Thursday, July 21, 2011

Babel Unraveling!

History continues to repeat itself because man is utterly and hopelessly unoriginal. We possess about as much originality as jackals do social graces, and so, even though the small details might differ from generation to generation, at the heart, and the root of our actions, at the basic level and foundation of our undertakings we are our ancestors, those of old whom we so readily dismiss as backward, unthinking brutes who had no purpose other than their own survival.

Admittedly the tower we have attempted to erect is not as the tower of Babel in antiquity. Instead of brick and mortar we have chosen to use other materials but the underlying desire for building our own version of the tower is the same as those of old.

Today our brick is excess, and our mortar is independence from God. We have built and hurriedly so within the past few years, and with each brick we lay, with each pestle of mortar we lather on our self-importance only grows, and what we only dared to think in the dark of night concerning being the masters of our own destiny we now declare openly for all who would hear.

‘See, we have done this! It is we who have built and erected, it is we who have progressed and achieved, God is an antiquated concept to which we offer undue glory and undeserved thanks. It was never Him, it was always us.’

We have come to convince ourselves that not only could we achieve the greatest nation the world has ever known in and of our own prowess, but that we could maintain it for generations to come. We glibly told ourselves that the hardest part was behind us, that the difficult part was the building of this society, this nation, this ideal, this democracy, and maintaining it would be a walk in the park, a piece of cake, something that could be accomplished in our spare time and without much effort.

In the throes of hubris and our own self-importance we chose to dismiss and discount the lessons history would teach us, that it is in fact much more difficult to maintain an empire than to build one, that every empire that has existed since the beginning of history had a zenith then a decline, or that the downfall of every empire began with the downfall of morality and the destruction of family.

‘Others may have made those mistakes in the past, but we are wiser and more evolved, we will not repeat the mistakes of the ancients, we will ascend and ascend until we pierce the heavens, then go a bit further for good measure.’

Alas our Babel is unraveling, and the cracks in the edifice we’ve erected are already too deep and too pronounced to ignore. The God we thought was just a figment of our imagination, the God we thought we could forget, ignore and declare our independence from wasn’t sleeping after all, He was not on vacation or busy with other things, but in His infinite goodness, mercy and patience He waited to see whether we would perhaps awaken from our self-delusion and seek His face once more.

Instead of turning our hearts toward God however, we have accelerated the pace with which we are attempting to wipe clean the very memory of Him, we have accelerated the pace with which we glory in perversion and mock and scorn and abuse those who would cling to Him, who would worship Him, who would serve Him, and who would follow after His precepts.

As our Babel unravels there are some who insist that the remedy is to use more mortar, to further and in more violent ways declare our independence from God, because only when we are rid of Him for good, only when all those who still serve Him are thoroughly silenced can our Babel remain standing.

Little do they know that all it took for our Babel to come crumbling back to earth, all that it took for all that we built to disintegrate before our very eyes was for the God they scorn and mock and reject to remove His hand of blessing and protection from upon our nation.

What we are seeing is neither wrath nor judgment, it is not an angry God doling out justice with righteous indignation, these have not as yet commenced. All we are seeing presently is the removal of blessing, the removal of favor, the removal of protection, and the removal of peace.

When judgment comes and wrath is poured out it will be another matter entirely.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

But isn't the removal of blessings a form of judgement? i.e. Isaiah 3 - removing the stay and the staff

Barbara said...

People are becoming convinced that America is not a Christian nation founded on Christiain principles, despite what John Adams said. He said that if we didn't have a Christian citizenry, our nation wouldn't survive, since the constitution can only work if Chritians uphold it.

The atheistic/humanistic/ecumenical propaganda machine is in full swing trying to tear down this country. They would have us accept nearly anything but Christianity. What we are left with is nearly anything but what our country once was, and not that long ago either.

Our peace is leaving. Our prosperity is leaving. Our justice is leaving. Our righteousness is leaving. All we are left with is an increasingly third world sense of annihilation and backwardness. Nothing seems to be running smoothly any more.

Each and every facet of our society is being dumbed down and corrupted. There is no one left to fight back against the tide of destruction. We are in a spiritual tsunami, just like Japan was wiped out by theirs. We are being swept away into the sea of worldlliness, rather than clinging to the rock of Christ.

There will always be a remnant who survive, whom Christ calls his own, and whom he protects as his own. As for the rest of the world, judgement is inevitable. They are charging full force to their bitter end.