Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Forever Entwined

Try as we may, as hard as we may, as often as we may to separate consequence from action, to pull apart the perpetually entwined notion of there always being consequences to every action we undertake, it is still an impossible task.

Admittedly, some have succeeded in deceiving themselves into believing that they’ve done what could never be done, and undertake actions without the constant fear of incurred consequences.

One can readily see this mindset everywhere, both in the church and without, both in regards to spiritual matters as well as purely physical ones.

Although we know it is a lie, we like to believe the guy who tells us we can have the car of our dreams with no money down, and no payments for fifteen years, even though we know eventually someone, somewhere, at some point down the line, will come to collect, and with interest.

Because it has been drilled into us that consequences no longer matter, we are witnessing one of the most self-destructive, quasi suicidal moments in human history, wherein rather than pull back on the reigns to slow down the speeding chariot, we whip at the horses with a gleam in our eye, making them hurtle ever faster toward the precipice.

As a society we have cast aside self-control, self-restraint, and self-discipline as some overly large burdensome garments, and are sprinting with abandon towards a very well built and immovable brick wall. We keep our heads down telling ourselves it aids us in being more aerodynamic, when in our heart of hearts we know it is just unwillingness to look up and see the brick wall.

We can pretend it’s not there, we can believe the fools who tell us it isn’t there, but the impact will dispel any of these childish notions, and all that will be left is the hurt and the pain of having run into a wall at full speed.

I fear impact is imminent, given that we have gone far beyond the point of no return.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


meema said...

Point of no return. Yes, I believe we are past that now.

But I also know that God is with His faithful and I trust Him. What must be must be.

For Him,

Chris G said...

Brother Michael and HOH staff! God bless ya'll! Brother Michael, I get the feeling that your posts from Feb 16 and 19 are very much connected. I too have had the feeling of some imminent "thing" that will get the notice of the whole world. As so called "christians" go about their lives, watching Olympics, Daytona 500, Fight night or whatever, they are asleep that God has not changed, and Scripture will not be broken. Thank you for tirelessly preaching and teaching a repentance message. It is bearing fruit. The battle is HUGE. The true gospel has been watered down, neutered and just generally overlooked as "not having value". I exhort you to keep standing! Keep teaching!! Keep praying!! I am joining my faith with yours. Soon this society that "just doesn't care" will receive it's wake up call and God's people will be ready..........I pray! God bless you all! Praying for ya'll!!

Barbara said...

There is nothing to fear if you have been walking uprightly. You would have already been tested and tried in the fire and be as hard as steel, ready to face whatever comes your way. The people who are cowardly now are the ones who were pretending to be righteous. Now they are going to have to face the music of all of those dances to self they did in the name of God.

Yes the Disco Christians are going to have to pay the piper now. Some think they will be whisked away in a rapture like the shuttle to the parking lot from Disney World.

You are going to be tried in the fire one way or another. You can go willingly or just fight it and get burned up. The chaff is going to be burned away while the wheat still stands.