as in the physical, and God will sift those who call themselves His children first and foremost, separating that which is righteous from that which is defiled. We must stand in the righteousness of God, having His Word as our standard and our foundation that we might not be swayed by the winds, or uprooted by the storms. In order to overcome one must face conflict and not flinch from battle, but an unprepared soldier whose armor is not on, and whose weapons are unknown to him, is easily overtaken by an enemy whose bloodlust knows no bounds. Our faith and obedience will carry us through the darkest of nights, because when faith and obedience are present the light of God shines brighter than the sun, dispelling the darkness.
Romans 16:19-20 “For your obedience has become known to all. Therefore I am glad on your behalf; but I want you to be wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil. And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.”

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Michael, you preach the truth as God reveals it to you. The understanding of this truth is not your concern. I preach the truth God gives me and you preach the truth that He gives you.
Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.

Anonymous said...

Beloved Michael

I am so glad you are home - even tho its not 'home' to you!

I totally understand your feelings. As they say, in short ... been there, done that. I only wish I could move on. But I echo what seems to me to be the same warnings .. day .. after day .. after day... So few heed.

Prophecy is simply TRUTH .. GOD's TRUTH, not man's. Til He returns, there will be a constant need for TRUTH. People dont read the Word and so are ignorant of TRUTH.

GOD gives a nation a leader just like themselves. Tragicly it appears King Hussein Obama will become president. I so hoped something would prevent it. I see only rapid disaster, escalation a hundred fold of God's judgments imminent. GOD often uses evil rulers to punish a sinful people.

I too would rather flee .. rest .. go home - to heaven. I am tired of pain, physical and emotional. I dont want a dog! Haha! Dont buy one - get one at the animal shelter - they are so loving.

Even if only ONE person hears you - you have succeeded. You never know who that one will reach.

Walk in the authority that has been given you.
That goes for ALL of us!

Your sister in Christ Jesus,
Carolu Joy

Anonymous said...

Hi Micheal,

Glad to see you are arrive in one peice.

I also have seen in my dreams the coming tradgedies of the U.S and know that I am not to run.

Each time I am present when bombs fall and angels are always with me to tell me what to do.

Often I catch the bombs and see the countries colors or name on the bomb then the dream switches and I am at a distance as the bombs explode.

God will do whatever has to be done to reach the souls of people. I realise that all things are His and that all the work we do is His also.

His work, His way, His timing....that is what He has shown me...


Sharon Flesher


So called normal life is over rated and beyond boring.....even with a dog.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael, Speaking Hebraically
The wilderness is a place of suffering, the root words for wilderness is Midabar which means a place from where God speaks, the root Hebrew word for suffering is Nathan which means a gift. The suffering you go thru in the wilderness is a gift from God. You will be tested as you go thru the wilderness, these testings are for God to see if we can be trusted to say and do exactly what God is saying. The wilderness is a place where God can deal with your speech and thought. Not only will the words you speak hinder, but also your thoughts. If you don't pass the testing in the wilderness you can be over thrown. the way you come thru the test is to allow God to change how you speak and think so that you say and think what God says or thinks. The prophets are very close to God's heart, that's why he said touch not my prophets. the need for the prophetic is to not only speak God's heart but to warn us of things to come as He, God gives us instruction on how to walk thru and what to do in the comming days.
So keep walking and keep listening but most of all walk out and live out what you speak .
God does chastise those whom he loves.
That is the Hebraic way.

Anonymous said...

Praise the lord for his grace and mercy, and may his will be done. Amen

Anonymous said...


I thank God that He has directed your paths and ordered your steps. I thank God that you love truth more than your own will. I thank God that His Spirit ministers to us when we are in need.

Many that are with us have prayed for you, have put you before the Father hoping that you would hear and know what is required of you in these times. As you know, these are dark days and only those who have the love of the truth found in them will be able to stand. We must pray and know that God accepts us and that He finds us worthy to escape the wrath that is to come.

For those who read this and say "thank God that we can eat more of what the Lord gives our brother," do not be mistaken. Though God continually speaks to those who He loves and though it is of a truth that so long as Michael's heart is right before God, God will show Him the things to come, you must make your calling and election sure. You must work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. If you cannot hear God, if His voice is not clearin your ear, if He is not showing YOU the things to come, be changed. Seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit that His Spirit may lead you into all truth. Seek His face and ask Him to give you understanding in all that He would have you to receive. There is not much time left. Soon the door will be shut and to those who are without there will be whaling and gnashing of teeth.

God speaks often to those He loves. Like a loving Father, He loves to commune and encourage His children. He gives even more to those who He calls friend. Go unto perfection, letting the thoughts of this life and the things of this world fall at the wayside. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Go higher for surely God holds out His hand this day.

Love in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Thank you brother for sharing this with us... it encouraged my heart greatly and has strengthened me. The Lord bless you greatly!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the encouragement
My Friend !

Blessings All!

Anonymous said...


You have been painting a dreary picture at best. From how God has opened my eyes to His word, I cannot disagree with you that troublesome times are upon us.

I just pray that God would grant us the strength to remain faithful to the end.

May God continue to bless you as you humbly serve Him and proclaim His truth!

Bill from Fla. said...

Brother Michael,

I'm simply glad about two things. First, like your grandfather, you haven't acted like Jonah.

Second, since I don't believe that The Lord would leave you in the states when everything comes apart, then nothing major will happen while you are here.

Mary said...

Hi Michael, As I read the two scriptures and the dream. I was reminded of my own life and the way it is going for me. How the Lord even though hard times will lead us to where He wishes us to be. And to stay on the road that He wants us to be on. Thank God for the still small voice that touches our hearts and keeps us on the right path. The words that you wrote were so true. The battle belongs to the Lord but we must carry the sword. (His Word). Thanks for being faithful to Him who saves.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

It was wonderful to hear you speak last night through the Unleavened Bread Bible Study broadcast. I hope we'll be able to hear you more often in such ways, as the Lord allows. To hear the fervent words of two humble, dedicated men of God (you and David Eells) was a rare feast for the soul. And now you've got me seriously rethinking the subject of head veils for women. I had been of the opinion that women's head covering was a custom mainly for Paul's time and place, but maybe it still applies. I am praying about whether I should change my mind.

Also, thank you for sharing the account of your dream through your blog. While reading it, I found tears welling up in my eyes. Tears of... I would say... empathy with your reaction to those words of the angelic messenger concerning your own life purpose... but also tears of PERSONAL conviction. Perhaps your dream message is meant for all children of God at this point in time, to galvanize us to Christlike action in whatever way each one of us is able.

I made a printout of your dream story and read it several more times, slowly, each time feeling more strongly convicted in my own heart that God is calling me - as well as you, Michael - to do more and BE more for Him. I am forced to admit to myself how I have still been compromising too much with the worldly ones amongst family and friends, in order to "get along".

Also, I am deeply struck by the question: "Why would the Father train and equip you for the coming battle only to release you as the battle is about to begin?" This brought more tears as I prayed, "Lord, how have you trained ME for this time? I have no particular educational or experience or professional credentials with which to impress anyone, that they might be willing to listen to my testimony." But I was allowed to realize that even a person living in obscurity has some experience and skills and wisdom that could be helpful to another soul in need somewhere along life's way. This is very reassuring.

This line also hit me hard: "They [the defiled ones] have gorged themselves on Nebuchadnezzar's delicacies." How easy it is to settle down into a comfortable, flesh-pleasing rut before we even realize what's happening, especially when we must frequently interact with worldly people who weaken our resolve little by little. I am challenged anew to resist the urge to focus on the flesh. From now on, I intend to be more simple and economical in my choice of food and clothing. There are surely many ways most of us could cut personal expenses, so that we have more to share with needy souls and worthy ministries.

Again, I thank God for you, Michael. We joyfully receive His powerful and authoritative Word as it pours through you, quenching our thirst. I pray He will equip you for battle as never before.

With you in Christ,


Anonymous said...

P.S. About the desire to "even buy a dog"---may I share a few words?

About two years ago, my husband just had to have a dog. He wouldn't let go of the idea, yet I resisted, having previously been tied down by a family dog for over 12 years (I dare say, it's usually the wife/mom who ends up with most of the care of the dog). Finally, against my wishes, he spent several hundred dollars to buy his dog, which has been a great source of trouble and expense ever since, in numerous ways (I'll spare you the details!). I sense that, deep down, my husband also harbors regrets that he won't admit to.

I am asking the Lord to relieve me of this noisy, destructive, self-centered, time-consuming beast as soon as possible, because I'm at a point in life, with our sons grown up and on their own, where I want to do serious work for the Lord. I want to serve needy human beings, rather than a demanding animal that lives a more luxurious and expensive life than do many people in this world.

I believe we sometimes want a dog because we have fond memories of a pet from childhood days. Those days were fun because we got to play with the dog, while Mom and Dad shouldered the responsibility of feeding, training, and cleaning up after it.

Finally, please let me note that Jesus never had a single positive thing to say about dogs. Every time He mentioned "dogs", it was in a negative sense. Isn't it curious that "God" spelled backward is "dog"?

Your sister in Christ,


Marcel said...

you can still get a dog maybe even a nice one for free ?

Anonymous said...

This confirms exactly what I have been thinking especailly today, the 3rd unofficial day of King Obama...fufilling Daniel 7 and 11 witnessed by the high magic rituals openly displayed for all who have eyes and ears. Those who have overcome the deceptions and will now do exploits. We are tired but energized at the same time and this is the time we have been prepared to do, in this time of the end...Wield the Sword and slay the adversary...with the living WORD that abides in us...the line is drawn and we will not retreat. We are the Saints and the WORDwarriors with the unfair advantage...ABBA who will show Himself strong through us by HIS power not ours...

Anonymous said...

Ok. Ok. I was a little mean on my whole rant on Thomas on his site about bush being killed before his 2nd term end (or his office popularity's death) sorry If you did reject the rant comment i made on the guy being a real prophet or not. Then I deserve that.
I guess If I want to go to the deepest possible reason that could have been it. I guess it could be about the call to buy gold from his spirit of prophecy and me not really being ready. and therefore utterly doomed to the currency collapse coming...
anyway i guess you can say this is an apology on my " every true prophet will loose credibility as being real because bush didn't get killed!" rant