Monday, December 29, 2014

Response Take 2

First Comment:

I read your response to comments and I don’t understand how someone like you can say ‘Once the message is delivered, however, my task is done’. Just this morning I was reading Joshua 1:5 ‘No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life; as I was with Moses, so I will be with you.’ That doesn’t sound like he handed the Law to his generation and then said ‘I did what I was supposed to do.’ I’m going to love you by saying you are wrong in this and need to return to serving with what you were given, not just posting teachings that have nothing to do with messages you were supernaturally given. 

My Response: 

I’ve known men who have made careers from one or two messages they received, rehashing them endlessly, over and over again, trying to make them fit into every timeline, and pointing to themselves every time anything happened anywhere in the world.

If I have a dream, or receive something new, I am faithful in sharing it, because, as you said, the calling is a lifelong one.

Never once did I intimate or suggest that I would withhold, or otherwise not share anything that I was commanded to share. What I do have an issue with is constantly rehashing, and rewriting about the same thing over and over again, trying to somehow keep my name or myself in the limelight.

With the wonders of the internet, every message that was given is available on the Hand of Help website, where people can read it freely, and even disseminate the messages if they agree not to alter them in any form or fashion.

As such, there is no need for me to come on here and perpetually repeat the same thing over and over again.
With that being said, and I know this will open up another can of worms altogether but I have no choice in the matter, it is far more important for men to know how to enter in, serve God, live righteousness, and walk in the authority of the Holy Spirit, than it is for them to know of any one prophecy, or any one individual who was given a revelation.

This is why I continue to post teachings, this is why I continue to post studies, and this is why I continue to preach the gospel. If the enemy can silence the truth, if the enemy can cause men to stop preaching the risen Christ, the need for holiness, the importance of repentance, and the authority of the believer, than we can know every single thing that will occur until the Lord’s return and it still won’t do us any good.

Ever since I was a young man I’ve believed that the reason my grandfather was given the prophecy for America, and the reason God continues to give us glimpses of what the future holds, is so that when these things occur we will also believe the rest of what God said, namely that He will protect His beloved, that He will be their strong tower, that they have nothing to fear, and that they should be at peace.

If anyone claiming to be a prophet or a man of God does their utmost to constantly keep you in suspense and afraid, robbing you of your peace and your joy, then they are not of God, no matter how much they would like you to believe otherwise.

God said these things were coming, we see them on the horizon, but we must be at peace knowing that He also said that not one hair on your head will perish. 

Second Comment: 

I'm not understanding your blogging through the Hand of Help ministry. Is this a blog just for your personal ministry or do you represent Hand of Help ministry in your blogging? The reason I ask is that when I read your recent blogs and comments people have left, I'm left confused. I read the book Through The Fire Without Burning and the dreams and visions you personally have received on the Hand of Help website, but you write like you want people to not think about that at all. If you have a special calling, why write like those things are simply in the past? From everything I've read in the dreams and visions, you certainly have a special message. This just doesn't seem right. 

My Response:

 I am the chairman of Hand of Help ministries, but the blog is my own personal ministry. Hand of Help chooses to carry my blog on their website, and although I can try to obfuscate with legaleze, I can say with near certainty that my opinions do reflect the opinions of Hand of Help, because my opinions are Biblically based, and scriptural.

I take no issue with people thinking about the prophecies that have been received by our ministry. Especially given the times we are living in, if one has read, or heard of the words my grandfather or myself have been given, you can’t help but think about them.  I do however have a problem when people begin to substitute them in lieu of the Gospel. This is, and always has been my issue, as it was my grandfather’s issue before me, because the message at its heart was not about the judgment or destruction of America, but God’s ability to keep and protect those who would walk in repentance and holiness.

If not for the blessed assurance that God will be with those who are His, what would have been the point in revealing what is about to take place some thirty years ago? If not for the time men have been granted to repent and walk uprightly before their Lord, what would have been the point of being told what would occur?

Knowledge of a thing just for the sake of it, especially when it comes to spiritual matters is pointless, and God does not do pointless things. If He warns, it is to stir to repentance, to give time to prepare, or to ensure His children that if He knew the end from the beginning He also had you in mind through it all.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

I would like to add my two cents. In lieu of the exchange taking place here. As it is in the Bible, where a prophet is to deliver a message, it is the prophet's duty to deliver. The whole point of God giving these revelations is to elicit a response from the receivers of the message. It is our part to respond. It is God's message, how do we respond? By obeying the word given. By drawing close to the Lord and joining in His work in whatever capacity we are called. Whether it be in prayer, sacrificial works, service to the Church, or whatever. We can financially support, prayerfully support, or actively engage evangelism or ministry. The recipients of God's messages in the Bible were warned so they could respond to what God was saying. It is our responsibility to seek the Lord and respond appropriately. It is NOT the responsibility of the prophet to continually hold the hands of the recipients of the warnings. From what I see Michael has been obedient in what he has been called to do. What are we called to do? We must diligently and faithfully seek God's direction on our own, and then follow that direction. We the church have been passive and asleep for too long. Wake up and pursue your own personal relationship with the Lord and act accordingly. There is really nothing more simple than that. Not easy by any means, but simple.

Anonymous said...

Michael, thank you so very much for your teachings which strengthen, encourage, admonish and warn those who are part of the body of Christ. I also appreciate your patience in dealing with some who seem overly critical and /or judgemental. You are a rare gem amongst Christian leaders today. You boldly speak the Truth, yet always in love, warning those that don't heed to the commands of righteousness, holiness and godliness that they will be held accountable and that "greasy grace" though popular today is not biblical. I pray God bless and protect you and yours as you continue in this calling of which He has so abundantly imparted to you.

Anonymous said...

Could you please reconcile these two statements:

from this post - "Never once did I intimate or suggest that I would withhold, or otherwise not share anything that I was commanded to share."

and, from the vision of The House That Stood - "I have not released a dream or a vision in two years, and if not for the specific instruction 'tell them' I would have been hesitant in releasing this dream as well. As I explained in a recent radio interview, the reason why I have not released any visions or dreams is because many within the household of faith have become, for lack of a better term, prophecy junkies. At every gathering, at every meetings, there is always the inevitable 'what's the Lord been showing you lately', as though He hasn't shown us enough, or as though His word is not clear enough. I specifically asked permission of God to withhold what He was showing me for a season, and have single-mindedly focused on preaching Christ, and Him crucified wherever I was asked to preach, because our safety, our shelter, and our protection is in Christ Jesus our Lord, Savior and King."

It sounds as if you have asked God to either stop gifting you with these revelations, or to make them for yourself only as you do not wish to reveal them. If this is true, I find it very sad, and a great loss to the Body of Christ. But perhaps the explanation is, that "season" was the 2 years in which you did not release anything, and that "season" is now over. I hope so.

To your credit, you have not shied away from the topic of persecution and the American church not being exempt. What would be extremely helpful and timely now would be 2 things: practical advice on how to prepare for this, since your family lived through it - and by this I mean things like Wurmbrand wrote about, such as thinking and planning in advance how to maintain an underground church; and - how to prepare ourselves psychologically and spiritually. By this I mean, there are probably Christians in the middle east who, while having their heads sawed off with a dull knife, were thinking - but Lord - You said your angels would bear us up in their hands lest we cast our foot against a stone. You said only with our eyes would we behold the reward of the wicked. You said not to fear. You said if we made you our refuge, no evil would befall us. You said not a hair of our heads would perish. There are other Christians, along with many non-Christians, women and girls taken captive as sex slaves and are suffering so acutely that they have smuggled out messages to the Americans asking to bomb them and put them out of their agony. Is suicide EVER forgivable, in such extreme circumstances as this? There are accounts both in the bible and in modern times of famine so severe that parents butcher and eat their own children, and of people cannibalizing each other. When one has gone mad from hunger, how are these things judged? We are facing some incredibly tough times with tough dilemmas. To me, sincerely repenting of my sins and shortcomings on a daily basis, and trying to walk as honestly and faithfully with God as I can, is easy compared to trying not to fear when I am about to be burned alive, or worse. How DOES one get through times like that? - because they are coming.

Anonymous said...

P.S. to my previous comment about severe persecution. Most of us know the verses about it, that all who strive to live Godly in Christ will suffer it; and that the servant is no better than the master; and that the world will hate us. We know the facts of reality, not only what is happening even now in other parts of the world, but that all but one of the apostles died horrible deaths, and that on one day it was God's will to send an angel to physically break shackles and open gates to let Peter out of prison, and on another day, to stand by and let him be martyred.

What I am asking for help with, is how can we get our minds around these seeming contradictions? If we are not prone to psychological compartmentalization - and by that I mean, able to accept that today one verse is true but not the other, and tomorrow, the opposite - how do we reconcile these things so that our faith can be solid? Are the verses of protection meant for the next life - once in heaven, the enemy cannot touch us? That would make sense, yet those verses of protection and safety are constantly used in reference to this world. Perhaps that is misapplication. I know there have been millions of martyrs and there will be more. Someday I hope to understand that. For now, all I can do is wonder why, since our suffering and our blood saves no one.

Anonymous said...

Amen! It's time for the Bride to make herself ready. Do we manifest 1Cor13? Are we fulfilling Deut6.5 and Mt 22. 37,39? Are the fruits of the Spirit, Gal5, abundant in are lives? Has Eph4, The Plan of God, been completed? Let's not major in the minors. Is our Faith sure when the winds of adversity come to blow? Can the lost and our brethren smell the sweet fragrance of Jesus and Life, coming from us? The Holy Spirit is hovering over His people to do all this if we seek Him with our whole heart. With men all this is impossible but in Him all these things are possible. Prepare,
prepare, prepare!! Let's focus on our more sure Word of prophecy. When the Lord decides to manifest His Sons will we be in that company? Many will come in that day saying Lord, Lord, didn't we prophesy in your name....Mt7. The hour is coming when many will be faced with Jn6.60-66. May we all go with Him outside the camp.Heb13.8-16

Joel Blackford said...

Michael, I agree with you. If God has a message for your to share, you will share it. If there is a lack of a prophetic message to proclaim, why not edify people with a biblical message? I'm the fellow that met you in Iowa two years ago, that enthusiastically informed you about the Blood Moon Eclipse Theory. Have you reconsidered my words, or do you still feel that God doesn't send those types of signs in the skies?

DREAM BIG said...

Dear mr boldea,

The problem is that everyone wants to follow a man, not God. This is a stumbling block. I thank you for your dreams and your grandfathers but as you say, they are to lead a person to God not to you. The Father can speak to us all through his word and sometimes the same as you in dreams for our personal edification and to help us reflect by our lives the glory of God.
May God protect and comfort you and your family

jerry said...

thank you for your calm response brother. I'm afraid I would be butting my head against the wall.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

I see you are getting a lot of negativity coming at you and felt it necessary to comment as well.

I want you to know that I hold you in the highest regard and respect you greatly as you have proven yourself worthy over the years. I do not say this because of your lineage, but only because you have been long tried and true.

I thank you from the depths of my heart for your undying faithfulness to our Gracious Father, the Lord Christ Jesus, the remnant of the Body, and to those that have yet to choose life eternal.

I am so thankful for your blog which reminds me with every post I am not alone on the earth worshiping The Almighty and through His Grace and Mercy we walk with Him. Praise God for you! I thank you for your obedience to the Father God Almighty in all things (and not man or woman.)

Ohatchee, AL

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting such a thorough and sincere response. I agree that it seems unreasonable to continually speak forth a supernaturally given message of coming events decades beforehand. However, my brother Dumitru Duduman no longer walks this earth and those given messages are precisely why he’s known in American homes. He is not known in America because he emphasized John 3:16. He is known to me and people around the world because he obeyed God and spoke what he was given to speak and did what he was commanded to do. That’s why there exists the public ministry to which you’re chairman, because of a man who threw out reasoning and obeyed God with what he was given to say and do.

I’ve often recalled your dream in 2003 when the angel declared: “It is not for you to judge the success the message has in the hearts of others. You were called to be a servant, serve.” Daniel 12:9 is fundamental for the true last generation: “Go your way, Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.” There are words the last generation is to expect to be opened and unsealed at the time of the end in the fulfillment of God’s plans and purposes. Jesus said in Matthew 24:14, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” We have got to obey God no matter what we may consider most important. My friend and brother, perhaps you should re-read Revelation 11 as to what the two witnesses will be doing. It won’t be “Jesus loves you and so do I.” No. God’s wrath is coming and there is no fear in lovers of truth.