Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Subtle Judgments

Some tend to believe God’s only means of judging His creation and doing so in righteousness is via bombastic events that cause the world to pause and take a breath, and makes man realize the utter insignificance of his existence here on earth.

When we think of God’s judgment we tend to gravitate more towards the earthquake which just devastated Nepal than we do about what is happening in America momentarily.

What many fail to realize is that not all of God’s judgments are the same. Yes, there are certain times wherein the judgment of God is like a thunderclap in the silence, but there are also subtler judgments, some we might not even consider or acknowledge as such.

One of the most devastating of God’s judgments and one I have witnessed time and again is that of leaving man to his own devices, machinations, and destructive tendencies. God doesn’t need to throw lightning bolts at most folks to visit judgment upon them; all He needs to do is leave them to do as they will, and that’s judgment enough.

With the removal of light, the mind becomes darkened. Once the mind becomes darkened the choices we make and actions we take become so antithetical to our own self-interests it would make a schizophrenic do a double take.

Reason packs its bags and goes off on a long vacation, common sense has long since left the building, and all we have left is blind rage, anger at anyone and everyone, all because it’s far easier finding someone else to blame for our bad choices and poor decisions than it is to own up to the fact that we are directly responsible for where we find ourselves at any given moment in life.

We look upon the whole of humanity today and realize a vast swath of it is much like the Nebuchadnezzar of old sans the grass eating and sleeping out in the woods. Madness has overtaken men and women of all ages, social standing, and aptitudes, so much so that their singular purpose in life is their gut and their groin.

Hedonism has become the religion of the day, and for the sake of convenience thousands of innocents are slaughtered upon its altars daily, while the gullible and easily culled swallow the ‘choice’ pill as though it has become acceptable in the eyes of both God and men to choose murder on a whim, or because bringing a life into the world would conflict with your plans for the summer.

We are witnessing the beginning of the end, and most of us don’t even know it. What is left but judgment when the whole of man has become but brute beasts who no longer know the meaning of dignity, humanity, or holiness, and whose only god is the reflection staring back at them in the mirror?

Even those who have for long and long cried ‘mercy’ are grudgingly beginning to acknowledge that God’s judgment is justified, deserved, and necessary.  

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Much of what is happening around us is a challenge to the person of the Spirit. We are seeing society and the world degenerate from what was once civil to the threshold of anarchy and it is difficult to reconcile. It is becoming impossible to deal with some people. What we might have expected in times past to be resolve with a conversation where reason prevailed is as times next to impossible. What is one to do with people who will not remotely entertain the idea of fairness and justice when all they want it what they want at any cost, even when it makes no sense and is self-destructive to them? I am besides myself at times trying to deal with people who seem to have lost control of their faculties and I fear their unpredictability, even my personal safety. I trust God, but I don't trust man, especially the carnal man. As we go further down the rabbit hole, it appears the challenges will certainly crucify our flesh if not one day very well end it. God bless you and thanks for the perspecitve on what's happening.

Yuri Richardson said...

My sentiment exactly! Shalom in Yahshua!

Anonymous said...

All too true! The way you worded this impacted me so hard as to bring tears to my eyes, as it has such a sober ring of near-finality. How long will the Lord suffer this Sodom-and-Gomorrah nation to exist? Is it our prayers and contrition that have stayed His ultimate judgment for so long?


Anonymous said...


Very good post!

"...their singular purpose in life is their gut and their groin."

Very nice turn of a phrase.

Amen! to the whole post.

Suzy said...

Hi Michael,

You hit the nail on the head. Another example of what you accurately described, is the person occupying the position of POTUS. We now have a person who has broken the constitution numerous times and is bent on destroying this nation; - This too, is a judgment in line with what you have described. God's judgments are righteous judgments. He never gives them except after numerous warnings upon a nation. Our country has turned a deaf ear to God & his warnings. Worse yet, the Church has become lukewarm, as you have so often lamented.
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely spot-on post. (And the comment by Flee Babylon.)
Just this week a lady told me how grateful she and her son were that "God has not smitten him for his sins". (Recently committed, serious sins.)
They obviously were thinking in terms of a thunderbolt from the sky. But as you said Michael, God has other means.
This fellow has been struck with horrific cancer and treatments. His business put into liquidation. No money, no strength, no morals, no testimony. Living off government and parents' handouts. There's more shame, but I won't bore you further.
For him and his mother to believe that "God has not SMITTEN him" is patently nonsense. I didn't want to burden her with the truth, after all, the poor sick lady has his girlfriend and her brand new first baby coming to live on them for who knows how long. And crazy ex-wife trying to destroy him through the courts. Good thing God does not "smite" these days, or that lad would be in trouble. Forgive the exasperated sarcasm, but the blindness is unbelievable. Thanks Michael.