Sunday, June 30, 2013

What God Hates Part 5

After a protracted journey I made it home safe and sound only to discover that the fifth installment in the series 'What God Hates' has been posted to YouTube. As such, please click on the link below to see this newest teaching.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

What God Hates Part 5

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Barbara said...

Hearts that are consumed with carnality devise wicked plans. They engage the mind instead of the spirit. Some people are consumed with pride or lust. They use God as an excuse to fulfill thier dssires even though they know that they are being fake.

They feel that what they want is more important than what God wants. If you go around trusting everyone, this type will walk all over you. They will destroy your faith just for fun.

Sometimes it is hard as a Chrsitian to be mean and ignore someone who is claiming Christ and desiriting your company. You can either be a friend of the world or a friend of God. Sometimes you have to even risk making enemies of the world, and it is hard.

When people use the word of God to serve their own interests instead of recieving in humility. they are not good company. They will try to control you with their own interpretaions and spin. They won't accept the spirit leading you in your own direction.

It can be devastating to be crushed by a person like this. It is hard to regain your faith. It might get to the point where it is impossible. They will take what strenth you had left and use it all up in trying to deal with them.

If someone wants to debate you to death over the Bible, it is better to just walk away.