Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Rest Paradigm

Having been in ministry for over a quarter century, I've come to be keenly aware of when I need a break. No one can go full throttle, seven days per week for a very long time, and as I've mentioned a time or two, I am by no means special, or different than any other almost forty year old walking the planet today.
Seeing as this is Labor Day weekend in America, I've decided to take the weekend off, and just spend some time with my wife as I will shortly be returning to the States where I will be filming, traveling, and doing ministry that will prohibit me from spending any sort of meaningful time with her.

I've seen what burnout does even to the best intentioned souls, and I don't want to go through it if I can avoid it by taking a weekend off here or there.

And so, happy Labor Day weekend, and I will see you all again on Tuesday. God bless, and thank you for understanding.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Mary Lamoray said...

Have a wonderful weekend and may it refresh you both greatly!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael, take as much time as you need. I pray that you and your wife shall be greatly refreshed.