Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quelle Surprise!

I wanted to wait until I finished out the ‘fundamental teachings’ series before I commented on something that occurred a couple weeks ago, because I thought it particularly relevant in conjunction with the times we are currently living in.

It seems having a common enemy makes for strange bedfellows indeed, as it was reported last month that China and Russia are calling for a global governance, wherein they would of course share the overwhelming majority of power and influence.

To those prophetically astute, this was by no means a surprise, and the warming relations between Russia and China were an issue of time rather than probability. Yes, it was a matter of time for these two nations to come together and agree concerning certain aspects of the global landscape, all the while agreeing to disagree wherein no agreement could be reached.

To most, this will seem irrelevant; they’ll simply arch their eyebrows, stifle a yawn, and go back to seeing what’s on television this evening, or when the new shows are starting on the networks. They were told long ago were they not, that the strength of the dollar, the strength of our economy, the strength of our manufacturing is our insurance policy against any nations forming alliances and coming against us.

‘Nothing to worry about, remember, mutually assured economic destruction. If our currency flounders about in its death throes, then their economies will likewise suffer, so they have to play nice no matter what.’

What we refuse to see is that we are not the young lion we once were, we are no longer the economic powerhouse we once prided ourselves for being, and as far as manufacturing is concerned, I think the Chinese and the Russians could live without our new electric cars that look more like toys than real maneuverable automobiles.

The world as a whole is slowly but surely attempting to move away from the dollar, because no one is comfortable being dependent on our currency anymore, and redundancies are already in place so that the mutually assured economic destruction everyone’s so giddy about doesn’t happen.

We are a nation in dire straits, and our enemies are beginning to amass against us. They are no longer plotting in the shadows, they are no longer lurking about meeting in secret, they are coming into the light, open about their intentions, betting and rightly so that we have neither the will, the stomach, or the desire for yet another confrontation.

In the midst of this, what could rightly and reasonably be called chaos, those who would see the destruction and disintegration of any and all morality, those who would see the abolition of family and normalcy seem not a bit perturbed, but are more than ever focused and resolute to carry out their plans to their finality.

Everything is happening all at once, and the church is still caught up in its trivial irrelevancies, in trying to be hip and cool and cutting edge, and watering down the gospel of Christ to the point that it is of no effect. Those who will stand have already purposed to stand, their spiritual man being well nourished and up to the task of confronting the darkness, while those that continue to revel in ignorance will continue to scoff at those for whom spiritual preparedness is higher on the list of priorities than where we will attend this weekend’s 4th of July festivities.

It is only in the heat of battle, it is only in the midst of turmoil that the fruit of our spiritual preparedness become self-evident, it is only when one sets about accomplishing a task for which he has long trained that his training is plain and visible and obvious to all.

For now, everyone’s a believer, everyone’s a spiritual juggernaut, everyone’s a warrior for Jesus, because it’s easy to romanticize battle when no battle has been fought, but the true soldiers, the true warriors will only be identified in the heat of battle. A warrior is deemed a warrior not because he carries a banner, not because he possesses a sword, but because he is valiant and steadfast, resolute and fearless in the hour of battle. If one good thing will come of the times in which we are entering it is the fact that the authentic and the pretend will be easily recognizable. Those who have Jesus on their lips but not in their hearts, those who would serve Him only because the pay is so good, those who would feign piety and righteousness only when it suits them will be swept aside like so much dross and thistle that only the pure, the righteous, the faithful and the obedient might remain in the house of God.

In my limited way, with my limited abilities, in my limited understanding I have done my best to prepare those who would hear for the days ahead, I have done my best to encourage and even beg you to pursue an authentic, real, deep and fruitful relationship with God, because it is the foundation upon which your faith rests, it is in Christ and the fullness of Him that we will be able to withstand the days to come.

For the past few days my heart has been filled with sorrow, and I know not why. There is this ominous sense of unease and dread in my heart like the dam is about to give way, and all the floodwaters that have been accumulating will come rushing through an unsuspecting and drowsy church and simply sweep it away.

But then again what do I know? I’m just a gloomy Gus, a fear monger, a throwback who sees the hand of God in everything, and the judgment of God in every unfolding disaster. Here I’ve been preaching repentance, and reverence and righteousness unto God, when all this time I could’ve been preaching the tithe and self-esteem and how you’re supposed to finance my best life now.

Happy fourth to one and all, enjoy your independence while you still possess it!

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Nicely said Michael, if such thing can be said to be nice. I have th same sense of forboding about the time just ahead. Generally I see it coming, but this is different. By this time next year I expect a stunning blow to the remnants of American hegemony in the world. I dare not prophesy, but the Lord has stirred me up once again to know that yet another difficulty is coming to our country.

And look at the setting in which we say tese things. The Country is flooded, burning, scorched by heat, barely crawling along as a economy, and facing decisions that will likely lead to a sovereign debt crisis.

The Lord Jesus Christ is our only hope. When shall repenance be granted? When shall the heavens give rain again?

Mary Lamoray said...

Thank you for sharing this Michael, and thank you for all your teachings and what you are still to bring to us. You are very much appreciated... and what you feel and 'see' is also a confirmation to other discerning hearts who feel and 'see' the same sort of things. Jesus is our strength and source, our strong tower and refuge, both now and forever!

Anonymous said...

"For the past few days my heart has been filled with sorrow, and I know not why. There is this ominous sense of unease and dread in my heart like the dam is about to give way, and all the floodwaters that have been accumulating will come rushing through an unsuspecting and drowsy church and simply sweep it away."

Wow! Same here. It seems strange on this fourth of July when everyone is celebrating to be in a state of grief.

Anonymous said...

And, I would add that America's enemies are not merely foreign, but clearly domestic in the most visible of places. Many are within are own government and have been selling this nation out for all that prostituted America is worth for many decades now. Meanwhile, the average American (especially Christians) remain in denial and all too often, ignorance. May God have mercy on our individual and collective soul(s), that is, if we still have one. Time is indeed short. The time to get right with God (whether we were close to Him in the past is irrelevant) is right now!