Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's A God Thing!

Well, another week has gone by, and with the precision of a Swiss timepiece, another high profile evangelical scandal is brewing. From the few e-mails I’ve gotten from different sources it would seem the founder of the second largest television network in America has admitted to a protracted and prolonged affair with a staff member.

The man, along with his wife and their attorney were apparently quick to point out that the affair was with a woman, lest we jump to conclusions of the more unsavory kind.

Well, phew, that’s a load off, I can breathe easy now, it was just common, garden variety adultery, nothing more scandalous than an evangelist betraying the covenant of marriage, abusing his partner’s trust, trampling on the blood of Christ’s sacrifice, once more bringing shame to God’s house, and admitting the only reason they decided to get ahead of this and fess up to it was because someone was trying to blackmail them and squeeze a few million dollars from their clenched fists.

Although there will be those within Christian circles that will claim this, and the many other scandals within Christendom of late are the work of Satan, and that these are just attacks of the enemy, I submit to you, that rather than attribute these shameful outings to the devil, we ought to open our eyes and realize that it’s a God thing.

It is not the devil that is bringing the sins of these men to light, there would be no profit in it since the enemy already had them neatly bound in their sin, and as such they could be of no benefit or usefulness to the kingdom of God. Satan is not in the habit of shooting himself in the foot, and he does not attack those already doing his bidding. If a man is tainted, then he is compromised, and if he is compromised, his willingness or ability to fearlessly preach the truth of God’s Word is nonexistent, the sword of Damocles perpetually hanging above his head held there by a tenuous horse’s hair.

It is not the devil exposing sin within the house of God, it is God beginning to clean house!

“But brother Mike, how could you think that?”

Because God doesn’t think like men do, His ways are not our ways, He isn’t interested in public relations, public perception, public image, and all the other idiocies men of a certain stature are obsessed with, His only interests are righteousness and holiness, and He has no reservations about destroying men’s painstakingly crafted public projections of themselves. God has no qualms about embarrassing men, humbling men, shaming men, or exposing men. God brings the truth into the light, and the harsh reality of the truth that the light reveals is solely dependent on the actions of the individual God thrust into the selfsame light of truth. God demands a spotless bride, God demands a righteous bride, and if He must He will expose ten thousand more hypocrites that what remains might be pure and undefiled.

As I said, God is beginning to clean house, and He’s starting from the top down. What we must understand is that it’s the enemy’s pleasure to see sin devouring the light from within; it is the enemy’s pleasure to see sin corrupt, destroy, pollute, and twist the way of righteousness via those we revere as the mouthpieces of God, those entrusted with our spiritual nourishment and maturing. No, the enemy does not expose such individuals, he does everything he can to protect them and prosper them, and keep them in the limelight until God Himself pull back the veil, until God Himself unmasks the evil lurking beneath the smooth Botox filled features, and chemically whitened teeth.

Don’t blame the devil for what God is doing, rather thank God for the work of pruning that He has begun, and will continue to perform. God is cleaning house, and all the chaff and the mold and the dust and the trash is being swept up and scrubbed off, that God might once more reside there, that the fullness of Him might once more be experienced by those still desperate for Him, and that His works might be made manifest even in this sinful and perverse generation.

1 Peter 4:17, “For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?”

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Yuri Richardson said...

Agreed Michael. Satan loves to keep his most polished agents behind the most manicured facade of religiosity so that the unweary may think that surely the Lord is prospering them; and then, the careless are intangaled in the snare. However, just as Yahshua cleansed the temple; at the beginning and ending of His ministry....once again cords are in Hand and the temple is being cleansed. Once this work is completed we will clearly see that Cain is on one side and Abel is on the other. The Sheep are on His right, the goats on the left. The Tares bundled for the burning, the Wheat ready for the barn. Yes, Yahshua is walking in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks (representative of His eternal vigilance over His House) Yes, this process has commenced; and with a Heart of Infinite Love YHWH is now beginning the work of rewarding everyone according to their works....whether it be good or whether it be evil....The Sword of Infinite Love & Justice is unsheathed. And soon the sword will be used without mercy as Hagilu Natan Elohim {Rev.14:10) &Y'chizki'el (Eze.9:5) says.
...and who shall dwell with the everlasting burnings...?

Shalom In Yahshua Messiah

Anonymous said...

Amen again!

Thanks for telling it like it truly is. It is a refreshing drink everytime. The truth is wonderful to those of us who don't care to have our ears tickled. How people respond to the truth is a measure of how much people know and love the Lord, seeing how He is the truth. This blogspot makes one feel like he has fellowship with those who are like-minded. I thank the Lord for allowing our communication through the internet. It is very encouraging.

Bless You

Anonymous said...

Let it be, Michael. And in my life, too. - Cale

Anonymous said...

I think there is a lot more wrong with Daystar than just this. I don't even consider them real Christians. Women preachers? Rock music? I was delivered from rock music and it's all over their network.

Know them by their fruit! The bible said we could!

lioneagle said...

Greetings -

I agree that this is indeed a God thing. What you have expressed IS
in the Word of GOD. Our Father tells us to be holy as He is holy.

I also agree with Yuri, "...and soon the sword will be used without mercy."

We all sin and come short of God's glory. We need to remain mindful that we must strive so that sin will NOT have dominion over us. We must strive so that it will NOT reign in us. May GOD help us all.

Father, in the holy name of Jesus, please help those who have yielded to sinful lifestyles to repent and to amend their ways to be true worshippers who are DOERS of your Word. Father, please help them to seek You in earnest for deliverance from perverse strongholds. Lord, please help us all!

You are indeed a forgiving GOD but Your word states in Psalm 66:18-KJV, "If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me:"
Please help us to call on You, with sincerity, for forgiveness when we have made choices to turn from that which displeases You.

And help us to love and to forgive others as Your Word commands. Love and forgiveness does NOT mean to trust. Trust worthiness must be proven...

Thank You, Lord - Amen