Monday, February 20, 2012

The Path You've Chosen!

During the first few hours after my last post, the choice between which study series to pursue seemed like a no contest, slam dunk, decision. During the ensuing days however, the balance shifted the other way and overwhelmingly so. Not being one to build unwarranted suspense, the decision to which you came, and the path you’ve chosen to pursue, is the teaching series on prayer, entitled, ‘Lord, Teach Us To Pray’.

Seeing the first few comments glide across my screen, I was so certain that it would be the other series, that I had actually started writing out the first teaching. Alas, you have spoken, I have heard, and we will table the ‘Learning from Ordinary People’ series until after we’ve completed the one on prayer.

As Julie, who was so committed to having her vote counted that she e-mailed the hand of help office wrote, ‘My vote is for the series on ‘Lord, Teach Us To Pray’. It seems logical following a teaching on the Holy Spirit that we each learn how to communicate with Him and through Him to God. Every one of us will need the strength we will receive from His presence to endure the things that will soon be upon us. Thank you for the opportunity to have a say in what you will be teaching. Whatever the choice is, I will be reading your blog every day.’

I agree wholeheartedly that a teaching on prayer is a natural progression after the teaching on the Holy Spirit, and after perusing the outlines I’ve jotted down already, I will say that no matter how mature in the Lord, everyone will have something to learn from this series regarding prayer.

And so, on March 1, 2012 we begin a new journey, one that will reveal the beauty and the need for prayer in our daily lives.

As a man I greatly admire often said, ‘a weak prayer life translates into a weak spiritual life, and a weak spiritual life makes you attractive prey for the enemy.’

Until the first of March I will be posting standalone teachings, and whatever else God puts on my heart until then. Thank you to those who participated, who voted, and who were even insistent on the teaching they desired to see fleshed out.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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