Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What God Hates Part 4

Part four of this series is up, and since I'm tired of being disappointed by not being able to insert a video, I will just post the link further down. Thank you all for watching, and may God bless you.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

What God Hates Part 4


Mary Lamoray said...

That! was fantastic... Not only did you address the killing of the unborn but also the 'feigned' Christianity of so many. Bless you brother...you are most assuredly not 'ashamed' of the gospel of Jesus Christ!!

Barbara said...

I don't think most young girls realize that it is murder exactly. Schools teach that embryos aren't human yet, though this is a lie.

Abortion is a euphamsism for murder. It is a way of making it seem less than what it is. Once a baby is conceived, it has life. All of these babies who are killed mean as much to God as the mothers and their right to choose, the doctors and their livlihoods, the politicians and their agendas. Each baby's innocent blood cries out for justice. God will come to take account of what people are doing. He did not ignore Cain and Abel, nor will he ignore this.

Abortion is not a matter of opinion or choice, it is a matter of fundamental morality, and life and death. There is no decency when people proudly participate in supporting what God hates.

A proud looks shows arrogance, a lying tongue shows ignorance, and then hands that shed innocent blood show the curse in action. One thing falls into another like tumbling dominoes.