Saturday, February 25, 2012

The World We Live In Part 2

The second aspect of corruption we must be aware of is that it is generalized. Corruption is no longer contained, it no longer has borders, and it doesn’t play by the rules. No matter the nationality, no matter the age group, no matter what rung of the social ladder one happens to be perched upon, corruption is now a generalized condition.

One cannot say that only a certain nation, a certain city, a certain neighborhood, a certain school, or a certain social class is corrupt, for the malignancy of corruption that is in the world through lust, has infiltrated every strata and every demographic.

Corruption is in the hearts of men, and sadly those of corrupt minds and hearts are in the majority nowadays. The dirtiest, filthiest place in the world is man’s heart, because perversity resides there. It is from the heart that all manner of evil originates, even if the outlet of that evil might be one’s mouth, one’s hands, one’s eyes, or one’s feet. The root of evil action stems from the heart of man which harbors evil intent.

Matthew 15:18-19, “But those things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies.”

The third aspect of corruption that we must take into account is that it is expanding. Corruption is always growing, it is always multiplying, it is always attempting to find new crevices, new chinks, new hearts to leech its way into and begin its destructive work. Although some are hoping for a contraction of corruption, although some are hoping that men, of their own initiative will see how destructive a force it is, we see the opposite taking place.

Seemingly on a daily basis now something new occurs, that causes us to shake our heads and wonder if only to ourselves how much further into the abyss is it possible to descend. What once was seen as a perversion, and a sin, is now accepted as normalcy, as something to be celebrated and embraced. The more corruption spread, the more it expanded, the more the hearts and minds of men were likewise corrupted into calling evil good and good evil.

We’ve developed cute and cuddly names for corruption, inoffensive names that one would be hard pressed to find fault in, and anyone who would dare stand against the fury of the tide attempting to do away with the notion of morality, is summarily criminalized and labeled as being hateful and intolerant.

The fourth aspect of corruption that is self-evident in our day and age is that it is encouraged. We are the generation that glories in shame, that revels in perversion, and that rewards the abjectly immoral. Examples are ample and already well known enough that it would be redundant for us to revisit them in detail.

No one blushes over the corruption of their hearts any more, the flaunt it and highlight it, and demand that everyone accept it as normal. We have redefined words like aberrant, deviant, or anomalous to such an extent that if you disagree with the pervasive corruption sweeping the world, you are the one who is anomalous and deviant.

It used to be, and not even that long ago, that parents encouraged their children to get an education, find a decent job, get married, buy a house, have some children, and establish their family unit.

Nowadays however, the message that is reaching children is that you can forego education, as long as you get a few face tattoos, get addicted to crack, have a few children out of wedlock, start robbing senior citizens of their pension checks, and subsist on a diet of goat hearts and sea algae. Do these things and you’ll get a reality television show, live in the lap of luxury, and enjoy untold fame and fortune.

The more aberrant one is in their conduct, actions, and practices, the greater the chances of being ‘discovered’ and made a star.

Normalcy is boring, it is outdated, and it is clich├ęd. What, you have a job, and you’re married, and you pay your taxes, and you try your best to keep a roof over your children’s heads and food on the table? Next you’ll tell me you still believe in God and go to church. That’s not normal!

The new normal is abandoning your kids, stepping out on your spouse, surgically altering yourself until you’re equal parts plastic and flesh, being obsessed only with yourself and your own personal wellbeing, believing there is nothing greater in the universe than the human spirit, and despising anyone that still holds to the values and morals that defined this nation until recently.

The more we encourage corruption, the more we reward it, applaud it, and demand that everyone tolerate it, the more it will grow, and spread, and consume, because that is the essence of its nature, that is the reason it exists.

I fear it is not a far leap at all from demanding that everyone, everywhere embrace corruption, to actively seeking to punish those who refuse to do so. If you still believe the word of God to be true, if you still believe that the values and morals of the Bible are a good foundation, if you still follow after Jesus, then you dear sir or madam are standing in the way of progress, you are among the unenlightened that need be weeded from among the masses that they might attain their utopia, wherein there is no God, no rule of law, no morality, no values, and no consequence.

And so, we descend further into the abyss, with smiles upon our faces.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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