Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Nation Grieves

Bad news travels fast and worse news travels faster. Twenty children are dead, countless individuals are traumatized, and everyone’s trying to find an explanation as to how such evil can manifest in an individual from dissecting his psychological profile, to blaming it on mind control.

Truth is, evil is evil, and although it takes a special kind of evil to do what was done in Connecticut, it is not exclusive to North America as on the same day a man in China stabbed some twenty children in a school.

Evil becomes more pronounced as righteousness becomes less apparent. The consequences of rejecting God wholesale are incalculable, and we’ve only begun to see the tip of a deep and gargantuan iceberg.

What I find off-putting at best and downright disturbing at worse is that many are quick to use this tragedy to push their own agendas. There is a time and place for politicking, there is a time and place for debates and reforms, but this is neither the time nor place.

Our hearts must grieve if only to remind us that we are human beings, created by one Maker, of the same dust and of the same breath. Our hearts must grieve, for to do anything less would be to acknowledge if only to ourselves that such tragedies have become so commonplace they no longer affect us as they ought anymore.

It’s easy to blame God or ask where God was in a situation such as this, but when man rebels against God, He gives man over to a reprobate mind. It is the absence of God that brings about such events, not the presence of Him.

For what it’s worth, I will post the next installment of the Reality Check series I filmed while in America this last time. I do so only because I believe it is timely.

May God mend the broken hearts, and may we humbly come before Him in repentance as a nation once more.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.
                                         Reality Check Part 3

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Barbara said...

Yes I agree with this about pride. I think pride and vanity are favorite weaknesses that the devil can use to tempt man to walk astray. I think pride is behind the shooting also, because people are so proud of their ability call someone autistic or celebrate their own lack of social phobia that they ignore the trauma in the heart of a man who then turned his rage on them.

Pride cometh before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction. I can just see all of the haughty looks people gave this gunman as he walked into the school ready to meet out destruction. Though he was a student there who was so smart that he graduated in three years, they labeled him as autistic and watched as he slunk along the halls in fear day after day, with his mother right there as a teacher besides. He shot his mother at home first and then went to shoot up the school.

When the prophets yell repent, this is what it is over. You will turn from your wicked ways or suffer judgement. You can't blame the boy alone who did the killing, God allows people to carry out the punishment for the evil he witnesses in the hearts of man every day, evil that people are too proud to notice.