Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Predatory Instinct

Pretty much every animal species can be categorized as either predator or prey. Depending upon where they find themselves along the food chain, some are both predator and prey, while very few can be catalogued as predators without equal, or apex predators of their domain.

There are certain traits and characteristics every predator possesses, and if we take a careful look at certain world leaders of times past, current presidents, generals, or military strategists, one can readily identify the selfsame predatory instincts and characteristics in them.

One is either born with predatory instincts or not. One cannot nurture such an instinct, or delegate it to others. One either has it, or they don’t.

What defines a predatory instinct is the ability to discern, identify, and sniff out weakness both in one’s enemies, as well as in one’s prey. An apex predator will gaze upon a thousand potential targets, and choose the weakest of the lot knowing instinctively which it is. Once the target has been identified, an apex predator simply attacks, without warning or pretense, without concern for collateral damage, or international treaties.

The mind of a predator functions very differently than yours or mine. Theirs is not a life put upon by notions of right or wrong, or if what they are doing will be seen as a positive political action. Their purpose is to vanquish their enemy, and pick the perfect moment to strike.

To think that one can negotiate, or use diplomacy with a predator is to embrace foolishness with uttermost ferocity, because deceit and misdirection are some of a predator’s most useful tools.

We have seen this play out on the international stage time and again, whether Iran’s incessant promise that they would not pursue a nuclear program only to have a representative appear on television months later talking about making certain nations ash heaps, or Russia’s vehement promise that all they want is a little beachfront property in the Crimea and nothing more.

Predators exploit weakness, they feed on weakness, and they attack weakness without mercy or preamble. If one is intent upon studying the habits of predators in the wild, one will also notice that predators will often work together to fell larger prey, instinctively realizing that they need each other in order to achieve a common goal.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been on baby watch the past couple weeks, expecting to see my daughter any day, so I haven’t had much inclination to delve into international affairs, but from what I’ve gathered, two of the biggest predators in the world, and I am speaking of China and Russia, are currently courting each other in the hopes of felling a common enemy.

The next few months will tell the tale, but I fear our weakness is showing, the predators smell the flop sweat, and it’s only a matter of time before they pounce.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Nebuchadnezzar the great predator was raised up by God to conquer many nations, even his own people Israel.When the mighty apex predator thought it was by his power and might, God sent him out to eat grass like a cow for seven years.
He is going to do the same thing
again.Russia, China and their coalition of the purpose driven have a green light to bring a well deserved righteous judgment on the
most evil empire which arrogantly assumed to have dethroned and replaced God.
When the idol which Israel religiously served and obeyed is no more, only then will Israel, backed up against the wall cry out to God.
He will hear them and finish off their predators, every one of them.
Awesome, terrible tines are upon us.

Maureen said...

Michael, I couldn't agree more. Our enemies are certainly smelling the blood in the air! Meanwhile, our God is preparing His people for what's to come! He is faithful and we need not fear. He is equipping us for every good work and to stand in the day of adversity, in our personal lives and also "out there" in the world. Keep on blogging! You're a blessing to many many people!

Anonymous said...

At the first two paragraphs, I thought Bro. Michael was going to talk about spiritual warfare in general or predators in the church. But he went into the political arena instead. Things are not as they appear to be, brother. Even the good ole USA has been a predator too. Prayer still changes things, even for the months ahead and God is bigger than any predator. Just be aware, and I say this in love, that you have the mind of Christ and not a western mindset. God Bless!