Saturday, December 1, 2012

No Returns! No Exchanges! No Exceptions!

It is because of buyer’s remorse that more and more stores are implementing no return policies. Sure, that hot pink dress shirt two sizes two small seemed like a great idea in the store, but once you got home and realized you’d have to lose fifteen pounds just to snap the buttons shut, the allure of it wore off rather quickly.

Some establishments do offer in store credit for returned items, but what if there was nothing else in that particular store you wanted to buy? What if you finally realized that though the idea of being forever twenty-one is a mighty tempting one, shopping at a place with the same name just didn’t have the same appeal?

It matters not in the least to them if you’ve already purchased the item whether you’re having buyer’s remorse, or no longer want to be in possession of the item you purchased. You own it! It’s yours, and there are no returns, no exchanges, and all sales are final.

By its very definition an epiphany cannot be planned or otherwise foreseen. Epiphanies come when they will, turning your world upside down in an explosion of realization and comprehension.

Although epiphanies cannot be planned for, they can be forced upon certain individuals by external events and circumstances. Recently I was invited to a pastor’s conference, and since I had a couple days of downtime, I decided to attend. As men of varying ages and nationalities introduced themselves, I had the sudden epiphany that I was the dumbest person in the room. Every man I met, introduced himself as some sort of doctor, whether a doctor of theology, or a doctor of ministry, an apostle, or a bishop, and all I could do was smile and say, ‘I’m Mike, yeah, just Mike.’

So what am I babbling on about?

Simply this: It is inevitable that more and more individuals will experience moments of epiphany in this country. Because of their moments of epiphany, they will want to go back and undo what they’ve done. The more they try and fail, the more they hear ‘no returns, no exchanges, no exceptions,’ the more their bitterness will amplify. The more amplified the bitterness of an ever growing populace, the more chance there is of a spark setting off the powder keg.

The one thing the engineers of the movement to socialize America did not take into account is that those who embraced socialism and communism in other lands were already beaten, and stripped of their individuality before the system was instituted.

Granted, they’ve succeeded in assimilating and brainwashing the young generation, but there are still those of the older generations who remember what once was, and how sweet true freedom tastes, who will not acquiesce and who will not go gently into that good night.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

P.S. To Fiona B, Sorry about that. Please send me your name and address, and I will send you a paperback copy of the book. The e-book is getting fixed by the folks who broke it as we speak. God bless.


Anonymous said...

??? What are you saying? That the socialist engineers think they will be able to grab the reins of a well-trained horse and just get on and ride, but instead will find themselves on a bucking wild horse with the bit in its teeth? That kicks the *$&#^ out of them? I think it could well be like that for a short time. But surely you've heard about our government buying outrageous numbers of hollow-point bullets, enough to kill each one of us about 5 times. If they can get the military and the police to turn on their own people and their homeland, which they swore to protect .... my guess is there will be more than a few instances where these police and military, ordered to shoot citizens, will instead turn around and shoot those giving these orders. At least in my neck of the woods they would.

Barbara said...

You shouldn't be thrown off track by epiphanies. There is nothing new under the sun and God has it all under control. You just focus on him and then the world works the same as the last time you gave him your attention.

People might suddenly realize that they are a frog in a pan of hot water that they can no longer jump out of. That is their punishment. If you stay with God, he is your rock and refuge. You are safe in his tabernacle.

People act shocked by life all day long. This is sort of draining emotionally. You have to just relax and let God manage the storm. Hitler liked to use the Blitzkrieg on enemy nations and the USA used Shock and Awe in Iraq. They tried to capture people off guard to subdue them. If you aren't overwhelmed by circumstances, you can manage them better.

Do not be caught off guard by the unexpected. Be ready to hold tight to the ship and rely on Christ who is a steady hope in times of trouble.