Thursday, February 27, 2014

Large Strides and Baby Steps

Everywhere you look it seems as though darkness is making strides. Actually, to be honest, it doesn’t seem it; darkness is making strides!

For the past couple of decades even those open to the notion of God revealing future events to His children were stuck in the ‘how could that possibly happen’ paradigm, because as long as they could not see with eyes of flesh how something such as the persecution of the saints could come about in a place like America, in their minds it was impossible.

If I cannot see the trees, then there is no forest.

Unfortunately for them, the trees and the forest alike were just over the hill called time, and because their view was obstructed by time itself, they refused to prepare until they crested the hill, and were nose to nose with the reality waiting patiently for them.

There are too many fronts to count, but one that is seemingly innocuous to most but quite relevant to those who cling to Christ and Christ alone, is the newly minted friendship and camaraderie between some of the most influential evangelical figures of our time, and the new pope. Yes, the selfsame pope that said one doesn’t necessarily need to believe in Jesus in order to go to heaven.

Soon we will begin to see a consistent and well organized push toward a one size fits all religion, one giant umbrella wherein everyone is safe from the corrosive raindrops of hatred and division, and where we can celebrate our similarities rather than focus on our differences.

As is always the case, and as we have seen over and over again, those opposed to this notion of a world religion will be labeled intolerant, hateful, bigoted, unity phobic, and branded as exclusionists who have no place in a civil society sprinting toward enlightenment.

When a handful of souls stand in the way of a universal utopia, for the sake of the many you must do away with the few.

For long and long I have warned that the words of Jesus were in no way exaggerated, inflated, or hyperbolic. When He spoke of the world hating us for His name’s sake, that is exactly what he meant, but because we’ve been reveling in the attention of the world for so long, it is hard for today’s church to fathom that it will soon be hated and loathed.

Because they cannot come to terms with the reality of Christ’s words, most ‘Christians’ today will do anything to be spared being hated, including betray the most fundamental of truths and clearest of commandments.

It is unfolding so quickly, the pieces are coming together so perfectly, yet the church continues its slumber, arguing over inanities and vilifying those who still care enough to speak the truth.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


j said... has said the same thing as you Mike.
It's too bad that the so called christian church does not take a stand on any issues anymore.

Anonymous said...

And the church, much like the world, continues looks for hero's in a crowd of criminals. If only they could look to Christ.

j said...

I can't wait until April 27th when you come to Hillside Assembly.

Anonymous said...

In complete agreement. Amen, Amen, AMEN

A Sister in Washington said...

What you talk about in regards to "unity at any cost" is one of the reasons why I left my previous church. The executive pastor declared that "everyone has to be on the same page!" in regards to the small group agenda and those that were out of step were ruthlessly dealt with. Not conforming to what the pastors wanted was labeled as "disunity" and "rebellion" against spiritual authority. Something as simple as wanting to meet for Bible study when that week was declared a "rest" week by the (demi-god) executive pastor was considered a gross sin. The senior pastor came in and chastised our group for grumbling about having to give up weeks of meetings in order to placate the executive pastor. If we were "allowed" to meet, then, well, ALL the groups would have to be "allowed" to meet and that could not be "allowed" to happen, since that didn't support the pastors' personal agendas. The minority was disciplined and punished for not conforming and victory was declared because either the evil rebellious fled the church or they became passive sheep that did what their (wolf) pastors ordered. When the so-called "church" demands blind submission to whatever petty dictator is currently throwing his weight around in the pulpit, how can any of us be shocked or surprised when the world and the devil inevitably demands the same thing, on a larger scale? Those who chose to stay in my old church are being trained to believe that submission to authority is more important than individual walks with Christ -- many of them, I fear, will cave without hesitation once the One World Religion shows up, since they have no experience with saying "no" and thinking critically for themselves. They've handed over their spiritual authority to others and have made no effort to take it back.