Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Musings

Leafing through the news of the day, I happened upon an article which highlights some of what I was trying to say in regards to men shaking their fists at God.

Apparently a man in Minnesota vandalized six churches because ‘he was mad at God.’ From breaking doors, to throwing rocks through stained glass windows, this thirty year old man exhibited his anger at God by resorting to violent outbursts.

Now imagine a million, five million, ten million, or twenty million people angry at God, lashing out in similar fashion as this lone individual.

Another story that caught my eye, not so much for its gruesomeness although it is plenty gruesome, but more for the reaction people are having to it, is a fourteen year old in Florida who choked her newborn baby boy to death after prying him out with a pair of scissors, then put him in a shoebox.

People are all aflutter, disbelieving of the fact that this could happen here.

Really you can’t believe it could happen here? What did you expect when we’ve sexualized everything from hamburgers to automobiles, then talked ourselves into believing a human life is worth no more than a metal coat hanger and a hefty bag?

This is the society we the children of God have created by our silence, and the society the world has created by its surrender to lawlessness and hedonism. Yep, you’ve come a long way, baby.

Tomorrow we continue our series on prayer, and new audio will be up on the hand of help website as well.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I shouldn't say this, but...

A woman told me that she was going to have an abortion upon her release from jail. I asked her if she would consider other options if presented to her, as I new of a ministry that worked with pregnant women of the street. She said that she was open to options. Concerning adoption, she asked, who would want a baby from a heroin addict?

I tried to seek the information for her before her release, but the ministry I mentioned, shut their door on me. I could find nothing for her other than in anyother city, but people of the streets don't have travel available to them for what they would need.

She ended up staying longer than she thought and one day said that it was too late to have the abortion now and I thought within myself that this baby might have a chance now and kept looking for the help that she kept asking for.

I had a couple of days off and upon my return to work, I was asked if I knew what had happened. This mother-to-be had been released as she had miscarried. The reality was that she had taken a pencil and aborted the baby in her jail cell in the night.

I have no more to say other than, please pray for these people in desperation, also for this woman's salvation and healing, as well as for those of us in the body of Christ who falled her and others like her.