Sunday, May 19, 2013

What God Hates Part 1

Since we've been filming more of the 'Truth in a Nutshell' videos I wanted to start sharing the new series we just finished filming entitled 'What God Hates' or 'The Things God Hates' since I believe it is a timely and relevant word for the body of Christ.

I will interrupt the current teachings on growing in Christ periodically and share these videos as well. Hopefully they will be edifying and eye opening as to the nature of our God and the fact that He does hate certain things and practices.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

P.S. Since I'm either to inept or my computer hates me, I can't put up the video itself, so here is the link. God bless.

                                What God Hates Part 1


marshall warren said...

I agree with all you said. What do we do when we are surrounded by these types of "Christians"? It is so disheartening.


Lee said...

Am glad you are covering this subject. We are going through the old Testement again and God plainly again and again punishes Israel and her kings for things that He hates . Even though Jesus, Himself, refers the Pharisees and the disciples on the road to Emmaus to the old Testement because He says they speak of Him, I can guarantee you that the next statement out of the "God is love" crowd is to discount the OT as not being for us today.,therefore, they won't have any regard since you are teaching from Proverbs. They act as if Jesus is totally different than the " big, bad god" in the OT. Like God had a personality change after Malachi was written.. What a mess we are in what calls itself the church today. It is so disheartening at times. Thank you for not being a " man pleaser" . iWeb are praying for you..

Mary Lamoray said...

That was really good!! Looking forward to the next one!