Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Free Stuff

Everybody likes free stuff. This is why I think the ladies with the aprons in the supermarket who offer the complimentary samples of sausage and cheese will always have a job.
It seems we've printed more calendars than we needed this year, and even though I'm not back stateside yet, the news has already reached me. So, if you would like one of our calendars, which is lovely by the way since it is our twenty fifth year anniversary calendar, please send a comment with your name and address, and I will get one to you as soon as I am on American soil again. No I will not post your address on the web log; No this is not a gimmick, you will not be receiving a letter with a handprint on it, and be instructed to place your palm on the handprint while holding your tithe check for your financial breakthrough, it's really free.
To those of you who've already received one, but would like extra to give to family or friends, please let me know the number, and I'll do my best to oblige. Quantities are limited, so if you happen to ask and not receive, I apologize in advance.
I know it's odd a ministry offering something for nothing, some might say it even goes against the natural order of things, however if we realize what true ministry is, we realize that ministries are here to serve, and minister, not to build kingdoms, buy airplanes, and revel themselves in the lap of luxury. Ok, off on a tangent, sorry, it's a sensitive topic for me. One more thing, and I promise I'll stop. When persecution comes against the church, and it will, even in America, just as sure as the sun rose this morning, you will have these selfsame hypocrites and charlatans to thank for it, these selfsame whitewashed tombs who have long sacrificed the truth on the altar of greed and worldliness. The stench of their corruption does not go unnoticed, especially by the world, and the day of reckoning is coming. Ok. Done.
Thank you all for your encouraging words. They, as well as your prayers help tremendously.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


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